eSarms Review Should you buy your SARMS here?


eSarms is one of the many SARMs suppliers in the market. These guys have quite an inventory offering almost all SARMs that are typically used. However, all their products are available in liquid form. Not very many vendors in the market stock capsule or powder SARMs and hence we can’t really hold this against eSarms.

An inventory and all that is important but how effective are their products though? The one issue that most SARMs vendors struggle with is purity, and the worst part is that most of these vendors will go ahead and sell their sub-par products anyway. This is one of the reasons that you’ll see so many people complaining about different SARMs retailers online. Even worse, some vendors are known to add other types of chemicals or even synthetic testosterone in their items and still brand them as SARMs. This is not just unethical, but it is extremely dangerous because it leaves users exposed to so many potential health hazards. It’s, therefore imperative that you screen every vendor under a microscope to make sure that you are spending your money on a product that is effective and safe. We took the time and did our research on eSarms and some of their products to identify whether they make the cut or not. Other than looking at the quality of compounds on offer, we also checked on various other factors to determine just how consistent and reliable they are. This means that everything you’ll ever need to know about eSarms is pretty much covered here.


ESarms Website

Looking at the eSarms website, I’d give it an above-average score. Even though it doesn’t have that premium or serious vibe, it’s still well laid out for you to get everything you need more conveniently.

They have categorized their products into several groups, which I found really helpful, especially among beginners. They have a shortcut function that leads you into buying a single bottle, or two bottles where you will also receive an extra bottle free of charge. There is also the option of buying three bottles, which comes with one free bottle and another of buying enough supplies for 12-week cycles. Oh, and the products of the 12-week cycle are further classified into cutting, bulking, and recomping stacks. eSarms have also prepared several stacks, and they’ve even gone further to classify them as per their functions i.e., cutting, bulking, strength, BYO, and Singles. Other than that you will also see the shortcuts for the usual FAQ, Returns, and Help details. Something else interesting here is the “Banned” section which leads to two products, M1-MK and Cardazol. Above this menu is a search function, and below it, you will see some of the products on offer.

One issue I have with this website is the lack of sufficient details on the specific products you are buying. Say, for instance, you want to order Andarine. The only details you will get under the description is the size of the bottle, and that’s it. The same applies when you are buying a stack of say Stenabolic and Cardazol, when you select the item, the only description you are given is in regards to what you are buying, how to run stack and the price. There aren’t any details on purity, what the compound does to the body or any other information that could be useful to an interested researcher or a newbie who doesn’t know much about SARMs. We’ve honestly seen several retailers do a better job at educating their buyers than eSarms.

What products are stocked at eSarms?

eSArms has a decent inventory. You can get the most popular liquid SARMs you need from the vendor. These include:

  • Stenabolic
  • Testolone
  • Cardarine
  • Andarine
  • Ostabolic
  • Anabolicum

There were, however, notable absentees such as Ligandrol. It’s a shame that they don’t stock it because it is one of the best bulking SARMs you can get.

Like we pointed out earlier on, eSarms also stock a variety of stacks like a 12-weeks cutting stack containing 3 bottles of Cardarine, another three of Andarine, two bottles of cardazole, and another two of m1-MK.

They also have some bulking stacks containing compounds such as Anabolicum, Ostabolic, m1-MK, and Cardazol. Unfortunately, none of their bulking stacks cut it in our list of the best bulking stacks.

They also have a rather unfamiliar PCT stack containing Cardarine, Cardazole, and M1-Mk. It’s not what most bodybuilders are used to, and I’d honestly advise you to use the regular Sarms PCT guides.

Quality of eSarms Products

The quality of eSarms products is really questionable. First, let me just point out that some people have used SARMs from this vendor and reported good results. Unfortunately, there is also a good number of people complaining about their products.

Several people complained about reacting to Testolone with some sort of water retention and other issues. This hinted to the possibility that the compound may contain more than what meets the eye.

There were also cases of the compounds not being exactly powerful, and this is a case that some of our guys experienced firsthand. When you compare the results of most of the SARMs from this vendor side by side with some of the other popular retailers, you will see some concerning differences. This is probably stemming from possible underdosing, and that’s definitely not good for any bodybuilder.

The fact that the vendor doesn’t mention anything about 3rd party testing and clarity levels doesn’t help either.

Therefore, while these SARMs can indeed work for you, I’d definitely keep my options open and remain vigilant if I were you because there is also a good possibility that they may not work.

eSarms Coupons and Pricing

You can get a $10 coupon from eSarms by signing up to receive newsletters. They also provide other coupons once in a while that you can get from the website or other fitness and SARMs forums.

Their pricing is decent enough. It’s not the cheapest, especially if you are buying a single product, but they definitely provide competitive bargains when you are buying more than a single product or in the case of stacks. One bad news is that you cannot substitute any item in the buy 2 get 1 free offer.

Payment Options

eSarms offer different payment options. You can pay via a credit card using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or even American Express. There is also the option of paying through Money Gram or Western Union, and you will actually get 5% off your order if you use this option. If you want an even bigger discount, pay via bitcoin, and you will get 10% off your order.


As of the time of writing this, eSarms only ship within the USA and to Canada. They charge a flat-rate fee of $9.99 for shipping. They don’t offer free shipping regardless of how much you spend. The worst part? Shipments can take more than 6 days before they are delivered and that’s not inclusive of weekends.

eSarms Return Policy and Customer Service

eSarms does not accept returns of any opened items. Understandably so. They do accept returns if you haven’t opened your products, but you will be charged a restocking fee of 25%. You must also return the order within 3 days of receiving it to be eligible for a refund.

The only way to reach eSarms is by filling a form on their website. You can also reach them via email in case you are trying to get a refund.

Bottom Line

eSarms is a vendor surrounded by mixed reactions. Their long shipping periods can also be a problem, especially if you are trying to replace your supplies and time is an issue. With that said, I believe that it’s fine to give them a shot, but I will discourage you from making a bulk purchase given the number of complaints reported on some of their products like RAD-140.

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