The 3 Best SARMs For Crossfit Reviewed

CrossFit has become a lifestyle worldwide. It is all about effective exercise, safety, and good nutrition. It can be the type of training that helps you achieve a goal weight, become a better athlete, or just feel more energized.

This type of training is based on constant variation, functional movements, high intensity, and quick recovery. To keep up with the demands CrossFit has on the body, people starting to take interest in a new line of drugs that have given great results in enhancing performance, building muscle, regenerating tissues, and boosting energy levels.


You may ask: “Aren’t performance enhancement drugs dangerous?” If anabolic steroids come to mind, the yes! They are known to have dangerous side effects and create an unnatural bulky look. Unlike steroids, SAMRs (selective androgen receptor modulators) are becoming the go-to drug for creating a strong body in both the fitness and medical world.

There are different types of SARMs on the market used for specific uses. Among the CrossFit community, certain types of them are known to work best. Read on to find out which are the 3 Best SARMs For Crossfit.

#1 Ibutamoren/MK-677/L-163

Known as “The” best for CrossFit, Ibutamoren acts as an extremely potent and long-acting SARM. It mimics the human growth hormone, making it a great supplement for all types of conditions you may want to improve. Medical reports show an increase in muscle mass in older men.


In two weeks, study subjects showed stronger bones, muscle growth, longer REM sleep, loss in body fat, improved endurance, reversal of nitrogen wasting, and high levels of nitrogen in the body resulting in an overall improved physical condition.


The suggested dosage for people engaging in CrossFit training is 10 to 25 mg per day.

Side Effects

  • Decrease in appetite.
  • Headaches.
  • Elevated blood sugar.
  • Water retention.

#2 Testolone/RAD140

Testolone is one of the best SARMs for building mass. It works to decrease the metabolic rate and muscle breakdown to allow you to train at high intensities requiring very little caloric consumption. It does this while maintaining muscle mass, which is ideal for bulking up. It is a perfect supplement for those entering a CrossFit competition.


Due to its effects of synthesizing protein, it allows the body to build muscles very fast. It strengthens bones, increases endurance, enhances energy levels, and helps tissues heal.


CrossFit participants new to SMARs should start at 5 mg per day and may eventually increase to 10 mg per day.

Side Effects

  • Depression.
  • Insomnia.
  • Kidney symptoms.
  • Occasional aggression.


#3 YK11

This type of SARM has high anabolic effects but is different in that it is selective in how it works. It is stronger and more effective than many SARMs on the market. Research shows it to up-regulate follistatin and inhibit the activity of DHT.


CrossFit athletes that have used the product say it is an efficient muscle builder, they gain lean mass much quicker, and it also increases their strength. Some reports include gaining 10 pounds over a period of six weeks.


Based on user experience, dosage ranges from 5 to 10 mg per day.

Side Effects

  • Headaches.
  • Hormone suppression.
  • Stomach symptoms.
  • Nausea.


Before You Start SARMs

Be sure to determine your fitness goals and lifestyle. This will direct which type of SARMs to aim for. If you are taking any medications or have an existing condition, it is a good idea to consult with your healthcare professional.

Making Your Selection

Now that you know more about the 3 best SARMs for CrossFit, you are ready to do some further research about each one of them to determine the best one for you to try first.

Frequently, people start with one and use a combination of them depending on their potency.

The CrossFit community is full of forums and unofficial reports that share information and anecdotes that will guide you to find the best way to approach taking SARMs. There are not much clinical data on this new line of drugs yet, but the medical and fitness industries are taking a lot of interest in research and development.

It’s just a matter of time before there are official data to back up SARMs. In the meantime, a bit of trial and error will help you determine if this type of supplementation is right for your CrossFit training.

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