Canopy Kratom Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this vendor


Canopy Kratom has established itself as one of the most popular kratom vendors on the planet today, especially impressive for a relatively new company based out of the United States.

Setting up a bunch of connections with Southeast Asian farmers, cultivars, and harvesters of kratom has helped to generate a lot of the success that Canopy Kratom enjoys – allowing them to offer high-quality products at affordable prices as well as offering some exclusive strains and varieties of kratom that other suppliers simply do not have access to.


On top of that, Canopy Kratom really set out to establish a business based on competitive yet fair prices that really reward customers for choosing this vendor over all others. They consistently have some of the best prices (and fastest shipping) in the business, really showing a customer-first kind of model that certainly helps to separate them from the rest of the pack.

If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about all that Canopy Kratom has to offer, and whether or not they are a business you’ll feel comfortable investing your hard-earned money in when you want to buy kratom, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s dig right in!

As we highlighted above, Canopy Kratom has a lot of relationships with kratom farmers, cultivars, and harvesters throughout Southeast Asia (and a variety of other locales around the world) that allow them to provide only the highest quality kratom available – including some exclusive strains that other companies have an almost impossible time getting their hands on.

The number one thing that separates this supplier from the rest of the businesses in this industry is the sheer volume of products Canopy Kratom makes available to their customer base. This is something that we are really going to dig deeper into in just a moment, but you simply aren’t going to find any other kratom vendor out there that has as many products to pick and choose from as this one does.

It was just a short while ago that Canopy Kratom rebranded their organization from Canopy Kratom to Canopy Kratom Botanicals, a move that they made because they wanted to really emphasize the fact that they aren’t just a one-stop-shop source for kratom products but are a one-stop-shop source for ALL natural, herbal, and organic remedies and recreational products.

While the overwhelming majority of the products that this company provides utilize kratom in one way or another (most of the time as a backbone ingredient) this company also provides a variety of other herbal remedies, products, and options as well.

This gives Canopy Kratom a lot of legitimacy in the industry but it also makes it a very attractive vendor for those that not only want to utilize kratom in their day-to-day lifestyle but those that want to take advantage of other all-natural and herbal remedies as well.

Online Shop Experience

The overall shopping experience online with Canopy Kratom is truly exceptional, another factor that helps to differentiate this business from all other options in the industry.

A couple of years ago Canopy Kratom underwent a major redesign from top to bottom, implementing new mobile-friendly and responsive design elements that helped to create a more seamless and easy-to-use interface throughout their online shop.

Visitors to Canopy Kratom are going to find the overall experience pleasant from start to finish, with products easy to find and research and the overall shopping cart experience to be exceptional as well.

New products are added to the online shop on a pretty consistent basis. It’s not at all uncommon for half a dozen or more new products to be added to the Canopy Kratom shop every few weeks.

This company also (obviously) takes full advantage of 256 bit SSL security encryption across the board, providing customers with a safe and secure process to purchase kratom products. Your payment information in your private details is always going to be safe with this e-commerce standard technology implemented here.

The mobile interface for this online shop is super clean, too. There are a lot of vendors in the kratom space that promise an easy-to-use and elegant mobile interface that is anything but – a problem you certainly won’t have when you choose to order your kratom from Canopy Kratom.

There is no mobile application for this online shop (as of early 2020) but it wouldn’t be all that unreasonable to expect something like this to pop up before the end of the year. The odds of a mobile app being developed and released increase as Canopy Kratom continues to expand and grow, not only as far as sales volume is concerned but as far as reputation and reliability in this industry are concerned, too.

Product Selection

The product selection at Canopy Kratom is absolutely through the roof.

More than 22 – 22! – different kratom strains are available for sale already, each and every one of them of the highest quality and caliber, and almost all of them grown, harvested, and dried/processed in the traditional Southeast Asian approach.

Many of these kratom strains are available exclusively through the Canopy Kratom web store and not available anywhere else, including some very impressive (and potent) strains that are powerful and potent.

On top of that, the sheer volume of products that you will be able to purchase through the Canopy Kratom web store is staggering, too.

Kratom extract, kratom tincture, bulk kratom powder, products that utilize kratom, and products that utilize other 100% all-natural and organic ingredients are all available for sale here. Kratom powder is available in retail and wholesale/bulk quantities, with packages from as little as 25 g to as much as 1000 g available to each and every customer that visits this store.

When you get right down to it you certainly aren’t going to be strapped for choices when you are shopping the Canopy Kratom product categories.

Overall Quality

When Canopy Kratom first opened up for business their quality control standards were a little bit all over the place (with a lot of people finding them to be anything but reliable), but the exact opposite is true today.

Canopy Kratom has really spent a lot of money to shore up their quality control, has invested in high-quality kratom sources, and has built a reputation throughout the industry that allows them to offer top-tier quality kratom products at competitive prices in a way that few other companies are able to do as consistently as they are.

The reputation that Canopy Kratom enjoys right now is one of the best outsides of Southeast Asia. It is far and away considered to be one of the top (if not THE top) kratom providers and vendors in the United States, something that customers shouldn’t take lightly considering just how many businesses have popped up in this industry of late.

There definitely were some hiccups along the way as this company expanded and grew, that can’t be argued. However, those issues have been ironed out completely and today you will have a premium experience from start to finish when you purchase kratom from Canopy Kratom.

Kratom Pricing

No one would suggest that Canopy Kratom is home to bargain-basement prices for high-quality kratom products, but you won’t find too terribly many people that consider this shop to be one of the more expensive vendors in the business, either.

As a general rule you can expect to spend about $3.50 per 25 g of kratom from the folks at Canopy Kratom, and that’s across all of their different product categories. Some strains are going to be a little bit more expensive – and some a little less expensive – but you aren’t going to find the prices too far away from that $3.50 per 25 g average.

Customers that choose to purchase bulk quantities of kratom are going to be able to save a bundle of money on their orders, too. Those that purchase a kilo of kratom at a time will see the highest savings, but even amounts as low as 100 g of kratom will help you save a considerable chunk of change.

Throw into the mix the fact that Canopy Kratom regularly runs promotional deals and advertises discounts on social media as well as on the main web store itself and you’re looking at a great opportunity to save on high-quality kratom all year round. Free shipping is regularly offered on orders of $25 or more (as long as you are sending your kratom to an address in the United States), with inexpensive expedited and overnight shipping options available for most US destinations.

Final Verdict

When you get right down to it, you want to be sure that you are putting high-quality kratom into your body and that means working with top-tier vendors that you know you can trust.

It’s hard to imagine finding a better variety of quality kratom anywhere on the market today than at Canopy Kratom. Mix in great prices, volume discounts, inexpensive and speedy shipping, and some of the best customer service in the business and it’s not hard to understand why so many people find this to be their favorite kratom vendor.

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