Elites Supps Review: Perfect supplement supplier or Perfect scam?

Elite Supplements: A Brief Introduction

As a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast, the fitness, sports, and health supplement industry is one that you need to follow with keen interest. Who are the suppliers in this market? What are they offering, and how good are their products in terms of quality?

The answers to these questions can be eye-popping and insightful. It can also be overwhelming simply because of the information overload, which can paralyze you into a state of indecision.

In this article, however, I aim to release you from the clutch position and move you to decide on a supplement company called Elites Supp. By the end of this article, you will be out of your indecision mode and be more than ready to move quickly on whether to buy or not from Elite Supps.

Scanning the company from inside  out

What did I need to look at in exploring this company for its suitability as your ideal supplement supplier?  I raked through the following issues

  • Product quality
  • Product variety
  • Pricing
  • Shipping
  • Payment method
  • Website quality
  • Money-back guarantee

So let us take a closer look at each of these.

Product quality

How do we know that the company’s products are any good as far as quality goes? Other than their word, which is laden with superlatives, we have countless customer reviews attesting to the company’s high-quality products. I  was drawn to the fact that many of the customers were thrilled not only with the service and products but also with the taste. However, I looked at customer reviews that were featured on the company’s site. They are all favorable reviews which suggest that they don’t present an objective picture. Strikingly different is the customer reviews I got from Trustpilot, an external source. This was how the ratings stood.

  • Excellent 26%
  • Great 0%
  • Average 0%
  • Poor 4%
  • Bad 70%

This shows that the vendor’s products aren’t that great among most users.

Product variety

Elite Supps’s product range covers a tremendous variety of products. Here are some of the categories that they offer, each of which is designed for a distinctive fitness and health goal.

  • Pre-workout
  • EHP labs
  • Fat burners/weight loss
  • Mood enhancement
  • Diuretics or water loss
  • Weight gainers
  • ANS performer
  • Anti-aging
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Nutrabolics
  • Amino Acids
  • Nutrition
  • Emrald Labs
  • Energy
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Sleep formula
  • Vegan

So you can see the company’s product variety is sweeping and astonishing. It’s hard to see how your particular set of needs will not be adequately addressed from this vast inventory.

Customer service

Customer feedback on the site was outpouring with their words praising the company for friendly online staff. The company seems to have invested well into a responsive and courteous support staff, endearing the company to many of its customers. The company also provides a helpline and email address, which you can use to reach them for any issues on your mind. However, when I reviewed customer feedback from sources like Trustpilot, customer reaction was strongly negative, with many talking of having a horrible experience with customer service.

Website navigability and quality

When dealing with any online shop, one of the first things that hit you is the website. This can leave lasting impressions that go to shape your perceptions of any other thing that the company goes on to offer you.

Fortunately, the website quality of this company is decent enough, and visitors will find it easy and fast to get what they want. Unlike many other sites that greet you with too many images, the company keeps its homepage relatively clean and simple. Links listed at the bottom of the page directs you to specific pages dealing with such things, such as About Us, Our Stores, Faqs, etc.  Overall the site meets the standards of good taste, usability, and decent presentation.


If you are ordering from Australia with a purchase that is worth more than sure you order before 1 pm. Keep in mind that you may sometimes be charged a shipping fee despite your order being above $150. This and the explanation the company gives is something I found to be a bit confounding. It says that if you got a discount code and applied it to your order, it will reduce the size of your order. If it does so to the point of lowering it below $150, then you will no longer be eligible for free shipping.


How ironic! It’s a classic case of giving with one hand and taking it away with another hand – thus defeating the point of having the discount in the first place!

The company also makes clear that dispatch is not the same thing as delivery – which means that same day dispatch is not same-day delivery.

It offers same-day-dispatch, which is only available for Australian orders and orders before 1 pm. This is free standard shipping. If you are ordering from an international location, the following flat rates are charged

Standard shipping

  • Australia (for orders, below $150) – $10 dollars (takes 2 to 5 business days)

Express shipping

  • New Zealand $24.95
  • Australia (for orders below $150) – additional $19.95 (takes 1 to 3 days)

Other locations -$64.95

Orders that are placed from Friday to Sunday will be dispatched on Monday that follows. The company says that the courier service they rely on does not work on the weekends, which compels them to also rest on the weekend.

Returns and credits

Elite Supps offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its products. However, this is only for defective products, which means it has to be investigated by the company before it is satisfied that you are eligible for a refund or replacement.

You won’t be refunded or have your product replaced if you changed your mind about the product after receiving it. Nor will you be refunded if you are unhappy with your product for such things as the taste, formula, etc.

You can always email [email protected] with your inquiries if you have a damaged or incomplete product. Make sure to send an image of the product along with your order number in the email. After that, you will receive instructions from the company’s staff on what next steps to take.

For faulty products that are returned, you will be given credits. You must log in to your account and go to your account details to view your store credit amount. This amount adds automatically to your cart when you order next time and checkout.

The company does not accept returns for products that it classifies as specials or clearance items. These are usually stock that is short-dated or are in the process of being discontinued. Returns for these can only be accepted if they are faulty or if it is wrongly delivered based on your order.

Coupons and discounts

The company has quite some generous coupon offers which you should try to use and get great prices. This can be earned through a reward program that awards you points each time you purchase from the store. The points will add up and help you get a gift that you can redeem. After you have redeemed your gift, which is one you choose among many other options you are provided, you get a discount code. Apply the code to your cart at your checkout. To ensure that you benefit from the coupon code, add the purchased item into the cart before you apply the code. This is important as adding the free or deal item does not happen automatically.

You can only apply one coupon or discount code for one order. On your checkout page, provide your coupon code just before you checkout.

Want to have your store?

If you are passionate about fitness and sports supplements, Elite Supps offers you a fabulous chance to make money by having your store. So you won’t need to show your support of its fast-rising brand only by being a customer of its products. You can sell the products too so others can see the impact of these excellent products through your contribution. This can be an exciting career that can be quite rewarding and fulfilling.

All you have to do is apply to get a license by filling and submitting their online form. Elite Supps will take you through the steps and give you adequate training to ensure success for your enterprise.


  • Wide variety of supplements
  • Customers praise supplements for good taste


  • The money-back-guarantee offered only for defective products
  • Negative customer reviews


Conclusion on Elite Supps

Elite Supps is a fast-rising Australian company offering various health, fitness, and sports supplements and products. Their offerings are breathtaking in terms of variety with each product category tailored for different situations.

The company has won some hearts though it could do better with its support staff in responding to customer issues and inquiries.

You can also become a partner with the company in distributing its products through owning your store and selling the products via a license they will grant you.

Ultimately, however, this company rises and falls based on customer reviews who communicate their experiences. Customer feedback on their site is positive, but when we consider outside sources that are less biased, we saw an overwhelmingly negative reception of the products. If you are looking into transforming your health and fitness, this isn’t a company you should be looking into.

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