4 Gauge: The Complete Guide to This Pre-Workout


4 Gauge is a pre-workout supplement for athletes, sportspersons, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. Every man and woman experiences a phase when their strength, endurance, and development simply plateau. There is sustained stagnancy when muscles do not grow any bigger, leaner, or stronger. There is no way one can push the boundaries and experience more energy or endurance. The development comes to a standstill. Diet, changes in exercise, and other initiatives may work to an extent but the most profound impact can be brought about with the help of a supplement. There are no dearth of bodybuilding, nutritional or dietary supplements. Only a few of them work. 4 Gauge is one such supplement. It is a pre-workout supplement, which basically nourishes and prepares the body for extensive training, better than yesterday and the performance can be further improved in due course of time.


Overview of 4 Gauge

Roar Ambition makes and sells 4 Gauge. The product is intended to provide that kick needed to work out harder and longer. The supplement is not only meant for an impetus needed to push the boundaries. It can also help people stay the course throughout an intensive workout routine without feeling down one day or simply unable to train another day. The supplement has the sole objective of sustaining the peak performance so one can keep working out to usher in the transformation desired.

4 Gauge is a natural pre-workout supplement. It is marketed as a sports supplement with a specific purpose. It can boost energy, facilitate more intense pumps of all major muscles, increase focus, reduce fat and contribute to the better growth of lean mass. Users can experience more motivation due to surplus energy. Intense pumps naturally help a person to go for those extra few reps at the end of a set. Better focus improves control and coordination. This also affects the impact of every set and rep. Enhanced strength and endurance leads to fat loss and makes muscles more resilient.

What’s in 4 Gauge?

4 Gauge comes in a container designed as a shotgun shell. It has a gold colored metal cap with bold labeling. The standard pack has twenty servings. The product does not contain any dairy, wheat, soy, gluten, artificial flavors or sweeteners. It should be noted that many such supplements meant for pre-workout consumption contain a sweetener called sucralose. It is one of the most common and widely used artificial sweeteners in the world. It is definitely not a desirable or healthy component to have in any product, set aside a supplement meant for fitness enthusiasts.

4 Gauge does not contain any chemical or synthetically produced ingredient. All are natural ingredients. The only concern with such natural ingredients is if you are allergic to any one of them. Otherwise, there is no reason to be wary of any of the components. The natural ingredients in 4 Gauge are L-Citrulline DI-Malate, Red Beetroot Extract, Creatine Monohydrate, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Caffeine, L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, and Coconut Water Powder.

L-Citrulline DI-Malate is sourced from watermelon. It can increase the level of nitric oxide that can dilate blood vessels, thereby improving circulation. There is an increase in blood flow to various parts of the body, more notably to the muscles that are being worked on. This is one of the reasons why people can perform more reps and longer sets with this supplement. The pumps are more intense due to improved blood circulation.

Red Beetroot Extract is obtained from beet and it is rich in nitrate. The nitrate is what produces nitric oxide and hence also contributes to improved blood circulation and hence better muscle pumps. Blood flow has a direct causal effect on the strength and endurance of muscles. This extract can also improve focus, boost energy and increase strength. It also reduces tiredness or transient fatigue. Creatine Monohydrate is fuel for muscles. It strengthens muscles and enhances endurance. The ingredient can produce ATP or energy that is needed to work out harder and longer.

Acetyl L-Carnitine reduces muscle damage and fatigue. It also reduces fat and improves focus, memory and reaction time. Caffeine is an energy booster. The form used in this pre-workout supplement can also improve cognitive functions, endurance, and strength. L-Theanine is a relaxant. It is derived from green tea leaves. It works in tandem with Caffeine to increase endurance and strength. It prevents jitters and energy crashes.

Rhodiola Rosea is an herb and its extract can reduce muscle damage and fatigue. A pre-workout supplement is primarily about sustenance and then about a surplus of energy, strength, and endurance to keep going beyond the limits already reached. This herbal extract makes prolonged workouts possible and then easier in due course of time. The herbal extract can also keep users fresh during long workouts. Coconut Water Powder balances electrolytes and keeps users hydrated during the workout.


Comprehensive Review of 4 Gauge

4 Gauge has an interesting mix of ingredients. The blend of ingredients, its relevance and significance is often overlooked when such supplements are assessed and reviewed. Natural ingredients are safer than chemical or synthetic components but they do not work in isolation. Bioavailability is a challenge that all manufacturers must address. Not every natural ingredient has optimum bioavailability and hence the body may not absorb it to an extent desired or needed. Also, some ingredients need to complement one another for the best effects. This is precisely what 4 Gauge can do.

4 Gauge has every important detail mentioned on the label. The company does not conceal any of the facts. The official website transparently lays down everything you need to know, right from the ingredients to the dosage. The combination of ingredients in this supplement makes it more effective. Caffeine and L-Theanine form an effective stack. The two combine to form what is known as smart caffeine. While you feel energized, you also feel relaxed and do not get agitated or transiently aggressive on the floor of the gym. L-Theanine actually enhances the effects of Caffeine without aggravating the side effects. Caffeine overdose is not desirable. The correlation between these two ingredients has been scientifically proven.

4 Gauge prevents or averts energy crash and jitters. The dose is safe and there are no side effects. The energy boost is almost instant. The effects last long enough for a prolonged workout. The supplement does not have any choice of flavors and there is no reason to complain about it. Lack of flavor is always better than having artificial additives. The taste of the supplement is slightly fruity and hence sweet but also a tad sour. Consuming it is far from a nightmare. It is actually pleasant. Many of the other supplements available today taste too sweet or are outright bitter.

4 Gauge has a standard dose of one serving. You can mix it with juice or water and take it up to half an hour before a workout session. You may also take it fifteen to twenty minutes before your training. The effects take around five to ten minutes to be felt and they last an hour or so. The full effects take around twenty minutes to half an hour to kick in. You may use a shaker but a glass is equally useful. The powder does not take much time to dissolve. It actually dissolves rapidly, which is why a shaker is not essential. The slightly pinkish and reddish hue of the supplement is due to the natural color of beetroot extract.

While the company that makes 4 Gauge does not recommend increasing the dosage or serving size, some people will need more than one when their bodies become tolerant of the supplement. A week or fortnight into the course will raise the tolerance level and the same standard serving may have a realizable less impact on the body. Those who work out in the morning or even at noon can go for more than one serving but those who train in the evening should not go for two servings. Some of the ingredients may impair sleep when taken in excess anytime close to or after sunset.


4 Gauge has an instant effect. It may take some users a few days to experience the real difference on the floor of the gym. Not everyone responds in the same way and some people will experience the benefits sooner. All users will experience the changes in a week up to a fortnight when the body will start undergoing the transformation so innately desired.

4 Gauge is an effective pre-workout supplement for an instant energy boost, to avert fatigue, to look and feel great during and after training, to enhance focus, and to reduce fat while growing leaner mass. The supplement does not have any side effects. It does not add much to the daily calorie intake. One serving has five calories, which is practically nothing. There are no artificial ingredients and the supplement tastes good. The price is a tad high and it is only available on the official website and store.

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