The Best Kratom Strains To Purchase


A close cousin to coffee (at least as far as plant genetics are concerned), kratom has been used for literally hundreds of years – even longer – throughout Southeast Asia as both natural medicine and a recreational stimulant.

Over the last 20 years or so, however, kratom has really taken off globally.

People all over the world are starting to experiment with kratom, looking to take advantage of its medicinal properties (particularly in the natural pain relief and stress/anxiety relief departments) but also looking to enjoy some of the recreational benefits it brings to the table as well.

The only trouble is trying to sift through all of the different crates them strains available right now to settle on one or two to try out!

Farmers, harvesters, and distributors around the world carry all different kinds of kratom strains and aren’t shy about marketing and advertising them quite aggressively. This makes it a little bit difficult for newbies to the world of kratom to get their hands on the right stuff right out of the gate – but that’s why we have put together this quick guide.

Using the inside information we highlight below you’ll get a much better understanding of the different kratom strains available to pick and choose from, as well as more in-depth information about what each of these individual strains has to offer and why they are different than any other.

Hopefully, by the time you’re done with this quick guide, you’ll have a much better feel for your options and will know which ones you want to experiment with moving forward.

Let’s dig right in!

Breaking Down the Top Kratom Strains Today

Red Vein Kratom Strains

Red vein kratom strains are some of the most popular options on the market right now but have also been some of the most popular strains traditionally or historically, too.

Frequently recommended as the top option for beginners that haven’t had a lot of experience with kratom before of the benefits you’ll get out of these options are a little milder and a little more relaxing than some of the more potent and powerful kratom strains we highlight below.

If you’re after a calming, mild sedative and pain reliever from kratom then read strains are going to be right up your alley.

Red Thai

Of all the red vein strains to pick and choose from this particular option is probably the most commonly available as well as the most frequently recommended, especially for those just getting started with kratom.

The overwhelming majority of people that have tried Red Thai in the past have found it to be quite mild, providing a real sense of calmness and tranquility as well as quite a bit of natural pain relief to boot.

Red Bali

The second most popular option out there right now, Red Bali is most commonly used by those that are looking for significant stress and anxiety relief, those looking to take advantage of all-natural pain relief, and those that want a mild sedative that can help them conquer sleep issues and insomnia.

You aren’t going to get a lot of stimulant effects from Red Bali, that’s for sure. Researchers are looking into whether or not this particular strain can help fight back against opioid withdrawal symptoms, too.

Red Maeng Da

Pain relief is the name of the game with this particular strain, one of the most potent of all the red vein options on the market right now and one of the fastest acting solutions, too.

People with chronic pain (especially those suffering from arthritis) regularly tout this as the “go-to” option. On top of its pain-relieving benefits, this is also one of the few red vein strains that have stimulant benefits to taking advantage of – though they are considerably milder than other strains.

Red Borneo

Perfect for those that want to use kratom occasionally just to sort of kickback, relax, and unwind, this isn’t necessarily the best pain reliever on the market today but it does have fantastic sedating and relaxing benefits you’ll enjoy almost instantly.

Green Vein Kratom Strains

Green vein kratom strains are highly popular, sitting somewhere between the Red vein options we highlighted above and the White vein options we highlight in just a moment.

At the same time, green vein kratom strains can be a little bit more challenging to come by (and, obviously, a little bit more expensive) just because this particular variation of kratom is considered to be extremely rare in the wild – and can even be somewhat challenging to grow and harvest commercially, too.

Green vein kratom has to undergo a very drawn out drying process to avoid destroying the potent biochemicals within this strain that make it as effective as it is. This also naturally increases the price tag consumers can expect to pay for these potent and powerful strains, but you definitely get your money’s worth.

Green Vietnam

Green Vietnam strains of kratom are going to provide you with both a sense of rest and relaxation (mentally as well as physically) combined with an overwhelming feeling of euphoria and general vigor for life.

Far and away from the most powerful as far as the euphoric feelings are concerned, this is easily one of the most popular strains of kratom for those that want to use it more recreationally than as a strict all-natural medicine.

Green Malay

Green Malay has incredible pain relief benefits, not only working to wash away constant and chronic pain (like arthritis) but also working to combat acute pain from injuries and illness, too.

This particular strain provides muscle relaxation benefits that you’ll enjoy, benefits that are pronounced even with lower-level dosages. Some report feeling a lot more focused and with improved cognitive abilities, critical thinking, and clear memory when using this form of kratom, too.

Green Kapuas

One of the most famous strains of kratom money can buy right now because of its incredibly powerful relaxation benefits, this just might be the most potent muscle relaxer in the world of kratom today – and that’s really saying something.

Green Borneo

A perfect combination of Red, Green, and White kratom options – not too stimulating, not too sedating, and with all the pain relief and anxiety/stress relief benefits you are looking for – this just might be the most impressive “all-around” kratom option money can buy right now.

White Vein Kratom Strains

If you are looking for serious stimulation from the kratom that you are consuming on a regular basis – extra energy, mood enhancement, and significantly improved alertness and concentration capabilities – then White kratom strains are going to deserve your full attention.

These kratom products are known very much for their stimulant capabilities, tending to be a little more powerful, a little more potent, and even a little more extreme than the Red and Green options we mentioned above.

This form of kratom does still have analgesic properties as well as sedative properties at higher dosages, but if you use lower levels of kratom on a regular basis you’re going to feel a lot of pep, a lot of energy, and a lot of stimulant benefits more than anything else.

Researchers are digging deep into the nootropic benefits that White kratom may offer as well. Early indications are very positive and researchers are certain that this form of kratom offers significant improvements to overall cognitive capabilities across people of all ages.

White Thai

Most popular with folks that work in high-stress environments, those that are constantly subjected to environmental or mental stress and pressure, as well as those that are looking for a boost of self-confidence and motivation, this form of white kratom has a lot to offer.

Dosage control is usually important with this White Thai kratom, though, is even just a little bit of this particular strain is enough to give you a lot of fuel and a lot of energy – helping you feel like you can take on the world – without a lot of downsides or side effects.

There are next to no sedative properties with this particular strain, though, so don’t expect it to be all that useful if you’re combating sleep issues or insomnia.

White Maeng Da

Helping to provide a lot of mental clarity (especially for those that feel often overwhelmed and overburdened), the most impressive thing about this White kratom strain is that it delivers so many benefits in the physical energy department.

Shortly after consuming this form of kratom, you are going to feel like your battery has been topped off, giving you many of the same energizing benefits that coffee (it’s a close cousin) would have provided – but a lot more than a single cup of Joe could have ever delivered on its own.

Especially popular with those that are engaged in a lot of physical activities, especially those that work with their hands and are constantly under physical stress and pressure. This strain is also wildly popular with those that have very mentally demanding jobs – scientists, researchers, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, financiers, etc. – as this helps with clear thinking, decision-making, and motivation, too.

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