Gold Bali Kratom Review – Benefits & Side Effects


Perhaps you have already heard about red vein Kratom, green vein Kratom or white vein Kratom. All very confusing, isn’t it? But, wait, there is also red Bali Kratom, white Bali Kratom, green Bali Kratom, and even Gold Bali Kratom.

I know this is all getting you dizzy. However, not to worry because in this article I will show you how to tell the many different strains of kratom apart and then tell you about one strain in particular: Gold Bali Kratom strain and why it’s good for you.

Kratom has a long history of use among Asian communities in such places as Thailand, Indonesia, and other south-east Asian regions. The local people found that it had great effects such as sedation and stimulation with so many of the farmers in the area relying on it for energy supplementation.

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, comes from a coffee tree species that traces its origin to these Asian areas. The locals discovered the secrets of this herb, including how it helped to fight pain and stress as well as improving one’s productivity.

Pieter Willem Korthals, a  Dutch botanist, was the first man to discover Kratom. This was while he served as the official botanist for the Dutch East India Service between 1831 and 1836. Before this, Dutch traders had already documented how the Malaysian people and those in Thailand used it as a medicine to treat different health conditions. The favorite way of using it was by chewing the leaves, and users found it gave relief from fatigue.


Since 1943, Kratom was made illegal in Thailand through the Kratom Act 248. In 1979, it was classified in Thailand along with Marijuana in the Category of narcotics analgesic. Kratom is next only to Marijuana and methamphetamines as the most popular drug in use in Southern Thailand, despite these legal measures.

Kratom strains have only entered the US in recent times. It is not illegal in the US although it features in the list of DEA chemicals and drugs of concern. This inclusion was influenced by 15 reported deaths with links to Kratom.

The potency of this herb owes to the two molecules that it contains. They are mitragynine (MG) and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG), both of which are alkaloid compounds. Kratom’s effects are dose-dependent, with lower doses giving you stimulation and high ones inducing euphoria, akin to what you get from heroin or opioids.


What are the benefits one gets from Gold Bali Kratom strains? Some of the health perks one can get from Gold Bali Kratom strain are.

  • Pain relief – Gold Bali Kratom is one very relaxing strain that is great at relieving anxiety and handling chronic pain. Users report that this drug is amazing at taking your pain away quite quickly. This frees people to go about their activities or even boosting productivity. There is a danger, however of getting sedation. You need to watch the dosages you take of the drug to avoid any abuses or unwanted reactions.
  • Relaxation – Looking for something relaxing to put your nerves at ease? This variety of Kratom is one of the best to ease your mind and make you feel relaxed.
  • A good sedative – although Gold Bali Kratom strain shares this ability with order reds, it may be an excellent choice to give you this benefit because of the special drying process it has undergone. It is not the best stimulator, which makes it perfect for your bedtime consumption.
  • Boost appetite – Perhaps you want to change your eating habits, or you have a poor appetite. Gold Bali Kratom can turn things around and give you a voracious appetite which you can make the best use of by taking a healthy diet.
  • Sedation – Although red vein kratom strains are generally known for their powerful sedative effects, Gold Bali Kratom strain is particularly potent and stands out in this particular function.
  • Mood enhancer –  gold Bali kratom will also greatly improve your mood which makes it good for depressed people
  • Energy boost – Gold Bali Kratom strains are known to boost energy significantly. They also heighten your mental focus, which can be useful for tasks that demand long continuous concentration. This would be ideal for people who work long hours or students who want to stay focused for longer hours


What are the side effects of Gold Bali Kratom strains? The common side effects of Gold Bali Kratom are the following (divided into both short term and long term complications)

Short term effects

  • Headaches
  • Wobbles
  • Dry mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • An urge for frequent urination
  • Constipation

Long term effects

  • Dark patches can appear on your cheek areas
  • Weight loss and anorexia
  • You may develop psychosis where you become disconnected with reality
  • Can be addictive
  • May cause withdrawal symptoms such as a running nose, diarrhea, muscle ache, muscle twitching, and irritability

In general, many of these issues are avoidable if one sticks to the recommended dose, and one also avoids long term use. There is no evidence that prolonged use of Kratom strains can cause permanent harm to body organs.

