Chemyo Review: A great Sarms supplier

Chemyo is a very well-known, Delaware-based SARMs providing company. Customers usually have many questions and doubts about such vendors because they are often fake. Some SARM providers sell expired products, whereas others are quite pricey. Under all such circumstances, it’s useful to have a better know-how of those very few SARMs vendors that are legitimate.

Luckily, Chemyo is a brand that you can very easily trust in this regard. It is one of those rare research chemicals providing companies that employ 3rd-party testing on all their products. Following is a detailed review of this company and what it offers:


Chemyo Features

Chemyo has a range of impressive features in terms of its stock and services both. Let’s have a look at some unique Chemyo features below:

1. Wide Variety in Stock

Chemyo can offer you a wide range of SARMs. Most of their compounds come in a solution form, but a few are also available as powders. You can quickly get SARMs like RAD-140, S-23, MK-677, YK-11, LGD-4033, S-4, MK-2866, and GW-501516 from this vendor. They have also started offering RU-58841 in both powdered and solution forms.

2. Better Quantity

As stated above, most of the Chemyo chemicals come in solution form. Most of these solutions are packed in small bottles, with each bottle having 50ml content. Thus the quantity of products provided by Chemyo in each bottle is about 65% more as compared to other SARMs vendors in the market. Another notable point about Chemyo is that this brand does not underdose its products at all. Such a feature is especially praiseworthy because it is otherwise very difficult to get any SARM that is not underdosed.

3. Certified Quality

Chemyo does not only offer exceptional quantity but is also great in terms of the quality of all the SARMs it sells. Thanks to the vigorous 3rd party testing, almost all the Chemyo products are passed through strict protocols and mostly score 99% in their purity tests. Almost all the SARMs batches of this company are tested before they are made available for purchase through their websites.

Different 3rd parties test Chemyo’s products every time. This further clarifies any doubt that someone might have about the company lying or manipulating the results. 3rd party tests aren’t the only tests that Chemyo products undergo. Instead, the brand also makes sure to conduct multiple tests, including FTIR, HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS, and NMR, on their chemicals to minimize the risks of selling any substandard product ever.

Almost all these tests are meant to ensure the best possible quality, purity, structure, and formula for each SARM batch produced. Chemyo makes sure to post the results of every test for all their product batches on their website so that everyone can openly check.


4. Reasonable Pricing

Chemyo’s pricing policies are probably their most distinguishing feature. Most of their bottles range between $45 and $70. You can also get a value bundle that has two of their standard bottles priced so that you can save around 10% in total. You may find Chemyo costing you more than other SARMs vendors at first.

However, considering that you can get approximately 60% more volume in each bottle makes their pricing policies are justifiable. Currently, Chemyo is regarded as the most affordable SARMs vendor all across the globe, with each of its bottles providing the best quantity and quality together.

5. Great Discounts

Almost all the Chemyo products usually come with a discount code of 5% off that you can avail at multiple SARMs related websites and blogs. Anyone signing up for the brand’s monthly newsletter also gets a Chemyo discount coupon valid for a limited time.

Additionally, the brand sometimes offers minor discounts and free deliveries on certain occasions randomly. You must keep on checking their website to avail best deals and discounts on all your SARM purchases.

6. Easy Payments and Faster Shipping

A shady SARMs vendor usually offers complex and limited modes of payments and takes weeks to ship your order. This isn’t the case with Chemyo since you have multiple payment options to choose the one that suits you the most.

You can use your credit cards or your E-check service if you live in the United States. Another payment option is to use your BTC or cryptocurrency to pay via a mobile app. You can get an additional 5% off using BTC as your mode of payment.

Once you have paid, it takes no more than a week for the company to deliver your order to the provided address. All the orders above $275 get shipped for free. The free shipping policy is even better in the US, where ordering stuff of $150 waves off the shipping fee. Chemyo ships most of its orders on the same day, but international shipping may take around two weeks. The company’s website also has a tracking feature that can be used 24-7 to stay in touch with your order’s progress.

Chemyo is dedicated to becoming a leader in the SARMs industry, providing the highest quality solutions to the customers. This is why the company makes sure to provide its customers with ultimate ease and support while ensuring that they get exactly what they are paying for.

Chemyo Pros and Cons


  • 24-7 responsive customer support
  • Faster shipping
  • Discounts and promos
  • Multiple payment options
  • Better value
  • Certified and tested products


  • Strict and complex return policies
  • Sometimes inaccurate online order tracking for orders placed from outside the USA


Chemyo is a leading and well-reputed SARMs vendor with several novel chemical compounds to offer. You can easily place your orders online without fearing any risk or fraud. Almost all the Chemyo products are 99% pure and are passed through several tests before being shipped.

Compared to other vendors in the market, Chemyo makes sure to deliver precisely what it promises and is continually trying to improve itself. We urge you to try Chemyo out if you are looking for high-quality SARMs with no fraud involved in their selling.

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