Gym Array Review: Is this Your Dream SARMs vendor ?


In almost any market, you always have a mix of bad and good people. The SARMs market is no different because great and terrible products are both there, gunning for your attention – and wallet. It’s up to you to decide who among these you will earn your precious attention and money.

You shouldn’t buy harmful products. It’s like rewarding bad behavior and encouraging it! Not to mention that the bad product will do you no good besides endangering your health. The SARMs market is notorious for being crowded with poor products that you should not give a minute’s attention to. Yet how do you tell that it is a poor product not worth your time?

In this article, I will introduce to you Gym Array, one SARMs supplier, which is creating some sensation. Are they the real deal?


Qualities to check for

To weigh the attractiveness of this company, it all came down to looking at a set of carefully chosen factors. Does the company pass the test concerning?

  • Product quality
  • Product range
  • Pricing
  • Shipping policy
  • Website quality
  • Returns and refunds

Finally, I look at what customers themselves are saying. Are they raving mad about the company, or are they miserable? After all, nobody knows better than the customers who use the product.

How SARMs stole the limelight

Before we look into the qualities of Gym Array, we need to answer the question of why even bother going for SARMs?  SARMs are unique compounds that scientists managed to create out of the labs not too long ago. For years, they remained under the shadows, and not too many people knew about them. Only the research world was aware of it, but once the sports and bodybuilding crowd got wind of it, the secret flew out into the public consciousness.

What got the athletes, bodybuilders and other fitness buffs so elated about SARMs? Well, it’s because of the huge problems anabolic steroids and prohormones were bringing. Despite the fantastic impact of these compounds on performance enhancement, they were becoming more of a curse than a blessing due to their health hazards. There had to be another way, and before long, SARMs came along, and they fitted the bill perfectly.

SARMs are short for Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators. Just like the name suggests, these compounds are Selective on the body parts they target and act on. So SARMs will zero down onto your muscle and bone areas, activating them to become bigger or stronger. While you could get the same results with steroids, the steroids didn’t stop at that. Instead, they would go all over the place, unleashing mayhem in your body. So you got excellent results as well as ugly ones, a mixed package!

SARMs spare you all that since they have fewer side effects, although they don’t exactly match steroids in finesse.

Gym Array: Who are they?

Gym Array says it is a company that brings together a group of well-chosen companies to supply you with top-notch supplement products that excel in quality. Their partner companies boast an excellent track record with a product that has been independently tested and proven to be trustworthy. Gym Array is continuously on the hunt to find more partners who fit this bill. This way, the company hopes to give its customers a surefire guarantee of getting the finest products. The partner companies they work with together currently are Hardcore Series and Savage Line Labs.

Product quality

Gym Arrsy says it only chooses partners who have demonstrated high consistency in providing quality products. For all their products they pursue excellence through the following features

  • Products have pharmaceutical grade
  • They are manufactured in the US
  • They are 3rd party tested for quality
  • They are HPLC tested
  • They are based on scientifically based research
  • For each product, the company includes a lab report which it displays on its site.

Product variety

Gym Arrays SARMs products come in 2 different categories

  • Single bottles
  • Sarms stacks

Single bottles

These consist of all the popular SARMs familiar with users such as LGD 4033, etc.

SARMs Stack

These are combinations of various SARMs to achieve specific targets

  • Bulking stack
  • Cutting stack
  • LGD 4033 Stack
  • Shred Stack
  • Growth Stack
  • MYO-RAD Savage PCT
  • Ostarine Stack
  • Andarine stack
  • Cardarine Stack
  • MK 677 stack
  • RAD 140 Stack

Other than SARMs single bottles and stacks, the company also has in stock other products SARMs buyers may want to consider buying they include


  • Dust X
  • Psychotic
  • Nova pump

Amino acids

  • Recover

Customer service

The company has fantastic customer support. It’s from the positive customer review that the company is willing to go the extra mile just to oblige the customers. This is reflected by one of the company’s statements that it will bend over backward to any customer complaints. All those unhappy customers have to do is make that call.

The company gives its phone number on its site to call for any questions you may have. It is 1-323-364-0042, and you can call every day between 9 am and 6 pm pacific time.

Website quality and navigability

The site is a marvel to use for both advanced users and neophytes. It also uses encrypted SSL security so you can rest assured that your private data is safe and secure.


If you are buying from North America, your order will be shipped for free, provided your order is more than $250. These amounts exclude taxes and coupons.

For orders below $250, you will be charged shipping fees of between $15 and $18, depending on where you are in this region. International buyers will be charged different amounts that will depend on location. The charges you will pay are no more than the ones the company pays for post office charges.

An email confirmation will come to you once you have placed your order. If the email confirmation fails to arrive despite this, it could be because you didn’t give the correct email address. You can email the company to rectify this.

The order process is simple and straight forward. Simply add products to your cart and then provide details such as shipping information. You then click Pace Order.


To help customers who may not know how to process their orders, the company provides more detailed directions and instructions so that you won’t have to get lost.

  • Select your product and then from the drop-down menu, click and choose the product size
  • Using the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols shown, you can add or subtract the quantity of the product that you want
  • Select “add to cart.”
  • Click on the shopping cart to allow you to confirm the details of your order and if needed, to change your delivery address
  • The last step is to proceed to checkout


Gym Array offers very reasonable prices for its products. They consider themselves to be very competitive on this so that they even believe you won’t find something cheaper. I was struck by their suggestion that if a buyer finds a more affordable alternative, they should contact the company, and it won’t hesitate to better the competitor’s price!

If you want exclusive prices on some of their SARMs, the company says you should sign up with them and create an account. You will also stand to get sweet deals and free items.


Prices are all quoted in US dollars, and you will also be billed in US currency.

Gym Array accepts the following payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Etherium
  • Transferwise
  • Interac transfer

Online transfers are easy and convenient ways of making online payments. They are also very secure, and if you haven’t used them before, you can get instructions from your banking institution on how to compete with them. Typically, they need you to provide the following:

  1. Recipient: (email of the recipient)
  2. Comment: Your email as the sender
  3. Security question: What was the name of your first pet?
  4. Security Answer: your order number

Returns policy

Gym Array is, so confident about the quality of their products that they offer a 90-day full money refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return the product for your refund.

However, to qualify for the refund, the product should be in the same original packaging it was in. It should also not be have been opened or its condition tampered with. You should also produce the receipt you were issued with as confirmation of purchase.

Conclusion of Gym Array

Gym Array is a US-based company that is in the Sarm and fitness supplement market. Their goal is to bring you the finest products which can support all your bodybuilding, health, and fitness needs. The company’s approach is to synergistically bring together various partner companies that offer great quality products.

Gym Array selects its partners carefully, ensuring that its products meet high-quality standards such as third-party lab testing. With Gym Array, you are supposed to be getting the cream of the SARM and sports supplement industry, but I am skeptical that the most they have are just two partner companies.

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