Geo peptides Review: Legit or Scam bodybuilding products?


In top laboratories around the world, relentless research is going on to discover the potential of a range of biochemicals including peptides and SARMs.

But not just researchers are interested in these chemical compounds. Bodybuilders and athletes are discovering that a lot of these materials, though the subjects of ongoing research, can be used for physical and performance enhancement. The trouble however is, how well can you tell a genuine supplier from a peddler of bogus products? In this article, we take a look at Geo Peptides, a supplier of peptides and research chemicals, and whether it is an excellent vendor to buy from.



Geo Peptide is a US-based company. Just as its name implies, it deals in peptides, but this isn’t all because it also sells SARMs as well as other extras like medical equipment. Geo Peptide isn’t a newcomer in this market has seen several years of supplying these products.

By its reckoning, it declares on its home web page that it is an industry leader in this market space. But how credible is this claim? I dug through the facts surrounding this vendor using the  following criteria to bring it under the microscope:

  • Product quality
  • Product variety
  • Shipping and returns policy
  • Pricing
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Customer service
  • Website quality
  • Customer reviews

Product quality

Geo Peptide appears to have products of good quality. This is mainly because they have taken the products through lab testing provided by independent third parties. They claim a minimum purity level of 98.6% for their products, which if true, puts them in the top tier of this market as well as adds legitimacy to their products.

Product variety

Geo Peptide seems to have done a fine job of providing a wide selection of peptide products. They do also offer various SARMs products though not as extensive.


  • YK -11
  • S23
  • Ostarine
  • MK 677
  • GW 501516
  • ALT 711
  • A4 Amyloid Beta,
  • Ace 031
  • AICA Ribonucleotide (AICA)


Custom Peptides

  • Delta Sleep Inducing peptide
  • Follistatin
  • Fragment 176-191
  • GHK (GHK-CU)
  • Ghrp-6
  • Epitalon
  • Ghrp-2
  • Hexarelin 2
  • IGF-1
  • IGF-2
  • DES
  • Lipopeptide

Most of the SARMs products come in bottles of either 30 mL or 60 mL. They are also all liquid which appears to be geared towards accommodating both novice and advanced users. However, advanced users will be a bit disappointed about this besides also not being able to access SARMs powder which the company does not offer. Another downside is that the vendor does not stock ultra-high concentrations of SARMs.

If you are shopping for SARMs from  Geo Peptides, make sure you know the right SARM you are seeking. Otherwise, there is a chance of getting the wrong product. Not too surprisingly, Geo Peptides are reserved in giving any detailed explanation about the products they sell. Any such request or inquiry is likely to be met with blank silence or the stock answer that as a qualified researcher, you are expected to know better about what you are looking for in the products.

This is an apparent attempt to avoid falling afoul of the law which restricts the products for use to research purposes. These products are cleared as research chemicals and are not to be used by humans or animals.

That said, the company offers some information of a very limited nature and general areas regarding purity, availability, etc. of the products. They also have a FAQs section addressing some of these questions. These provide an informational resource that can be useful, especially to beginners.

Customer service

These days, very few companies will dare overlook the issue of customer support. So it comes as a surprise that Geo Peptides have not done the needful in terms of providing a customer service worthy of mention.

An attempt to click into its customer support web page turns up a Page Not Found. This can be quite unsettling for customers, especially if they have been used to more vibrant customer support from other websites.

A chat box may sometimes appear instead of the customer support, but one can be kept waiting too long again before chatting to a real human as the conversation may initially proceed by auto-generated messages.

Keep in mind that their customer service will not answer certain questions regarding products as I have already pointed out.

Web navigability

Not too many companies have websites that are poorly done. It’s one area where most companies have come of age so that it’s pretty standard to have a decent site, given a little investment. So it comes as a surprise that Geo Peptides is included among this small dying breed of companies that boast a sloppy website.

Their site can best be described as disorganized and littered with clutter, making for a navigation experience that can be a nightmare for most users. It would not be exaggerating to say that some potential customers have been driven off simply from this website botch job.


Shipping times for the company are only done from Monday through Friday with no weekend activity. So make sure to place your order within good time, otherwise, a Friday order will be processed the following Monday, and you will find yourself waiting longer than you had planned.

You will be assigned a USPS tracking number for your product which you can always see on the company’s website under your account. This number is given to you along with a confirmation email once you have paid and confirmed the order.

In case you don’t receive them despite having paid and confirmed your purchase, confirm whether the company’s email message directed to you may have ended up in your spam mail instead of your primary inbox. Allow for a period of up to 48 hours after confirming your order before checking the status of your order on the company website.

There are three shipping options provided for those who are buying from either the US or Canada

  • USPS Priority Mail – 2-4 days delivery time
  • USPS Express Mail – 1-2 business days
  • USPS International Canada Express – 5-7 is a business days


Returns policy

Certain conditions must hold before the company will agree to accept returns from you.

  • If you got the wrong product shipped to you
  • If the products got spoiled or damaged while in transit
  • If the user has not opened an item

Under those circumstances, you can get a full refund, but this will be net of the shipping costs which you will have to bear on your own.


Geo Peptides’ prices fall a bit on the higher side, which makes them more, expensive than other vendors. This is particularly the case with SARMs products. A high price is not necessarily a bad thing and could be an indicator of premium quality. However, you can get good, better-priced quality products such as SARMs which are also lab tested by accredited labs, unlike the case with Geo Peptides.

Payment methods – you can pay with any of the following methods for your orders

  • Major credit cards such as Visa, Discovery, Mastercard
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay or Apple Cash
  • Cash App/Square App
  • Venmo
  • Pay by check
  • Chase Quick Pay /Zelle
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank wire

Coupons and offers

Geo Peptides presents what it terms as the deal of the day typically with each day that passes. You will have to be keen and patient until the day you will be lucky when your preferred product is featured under these offers.


  • Stocks some good peptides
  • Stocks a few good SARMs though peptides remain dominant
  • Offers Custom SARMs


  • Poorly designed website
  • Negative customer reviews
  • Sells mostly serum SARMs with no powder or capsule options
  • Charges high prices fur SARMs
  • SARM selection too small


Geo Peptides is mainly a supplier of peptides with SARMs being a secondary product line. If you are looking for a good SARMs vendor, Geo Peptides may come a little short of your expectations. Some of their products are of good quality.


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