Halodrol : The Complete Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Halodrol

Halodrol or HD, also known as chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol or CDMA, is a prohormone developed by Rich Gasperi and produced by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. It is actually a derivative of testosterone. The chemical composition is 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3b,17b-diol. Basically, the formula contains the following ingredients; 1-Androsterone, 4-Androsterone, Androsterone, Androsterone Acetate, and Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract. Its molecular weight is 337 and the chemical formula is C20H29C1O2. It has a half-life of sixteen hours. Duration for detection is not known. This powerful prohormone has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 74 to 28. HD or Halodrol is similar to Turinabol, another potent steroid, in terms of structure and the results produced.


It is primarily used by men to develop lean mass, sculpted muscles, and avoid water retention that usually causes bloating. The supplement is not recommended for women and people under the age of 21. It is available as an over-the-counter supplement. It is not a prescription drug. Halodrol is not classified as a drug. It is a product that is not regulated or controlled by the regulatory authority. The FDA has also never banned or outlawed it.

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Benefits of Halodrol


This product can enhance strength through the conversion of androsterone to DHT. It also promotes the development of lean muscles that get hardened through the bulking and cutting cycles of intensive workout and weight training. The product boosts protein synthesis, improves vascularity, and leads to dry gains. There is nominal to no bloating. It prevents the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. The results of the supplement are consistent and quite stark compared to some other anabolic androgenic steroids that are substantially weaker. The product is mostly taken before contests or competitions by bodybuilders and athletes. Fitness enthusiasts also take this product during bulking and cutting cycles.


It can increase muscle mass without contributing to fat gains, reduce vulnerabilities of muscles, assists faster healing and recovery processes, increase endurance, and can enhance the core strength, especially that of the abdominal lean mass. It is often stacked with other steroids. Informed stacking can provide better outcomes but one must make wise choices. There is always a possibility of unpleasant interaction between two steroids. Stacking should be approached in a proactively safe way.

Fitness enthusiasts will have more available testosterone. There will be a substantial increase in the size and shape of lean mass thanks to an increase in protein synthesis. The product increases muscle fibers and strengthens them. The pumps during and after weight training are much more aggressive and hence pronounced. By spiking your testosterone levels, you can expect a boost in your sexual performance too. It also increases the count of red blood cells, enhances the flow of oxygen throughout the body, increases endurance by reducing lactic acid buildup during exercise and can facilitate better delivery of nutrients to the lean mass being worked on. HD facilitates glycogen restoration in lean mass after exercise. This is why healing and recovery are faster when anyone takes this product during bulking and cutting cycles. In addition to that, it also boosts blood flow to the muscle cells which not only enhances growth but it also supports fast recovery thanks to increased supply of nutrients. HD also inhibits catabolism, which leads to the destruction of tissues that normally affects muscle growth.

Side Effects Of Halodrol

The effects of Halodrol are generally noticeable in three to four weeks. There may not be much of a difference in the first week to a fortnight. Most users go for a standard cycle of four to six weeks. The effects become obvious in four weeks for most people. HD is taken orally. It is metabolized by the liver and the product has the ability to pass through it to the bloodstream while remaining activated. Since the liver is involved in the metabolizing of the prohormone, it should not be taken in very high doses and the cycle should be limited to eight weeks at a time. Prolonging its use may lead to liver toxicity or hepatotoxicity.

HD protects users from gynecomastia, fat gain, and water retention. Still, there are some moderate adverse reactions such as acne, excessive oil secretion by the sebaceous glands in the skin, unnatural hair growth on the face and body, testicular atrophy, and transient hair thinning or loss. It does not cause permanent hair loss or baldness. However, those who are genetically predisposed to balding or have already started suffering from male pattern baldness will have the process expedited. This is not just true for this compound but almost all testosterone supplements. The prohormone is not the primary cause of hair loss for men though.

To avoid these and more complications, it’s crucial that you consult a healthcare professional before using this product especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Dosage of Halodrol

The recommended dose is 100mg to 150mg per day. Those who are taking the supplement for the first time should begin with 100mg every day or less. It is alright to start with 50mg per day to play it safe. Those who wish to stack it with other compounds or want to start it during a cycle that is already on must limit the dose to 50mg daily. The maximum in such cases is 100mg per day. 150mg is too high when stacking. 150mg is also excessively high for beginners. Intermediate and advanced users may start with 150mg every day but should not increase it any further.

For the best results, take 1 tablet 30 minutes before training. For your non-workout days, you can take 1 tablet in the morning or afternoon. At no point are you to exceed 2 tablets within 24 hours.

Post Cycle Therapy For Halodrol

HD requires PCT. The product is potent enough to suppress the natural production of testosterone. The Prohormone also causes testicular atrophy, which should be addressed before the PCT. Any cycle support needs to be personalized depending on the product taken during the workout phase and there must be a duration between the last time a user takes it and the first day of the therapy. Cycle support in the case of HD should start in two to three weeks from the last dose of the product was taken. This fortnight or three weeks should be used to cure testicular atrophy. PCT will not remedy that. It will only restore hormonal balance, especially testosterone.

Post cycle therapy is non-negotiable. Increasing your dose to over 200mg per day is unwise and unnecessary. A course longer than eight weeks is harmful and there can be serious consequences. If adverse reactions are severe during the first week or fortnight, reducing the dose is imperative and users may also consider abruptly stopping using the product regardless of the stage of the cycle. There are many types of Halodrol supplements made by different companies. The instructions must be studied and adhered to during the entire cycle. Manufacturers or brands often recommend the particulars of the PCT as well.

Final Thoughts

Halodrol is an incredible product with quite a decent reputation. The company, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, invested hugely in the product, and based on the results reported by users, it’s fair to say that it has worked well for most people. Which would make sense because the company has a good track record of producing decent prohormones and other performance-enhancing substances. For instance, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Halodrol 30 is another incredible alternative with just as brilliant outcomes.

If you would like to give it a shot to increase your lean muscle mass gains and strength, you can order the tablets online. It’s available in different stores with most of them offering free shipping within the United States. But remember, both the original Halodrol and Halodrol 30, just like all other prohormones, have to be supported with intensive workouts to yield maximum results.

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