Bluesky Peptides Review: Should you buy your peptides here?


Bluesky Peptides is a company that specializes in supplying peptides and SARMs. It boasts a massive presence in the market but does it deserve this lofty status?

Peptides are essential for bodybuilders and athletes to help in the faster recovery of damaged ligaments and tendons. Just as equally important are SARMs which are needed to provide the same benefits as anabolic steroids. SARMs are quite versatile in powering your body, pushing performance and physical strength to peal levels, and yet doing all these without the dreaded impact on health that steroids did.

To achieve these goals, only the purest peptide and SARMS products should be sought; otherwise, it will be in vain to use products since they would be underdosed or worse, contaminated. Unfortunately, getting high-grade quality peptides or SARMS isn’t easy as fraudsters have flooded the market, leaving customers in a dilemma on who to buy from.

In this article, we look at Bluesky Peptides and whether it should be your supplier of choice to meet your bodybuilding needs.


The company, which is located in the US has no hesitation in calling itself the country’s best supplier of peptides. With a lengthy presence in the market, two main things drive its business approach.

  • Providing quality goods.
  • Having an excellent customer service team.

Bluesky Peptides declares in its homepage that it is different from other vendors in that its purity levels remain consistent while that of other vendors tend to vary.


Product quality

When it comes to getting the right products for your bodybuilding goals, one can’t compromise on quality. So how does Bluesky measure up in this regard? One typically aims for a product with a minimum of 98% purity.

The company claims to provide the highest quality products in the US. Bluesky includes quality details with every product description and specification they give for each product. Their figures indicate mind-boggling purity levels of 98-99% with documents attached. However, how much should we credit these claims? Unfortunately, it is not clear how genuine this is as the documents do not tell you the companies that have done the purity tests. There is no certificate of analysis made available for customers to see. This means that customers will have to buy the products on blind faith based on purity levels declared by the vendor itself. This does not mean the products lack quality, but it will always be hard on the users to gauge the quality of the product on such limited information.

Product variety

The company redeems itself well when it comes to product variety. There are more than 17 different types of research liquids. The number of research peptides offered for sale is also more than 26. This, should pretty much cover a broad ground for the needs of most bodybuilders and athletes looking to research with the compounds.

Customer service – the company has invested in a good customer service team, ensuring you are served promptly and courteously. For any issue, they have provided an email address which you can use to contact them. Responses to email inquiries typically happen in just 24 hours which isn’t too long a wait. Customer support is also on standby around the clock and through all the days of the week to receive and solve your issues whether it regards returns or information on available products or tracking your shipment.

Web navigability

Bluesky’s site is well done, which isn’t surprising. Given the plentiful supply of web making skills on a reasonable budget, getting a good site done is something that is easily done these days, and it is a good thing Bluesky hasn’t neglected getting this part right. A respectable 70% of customers indicated satisfaction with site usability.

These are some of the things that the company gets right about its website, thus endearing itself to buyers on this issue.

  • Buying products online is easy with no restrictions on what time you do it
  • The site is secure protecting customers’ funds and privacy
  • People can view other users’ reviews which are updated each day automatically
  • There is a weekly update that customers can get by email


Bluesky provides both domestic and international shipping for US residents and foreign buyers, respectively. They are all delivered by USPS, and each comes with its options and terms such as the following

Domestic shipping

  • USPS First Class charges $4.99 for US-based orders
  • USPS Priority costs $9.99
  • USPS Express costs $24.99

International shipping covers Canada and other countries outside the US. Your orders are shipped the same day you made your order providing you did so before noon EST. If you made your order past that time, shipping would be done the next day.

Return policy

The company will accept returns only after 30 days after you made the order. Moreover, it only applies to if you got the wrong product or there was a missing item in your shipment.

The company does not take responsibility for the outcome of the product use since these are research materials. Once in use, the materials can become degraded from handling or mishandling, and the company says that the responsibility for this, should lie with the purchaser.


Bluesky’s prices are some of the lowest you will find. Buy one of any of its peptides, and you will get one extra product thrown at you for free. That significantly cuts the price you pay for each. For instance, a bottle of the 5 mL GHRP-2 will cost you just $15. If you do your math and comparisons with the wider market, it will strike you that these must be the lowest prices you will get anywhere. That may be exciting, but what does it mean for quality which is what we should care for more?

Customer reviews

There is a good number of customers saying that they are happy with the product. However, there is also a good number who say they were unhappy with the products. Many of the unsatisfied customers reported that the products are not potent enough, suggesting that they were underdosed with ingredients. Some users even report cases where they had put direct questions via email to the company about making the evidence of independent lab testing available. However,  no answers were forthcoming, leading customers to believe that contrary to the company’s assertions, their products don’t get tested.

Coupons and discounts

They are plenty of discount opportunities provided by Bluesky. On its homepage, you will find discounts of 40% being offered. That is not all because if you agree to subscribe to their site, you can enjoy a 30% discount.

There is also a reward program provided by the company that awards you points on a dollar basis for all your purchases. You will always earn  5% of your purchases as points which then go to making your future purchases from the store,  thus lowering the price.

There is one more way you can earn points besides making purchases. By simply creating a new account with them on their website, you earn 100 free points.

There are also other discounts such as

  • You get one free product for one product you buy
  • You get one free product if you buy one product

What points will get you

  • 500 points give a $25 off your order
  • 1000 points give you $50 off your order
  • 1500 points give you %75 off your order
  • 2000 points give you $100 off your order

You can’t redeem more than 2000 points to make one specific order. Also, your points remain active or redeemable for one year. After this, they expire, and you can’t use them anymore.


  • Great customer service
  • Wide variety of peptides and SARMs products
  • Some of the lowest prices in the market
  • Reward system to reduce your expenses
  • Discounts of up to 78% offered for bulk peptide purchases


  • Some negative customer reviews about quality and potency
  • The company does not show the certificates of independent testing labs to vouch for the purity



Bluesky Peptides is a company that will sell you peptides and an assortment of research chemicals that can support you in your bodybuilding or athletic goals. They get many things right, including a good usable site, breathtaking product variety, superb shipping service as well as a good customer service. However, the quality of the products supplied by Bluesky has elicited many negative customer reports. This is further underscored by the fact that their products, despite being indicated to be 98% to 99 % pure, do not come with certificates of analysis. This casts doubt on the quality of the product as there is no confirmation.

Even though Bluesky Peptides gives you products that are cheap and affordable, more expensive options are better if they provide you with quality. In the end, despite their otherwise great qualities in many areas, I can’t recommend them as the ideal vendor of choice for your bodybuilding and fitness needs. Not especially when we have other alternatives which match them in those areas but also give us properly verified product quality.

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