Eden’s Ethnos Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this supplier


If you feel like every day a new kratom vendor pops up promising the moon and the stars when it comes to products and prices don’t feel like you are in the minority – this industry is getting ever more crowded on a day-to-day basis, with folks all over the world looking to get their hands on high-quality kratom more than ever before.

Some of the newcomers to this industry are worth checking out while others are a little more dubious in nature and finding the right fit for your needs and your budget can feel like a bit of an uphill battle.

Thankfully though, with the help of our quick guide, you’ll be able to figure out for yourself whether or not Eden’s Ethos is the kind of vendor that you want to do business with or if you’re better off purchasing Eden’s Ethos from somewhere else.

Let’s dive right in!

General Overview

To kick things off, supporting to understand that Eden’s Ethos is one of the relatively new kratom vendors in the space but they have certainly hit the ground running.

Already one of the more popular vendors in the business, and a member of Trade Key – a global trading initiative – since 2016, Eden’s Ethos has no shortage of fans around the world.

Promising to offer only the highest quality kratom available (alongside other ethnobotanicals), this is a company that is serious about offering a variety of different kratom products at relatively affordable prices.

We will admit that the web experience they have is a little more bare-bones compared to some of the other options out there, isn’t quite as mobile-friendly as we’d like it to be, and their site could definitely use and upgrade in the near future.

At the same time, though, the ordering process is pretty simple and straightforward and there are plenty of reviews out there highlighting just how easy it is to do business with this company.

Online Shop Experience

As we just mentioned a moment ago, the site that Eden’s Ethos has built its online shop around is about as bare-bones and as basic as it gets.

Super minimalist (and not in an Apple design inspired kind of way) there really isn’t all that much on this site aside from a handful of pictures, a little bit of information about each kratom product available, and some details regarding the potency and purity of the products that they offer.

It would have been nice to see a lot more effort going into the online shopping experience from top to bottom, especially since there are so many other kratom vendors out there that have heavily invested in online shopping experiences.

The mobile experience here is absolutely terrible, too. It’s obvious that the site was not built with responsive design principles in mind as nothing really scales or self organizes when you are using this platform on anything but a laptop or desktop computer.

There’s no mobile application (and no word about a more mobile-friendly experience coming down the pipe anytime soon), something that’s going to turn off a lot of customers that are interested in purchasing kratom products from their phones while on the go.

Combine this with the fact that there are only a handful of kratom options available for sale as of early 2020, and the fact that the checkout process is streamlined but still has pickups every now and again, and this may or may not be a company that you want to do business without a regular basis until they make a couple of changes going forward.

Product Selection

You will not find an overwhelmingly large selection of kratom products available through this vendor, especially not anywhere near the vendors that offer a dozen or more different strains and varieties.

Instead, you’ll find five or six of the most popular strains of kratom available sold here, with red and green vein options filling out the product catalog. There are no white strain kratom veins available as of early 2020, though this may change in the future if the company really starts to flesh out their catalog – though they haven’t announced anything like that just yet.

Eden’s Ethos does say that they have established long-term relationships with farmers, harvesters, and cultivars throughout Southeast Asia. Again, it’s hard to really verify that just because of the lack of details and data available on Eden’s Ethos website but they do have a steady supply of kratom available for sale so it may be worth taking them at their word in this department.

You can buy both powder and capsules directly from the folks at Eden’s Ethos, but this is very much a 100% kratom only kind of organization. You definitely aren’t going to find a whole bunch of other health and wellness supplements available for sale from this company anytime soon.

Kratom Quality

When it comes to the overall quality of the kratom that you’re able to purchase from this vendor most of the reviews online are pretty positive, with folks very happy with their purchase and the results that they were able to get out of Eden’s Ethos products.

At the same time, of course, there is a distinct lack of transparency when it comes to individual types of kratom that are available for sale here.

Some of the pictures on the website that haven’t been updated on a regular basis do show labeling details and information regarding the potency and purity of the kratom you can buy from this vendor. Other than that, you’ll be left almost completely in the dark regarding what you are getting your hands on exactly.

There’s no real information regarding independent laboratory testing, no information regarding potential Certificate of Analysis, and no real information whatsoever regarding alkaloid details on the different kratom strains they provide.

This is a huge thorn in the side of Eden’s Ethos vendor.

The alkaloid information is critically important to understand exactly how this kratom is going to make you feel at different dosages. Without that information your kind of flying blind and will have to sort of feel your way through different dosages until you land on something that you are really happy with.

At the end of the day, however, as we mentioned a moment ago the overall impression from reviews online from real Eden’s Ethos customers is positive when it comes to the potency, purity, and overall consistency of products from Eden’s Ethos.

A little more transparency on their end would be a huge bonus, though.

Kratom Pricing

In the pricing department, though, Eden’s Ethos definitely knocks it out of the park.

We are talking about prices that can be almost unbelievably low compared to many of the other 100% legitimate vendors on the market right now, prices that can dip beneath $2 per 100 g on specific strains of kratom at any one particular point in time.

Eden’s Ethos also offers sampler packs of the five or six different strains that they make available so that you can try all of the strains out for yourself before committing to just one. These packs are priced very aggressively, giving you an opportunity to try them all for next to nothing out-of-pocket – and that’s one of the smartest things you can do to get a feel for all that Eden’s Ethos brings to the table with the kratom they have on sale.

Bulk discounts and wholesale discounts may be possible to take advantage of, especially since this company works so frequently with kratom resellers in the United States and around the world. You do have to reach out to them directly via email for more details about these kinds of bulk and wholesale arrangements.

Shipping is inexpensive and pretty quick for what you pay, with delivery to all addresses in the United States (as long as kratom isn’t banned or outlawed in that location or municipality) as well as to addresses around the world.

Final Verdict

All in all, there’s a lot to like when it comes to Eden’s Ethos but there’s a lot to be a little leery of as well.

The website is very basic, there’s not a lot of transparency as far as pricing and kratom sources are concerned, and the lack of quality checks that you can independently verify really makes this a bit of a shaky proposition.

At the same time, customer service and support is super responsive, the company does offer a 100% moneyback guarantee on all orders, and the general temperature from the customer reviews found online is pretty positive regarding Eden’s Ethos.

When you get right down to it, only you are going to know whether or not it’s a smart decision to spend some money and order kratom from this vendor. Our recommendation would be that you start with small purchases at first (maybe a sampler pack or a 100 g order of kratom) before you start to place larger quantity purchases with them.

That being said, Eden’s Ethos is definitely a legitimate vendor and not some fly-by-night operation.

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