How is Gold Kratom different

Gold Bali Kratom strain is a red vein kratom strain that is distinguished for the gold look of the kratom leaf. This is the color it acquires because of being taken through a particular drying process. This is a longer drying phase that causes Kratom to lose its color and turn gold.

You get different Kratom products because of the type of drying technique that is employed. This affects what is known as the alkaloid balance in your Kratom strain, conferring upon it a different effect when consumed. In essence, what you get from the different strains of Kratom depends on the Kratom contents and alkaloid balance.

The drying technique is not always disclosed, so we can’t know the details. Nonetheless, the outcome is quite as powerful as demonstrated in the effects of the final product.

A strain of Kratom owes its effects to the alkaloid substances contained. Red and Gold Bali Kratom strains are especially rich in two types of alkaloids: Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.


The right dosage for Gold Bali Kratom is dependent on the user’s personal experience and tolerance to the herb as well as the quality of the product, and a few other body factors. That said, beginners should take Gold Bali Kratom in lower doses while more advanced users can get away with higher doses.

  • New users are recommended to start with a threshold dose of 1.5 gm to test their sensitivity to the strains
  • A light dose of between 2 gm and 2.5 gm is recommended for beginner users or slightly experienced users
  • A medium dose of between 2.5 gm and 4 gm is recommended for those who are standard users or those with moderate experience
  • A high dose of between 4 gm and 6 gm is reserved for expert users with high tolerance

Price and availability

There are many online vendors that supply Gold Bali Kratom. However, choose your vendor carefully because you may buy a Kratom strain that is useless or harmful.

Action of Kratom

The results of taking Kratom strains are dependent on the dose taken, the quality of the strain, and the physical circumstances of the user. So it can either act as a stimulator, a sedative, or with opiate-like effects.

Stimulant level (about 1-5 gm) – at this low dose, you’ll feel the effects coming into play about 10 minutes after you ingest it. For between 1 to 1.5 hours, you will get effects such as

  • High mental alertness
  • Improved mood
  • You become more outgoing, social, easy to engage in talk, and friendly
  • Increases in libido and experiencing energy boosts


Analgesic-euphoric-sedative level ( 5-15 MG) – this moderate dose results in

  • Pain relief
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling of well being and pleasure
  • Flushed look
  • More positive response to music
  • Calmness

Extreme high doses – more than 15 gm gives you drastic results such as

  • Unconsciousness
  • Seizure
  • Sedation

Who should not use Gold Bali Kratom

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you are using other medicines such as amphetamines, heroin, alcohol, cocaine, benzodiazepines, or MAO (i.e., monoamine oxidase inhibitors)

Help in cases of abuse

Abuse of Kratom strains can produce severe effects on a user. If you think you are at risk or somebody you care for is, you can find help from the following

  • Narcotics Anonymous provide self-help support
  • Counseling or psychotherapy
  • Complimentary medicine. An example is an acupuncture
  • Your doctor’s support
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Reach out to family support
  • Aftercare
  • You can also call the Drugs Helpline 1800 459 459 or get other options in your area


  • It’s a great nighttime strain due to its powerful calming effects that can send you quickly to sleep
  • Creates euphoric-like feeling which can be relaxing
  • Effective in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Boosts or revives the appetite
  • The long duration of effects
  • Can be used to treat addiction to drugs like heroin, amphetamines, etc


  • Nausea in cases of not following the right dose
  • Wobbling or an unsteady walk
  • Stomach upset
  • Can cause fatigue


Gold Bali Kratom has found a use for many things, including anxiety relief, energy boost, chronic pain treatment, enhancing calmness and peace as well as stimulation.

It is predominantly a calming agent rather than a stimulant since it has an alkaloid balance that leans more toward sedation. Among the red vein strains, quality Gold Bali strain is the most potent in giving you excellent relaxation for fatigue or anxiety. Gold Bali Kratom is also ideal if you are looking for something that gives you lasting effects. But then you should remember that your personal experience with different Kratom strains and the doses you are taking will also play a role in determining exactly how long you’ll feel the effects.

While gold kratom Bali can deliver all the above incredible results, watch out against its abuse or misuse. This is one strain you don’t want to mess around with because it is very powerful with potentially serious side effects if not used right. Long term use can make you addicted causing withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop using it. Ironically, Kratom can also be used to treat addiction to other potent drugs like heroin but that’s a topic for another day.


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