C60 Review: Wonder Health Compound or Hype?


C60 may be a newly minted product with benefits too early to know, but could it be revolutionary? Or should we prepare ourselves for the ultimate anticlimax? What is C60 anyway?

The truth is that C60 is too recent a product that we shouldn’t rush to dismiss or embrace. It could hold stunning benefits, even some we have been long deprived of like the human race, until now.

In this article, I unravel the mystery surrounding this product and strip away all the secrets. This is your best chance to know about this product, its risks benefits, and history, and whether you should go ahead and try it.



C60 or carbon-60 was only discovered in 1985, even though like diamond and graphite, which are also carbon, it has existed for thousands of years. It has been found not only on earth but in deep space and stardust.

A mathematician called Buckminster Fuller came up with geodesic dome designs that resembled C60 in structure. So C60 ended up being given the name buckminsterfullerene or fullerene in his honor.

You can thank the unique shape of this molecule for being behind all the fascinating properties and benefits it can provide. The shape has been called a truncated icosahedron, although this dull-sounding name shouldn’t fool you into thinking anything less of the tremendous power of the molecule.

From resisting radiation to barreling its way through cell membranes, including fitting in between DNA strands, this molecule is capable of many feats making it a precious ally for use in many areas. All over the world, this molecule has kept researchers and scientists busy battling to tease out its many benefits. Yet 30 years of relentless searching is yet to unlock the full potential of C60.


What are the benefits of C60? Here are some of them, keeping in mind that some of them are anticipated, while many other benefits are still unknown.

  • Can increase lifespan

Can C60 hold the secret to longevity that is longer than anything we know yet? The Paris study is the most memorable of a handful of studies to be done in investigating this topic. It established that rats could live 90% longer when treated with C90. Moreover, the C60 was not toxic, which is a huge plus for such an overwhelming result. What gives C60 this positive impact on lifespan? It is thought that it is because it is protective of the membranes of both mitochondria and cells. We are ultimately made of cells. Protect and enhance the health of cells, and the result is you extend their lifespan as well as that of us.

The Paris study, which was done under the scientist Baati, needs to be further confirmed if it can extend to humans. In the meantime, users have provided supporting anecdotal evidence that using C60 infused youthfulness and vigor into them.

  • Curbs inflammation and stress from oxidation

studies have shown that C60 has powerful antioxidant properties, even extending to hundreds of times more potent than other known antioxidants. Antioxidants work by clearing up the free radicals that they meet. However, C60 is unique among other antioxidants; it is not altered by the action it performs on the free radicals. Since it retains its shape, it continues to perform its job for much longer before exiting. The Baati study, for example, showed that it stayed for 97 hours in the blood of rats, which is impressive.

Other antioxidants only clump to one molecule of free radicals at a time. C60, however, can assemble many of them to itself before it stops taking any more on board. For example, one study showed that an amazing 34 methyl radicals could stick to it.

Moreover, C60 has other feats under its belts like being able to cross walls that would be impassable for other molecules such as the blood-brain barrier and cellular membranes. If you consider these together with their affinity for DNA and cellular membranes, the conclusion is that few other compounds come even close to compare with C60. C60 also has the unusual property that the free radicals it hauls along with it interact neither with itself nor other molecules on the way. These passengers it carries are completely neutralized so that their toxic behavior is eliminated.

Brain health studies also show that C60 may be vital in making you smarter through its protection of brain cells or neurons. Neurons typically die off with time, and if replacement neurons aren’t generated fast enough, one runs into problems of concentration and short memory span. C60 acts in two ways to promote brain function. They slow down the death of neurons and spur new ones to grow and thrive.

Given the wide popularity of junk or highly processed food, the action of C60 can be quite beneficial. This food often acts as excitotoxins, which cause neuron death, especially at high levels. Examples of excitotoxins include aspartame50 and glutamate51. C60 can prevent the harmful effects of these substances so that your brain stays healthy. It also keeps minds in a young and supple state, slowing down their aging process. How does it do this? By putting the block to aging and hardened proteins whose accumulation in the brain is harmful to neurons. Keep in mind, however, that these studies were done in test tubes and need vindication in humans.

  • Helps the development and maintenance of strong bones and cartilage

The powerful antioxidant property of C60 can lead to stronger bones. This has been seen in animal studies where the animals were treated with C60 injections. The same positive effects have been noticed in cartilage. For many of these positive results, C60 was used in its water-soluble form, and it has been suggested that this will hold a lot of potential in discovering more benefits.

  • Boosts the immune system

Can C60 stimulate and improve your immune system? It certainly does, so for the immune system of rats. Studies show that C60 will trigger the production of lymphocytes or white blood cells, which are vital defenses of the immune system.

  • Powerful hygienic and cleansing agent

C60 is a potent killer of many diseases-causing microorganisms. It has a powerful disinfectant effect, even in small amounts. Not only does it eliminate many types of fungi and bacteria, but it also gets rid of some viruses. This makes it an ideal hygienic agent, and it can be used at lab grade to treat bad breath and body odor.

  • It May help to cut fat

Even though no studies have yet linked C60 to weight loss, other studies have shown that it can help you by keeping you from gaining weight. Both fat and water-soluble C60 create conditions that prevent non-fat cells from turning into fat cells. This effect has been seen in the cells of both humans and mice. Although these were test-tube studies, it is promising that the same results can be found with C60 inside the body.

  • May provide chemo support

C60 holds exciting potential for supporting chemo treatment, which is offered to cancer patients. It is still being investigated, but there is already some data that shows that C60 restricts the conditions that favor the fast and uncontrolled multiplication of cells.

  • Its immune and nutritional support can also hugely benefit patients who are on chemotherapy. Its antioxidant property is also being studied to see if it can offer immune support for chemotherapy patients.

Other benefits include

  • Protection from ultraviolet UV light –
  • Helps with healthy skincare
  • May treat male infertility
  • Protective to the skin and nerve cells

Side effects 

  • Can cause mutations in your DNA, which can lead to cancer
  • C60 solution can cause minor eye irritation

Forms of C60

C60 exists in nature, albeit in small amounts. There are also synthetic forms such as

Synthetic and Lab grade C60 – these are commercial preparations that can be bought and used for other uses. When you buy this C60, keep in mind that there are two options, dissolved and suspended C60. Soluble C60 is preferable. It can either be oil-soluble or water-soluble.

Oil-soluble C60 is made using a method that was followed in the Baarti study.

Hydrated C60 is a kind of water-soluble C60 that is more stable. It is the most preferred commercial C60

Price and availability 

The world’s leading producer of C60 is SES Research Inc. It is a US-based company located in Houston, Texas. To get trustworthy C60, buy from a lab or get hold of natural sources.


  • Kills microbes
  • Versatile
  • Promotes longevity


  • Very few human studies have been done
  • Has some side effects like damage to DNA


C60 is a fascinating compound with many benefits. Even though it has many applications in the industry, its benefits extend to health and fitness. Many areas of research in C60 remain uninvestigated, and some claimed benefits are speculative or have only been confirmed in animal or preclinical studies. However, there is plenty of user feedback highlighting many benefits. For this reason, this is a product you will not want to overlook for many years to come even as research is ongoing.

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