Beyond Raw Lit Pre workout Review: Is this the Perfect Pre Workout For You?


Workouts can be an absolutely draining process to go through. They demand the most from your body, mind, and spirit. This is one place where you don’t want to go wrong with your workout, given the substantial amounts of time and effort you invest in it.

The truth is that sometimes workouts don’t run very well and many guys end up quitting halfway in a fit of embarrassment.

This is why the pre-workout supplement market is getting a lot of attention from fitness and bodybuilding buffs who want to settle for nothing but the best once they get set on their workouts.

Do they have their answer in  Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout? This product is a dietary supplement that is designed to make your gym experience successful and trouble-free. Read on to find out more about this supplement.



GNC (General Nutrition Center) is the maker and distributor of the Beyond Raw Lit pre-workout supplement.  The company started way back in 1935 as a family business owned by David Shakarian. Located in downtown Pittsburg, it is today a public company stocking many products ranging from vitamins, weight loss, beauty, health, and bodybuilding products.

The number of GNC stores is over 6,000 in the US, and they can also be found in 49 other countries. The products they stock include their own brands as well as that of others.

Beyond Raw, Lit pre-workout seems to have been brought in by the company to replace the Savage pre-workout which has been withdrawn. Savage was a pretty standard product but didn’t appeal much to the bodybuilding crowd.

Have you been away from the gym or training for far too long? This happens to most of us. The Beyond Raw Lit pre-workout product is ideal for those who want to ease their way back.


This product claims to possess just the right clinically tested ingredient mix to help you to achieve one main goal: extraordinary strength and mental energy essential for your intense workout.

So what are the benefits of Beyond Raw Lit?  The benefits of Beyond Raw Lit are as given:

  • Provides you with the dramatic energy that you need for your workout
  • Gives you the mental intensity
  • Pump and nitric oxide support
  • Good for both workout and non-workout days
  • Has no sugar or gluten
  • Good flavor choices
  • Easy to use

Side effects

Few side effects have been reported when using Beyond Raw Lit. however some of the following ingredients have been noted by some users

  • Caffeine content may affect those who can’t tolerate caffeine. They may get jittery, anxious or their sleep can be affected, don’t take Beyond Raw Lit late in the evening just hours before your sleep
  • The ingredient beta-alanine may cause acne, itching, or burning in some
  • In large amounts, Creatine can cause kidney and liver problems. Diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps have also been noted
  • L-Arginine can cause you some nausea and tiredness when starting out. Those trying out this pre-workout product for the first time should start with a lower dose before increasing it with time.


Beyond Raw Lit claims to have a formula of clinically tested ingredients included at optimum doses

So what are the ingredients of Beyond Raw Lit? The ingredients of Beyond Raw Lit are no more than seven as listed by the company as follows

  • Beta-alanine – this is one of the star actors of Beyond Raw Lit designed to make your workout easy and smooth. As most workout types would know, fatigue is one of the greatest obstacles to deal with. Muscle fatigue is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle, which tends to prevent further training. Beta-alanine is your ally in keeping lactic acid to a minimum by reducing the process of acidosis (the lactic producing mechanism)


  • Creatine monohydrate – this can help in supercharging your endurance and strength levels. Through its function of stimulating the body to create more ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate, an energy store), Creatine drives the working of the muscles by acting as the powerhouse of their energy needs. It enables you to prolong your workout sessions and maximizing on your performance.


  • L-Arginine – this ingredient has sparked great interest among researchers because of its health properties and disease-fighting abilities. Arginine has been linked to the rapid growth of muscle because it is used to synthesize protein. It also helps to scale up fat metabolism allowing you to shred off fat much faster and efficiently.


  • L-Citrulline – this non-essential amino acid (non-essential means your body can produce it naturally) is what is behind the nitric oxide production mechanism that is important for a massive power boost. Nitric acid is linked with vasodilation or the widening of blood vessels, which enables much better blood circulation and hence delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. However, you get many bonus benefits from this improved blood circulation, e.g., diseases like dementia, Alzheimer's and diabetes can be kept at bay


  • Caffeine anhydrous – widely recognized for its stimulating effect, caffeine is an essential addition to most pre-workout products, and Lit isn’t left out either. It has a dramatic effect on coordination as well as helps you fight fatigue. The form of caffeine included here has completely had its water content removed, leaving a much more potent caffeine residue.


  • Coffee fruit extract – this ingredient (coming from green or unroasted coffee beans) works more as a fat burner than as a pre-workout. Why include it though when caffeine, its main content has been included already in its own right? This is because of the great health benefits we can get from the chlorogenic acid found in it. This acid is found in great amounts in unroasted coffee beans. It has been linked to weight loss and maintaining optimum blood pressure.


  • eleATP – this combination of apple extracts and fossil plant (peat) water extracts is a proprietary formula that is behind Beyond Raw Lit’s ability to produce blowout energy levels for your workout. Working together with the body’s own natural mechanism, it unleashes the full power of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which gives you explosive energy for your high-intensity workouts. Its role compliments Creatine in mobilizing the energy-rich ATP molecules in the body


  • L-Citrulline – this ingredient is behind the crucial process of vasodilation, the process of vessel widening, which increases blood supply and its nutrients to the muscle, expanding their ability to work harder and longer.

Other ingredients included in Beyond Raw Lit pre-workout are soy oil, sorbitol, citric acid, sucralose, glycerine, artificial and natural flavors.


Beyond Raw Lit is a powder that you will need to dissolve in water. But it takes a bit longer to get it well dissolved because it doesn’t solve easily in water.

One container of Beyond Raw Lit will give you 30 servings which can last you a month.

A serving or scoop is best taken as a spoon heaped full rather than a spoon level.

GND also gives you another option of buying the product in a can from which you can drink straight! This ready to drink version (RTD) packs the same potency as the standard variety, so don’t worry about losing anything.

A pre-workout is something you want to start feeling the impact a bit faster with literally a few minutes before you hit the gym. Users, however, say Beyond Raw Lit takes somewhat longer than other pre-workouts for effects to set in.

If you want the benefits of Beyond Raw Lit, you should take it some five or ten minutes before you begin your workout.

Price and availability

Beyond Raw Lit sells for about $40 for each container which contains enough powder to give you  30 servings. The product can be bought from GND’s website or from its own Amazon stores.



  • Mostly good reviews
  • Transparency in formula
  • Some have liked the taste
  • The power-boosting effects can last an hour to an hour and a half
  • There is a ready to drink (RTD) version that comes in a can


  • Some ingredients have side effects
  • For its price, the Beyond Raw Lit is expensive given its seven ingredient formulation

Conclusion on Beyond Raw Lit

Beyond Raw Lit has received a good response from users who have rated it highly, so it is fair to say it is doing a lot of good things.

The product also scoops big on a formula that happens to contain just the right ingredients that are relevant for weight loss and fitness. Of course, one could gripe that at 7, the ingredient list is quite tight and bare. Nonetheless, it gives you a decent crack to reach your goals, especially for those just starting out on their fitness and weight loss venture.

I  expect veterans though to try something else because nothing in Beyond Raw Lit can’t be found in more potent alternatives out there.  That said, Beyond Raw Lit is still a pretty good pre-workout for the veteran who has been out of action for a long time and wants to get back to the gym.

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