The 3 Best SARMS for Energy To Use

SARMS, also known as selective androgen receptor modulators, are supplements often used by bodybuilders and in the workout community. They are anabolic compounds whose chemical makeup is similar to steroids. SARMS bind to androgen receptors resulting in changes in DNA. This gives them a testosterone-like boost causing an increase in muscle growth and decrease in body fat. This increases stamina, strength, and energy, which is necessary during strength training and workouts. If extra energy is needed, there are some SARMS better than others. Below are the 3 best SARMS for energy that is currently available on the market.


It is considered the best and safest SARM on the market. It builds the muscle quickly, due to its high affinity for bone and muscle. After it is ingested, it immediately works, by binding specifically to the androgen receptors of the skeletal muscle. This signals the body to build those muscles. Muscles that it builds are the ones that can be consciously controlled, including the triceps, biceps, deltoid, pectoral muscles, etc. These are the muscles that are activated when working out. Not only will your muscles build, but you will also experience an increase in fat loss, libido, energy, stamina, endurance, and mental clarity.
Although testolone targets the skeletal muscle, it doesn’t affect the endocrine system. Therefore, you will not grow man boobs, experience finger or jaw growth, or hair loss. Even after you stop taking it, your testosterone levels will return back to normal.


Side effects

Testolone doesn’t have any severe side effects compared to other SARMS. The main side effects you will experience are a feeling of lethargy and insomnia. Other side effects, such as headaches, nausea, and aggression, are normally seen, when you exceed more than the recommended dosage. Testosterone suppression can also occur, which is why post cycle therapy is necessary. This will help bring your testosterone levels back to normal.

Recommended Dosage

You should start by taking five mg a day. Then, increase it to 10 mg, once your body is used to testolone. Do not take testolone for more than six weeks, without post cycle therapy.




Ostarine, also known as Enoboarm and MK-2866, is another type of SARM that is the best on the market for energy. Ostarine is considered the safest and mildest type of SARM. It is the most commonly used form, by athletes and bodybuilders, for cutting and bulking. Ostarine has been shown to improve physical performance, lean muscle mass, and bone strength. It also increases tendon ability, ligament health, and collagen turnover. Because it builds muscle and bone, it increases endurance, strength, energy, and stamina.

Side Effects

It is a very mild form, so it is very uncommon that you will experience any side effects. Most people who take ostarine are able to tolerate it without side effects, as long as they don’t exceed the recommended dosage. Some side effects that can occur, if you exceed the recommended dosage, includes heart palpitations, fever, upset stomach, and insomnia. A heart attack, stroke, and liver damage can also occur.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage is between ten mg to twenty-five mg a day. You should always start at a low dosage and then work your way up. Also, do not increase your dosage all at once. Instead, increase your dosage, every couple of days.
The dosage for bulking and cutting varies. When cutting, you should start at ten mg for the first week and, then, increase to twenty mg on week two. Twenty mg should be the maximum dosage when cutting. When bulking, the dosage should be the same as with cutting, for the first two weeks. However, by week three, you should increase to 25 mg a day. Twenty-five mg should be the maximum dosage when bulking.


LGD (Ligandrol) 4033


It is one of the most affordable SARMS on the market. Its function is similar to ostarine, however, it is much more powerful. It is said to be twelve times more powerful than ostarine. LGD 4033 increases blood flow, protein synthesis, and glycogen storage. Because it increases energy, you will experience longer workouts and faster recovering time. You will also see an increase in muscle mass as well.

Side Effects

You will experience minimal side effects while taking LGD 4033. When you first start taking it, occasional headaches and nausea can occur. Increasing your water intake will help prevent these side effects. If you continue to experience side effects, it is recommended to talk to your doctor and lower your dosage.

Recommended Dosage

It is recommended to start with a lower dosage and then work your way up. You should start with taking a small dose of five mg a day and, then, increase to ten mg. Ten mg is enough to improve your performance.


SARMS have been shown to be more effective compared to anabolic steroids. They help build the bones and skeletal muscles, which improves strength, energy, and stamina. SARMS also provide superior results with little to no side effects. They increase not only your overall performance, but also your physique.

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