Happy Hippo Kratom Review: Pro’s & Con’s


Trying to find the highest quality kratom available on the market today isn’t quite as easy as you might think – especially since there are so many vendors promising high-quality products at competitive prices already and more jumping into the market on what feels like a daily basis.

Of all the options out there, though, Happy Hippo has to be considered one of the very best with a track record of success, competitive prices, and top-tier kratom that other companies aren’t able to point to just yet.

While still a relatively new company this organization has established itself as a premium purveyor of kratom products, offering a variety of different strains – some of them exclusive to Happy Hippo – with lightning-fast shipping to addresses in the United States and around the world.

To learn a little bit more about everything that Happy Hippo has to offer we’ve put together this quick review.

By the time you’re done with the inside info below, you’ll know exactly whether or not you should feel comfortable placing orders on this kratom vendor.

Shall we get started?

Quick Happy Hippo Overview

Right out of the gate it’s important to highlight the fact that Happy Hippo is still considered to be one of the relative newcomers to this industry, even though they have been around for five or six years now.

Headquartered out of Boise, Idaho they are centrally located in the United States which means they're able to offer lightning fast shipping to the continental US as well as to destinations like Alaska, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and a variety of global destinations, too.

Their product catalog is pretty deep (something we dive a little bit into in just a moment), but they are most well-known for the high-quality kratom that they make available.

There are a lot of vendors in this industry promising to deliver nothing but the highest quality kratom money can buy without ever actually being able to deliver on that hype. Many of those vendors aren’t working exclusively with farmers and harvesters to get their hands on the highest quality kratom available the way that Happy Hippo does, that’s for sure.

When you shop with this vendor, though, you’re going to be able to enjoy some of the highest quality kratom as well as some of the most exclusive strains of kratom available right now, too.

That’s all thanks to the partnerships that Happy Hippo has established with kratom growers and harvesters in Southeast Asia (and a variety of other destinations around the world), guaranteeing that each and every one of the kratom products they provide is pure, unadulterated, and as potent as possible.

Transparency is a huge piece of the puzzle with this company as well.

They provide full details about every single kratom product they offer directly on their packaging and their labeling, with independent laboratory certification regarding potency levels and the number of biochemicals contained within each kratom option.

This has sort of becoming industry-standard amongst the top-end kratom purveyors and vendors, but it’s still nice to see the folks at Happy Hippo really making sure that their customers know exactly what they are getting their hands on when they pull the trigger on a kratom purchase.

Online Shop Experience

The overall online shopping experience with Happy Hippo has grown by leaps and bounds since their first few days in business almost 7 years ago.

Originally the shopping experience was very bare-bones, very minimalistic, and honestly a little bit frustrating to go through from start to finish. In the last five years, however, major overhauls to the online shopping experience at Happy Hippo have made this one of the easiest websites to buy kratom from – a major change that people throughout the industry have recognized.

Not only has the entire website been overhauled from top to bottom, maintaining the same whimsical and fun atmosphere and aesthetic that the original Happy Hippo website had while at the same time streamlining functionality, cleaning up navigation, and reorganizing the actual shopping platform.

Combine that with mobile-ready and responsive web architecture “under the hood” of the Happy Hippo website and you’re looking at a very modern, very clean, and very pleasing online shop that you’ll have a lot of fun ordering from.

This website also uses 256 bit SSL security encryption technology to protect your personal, private, and payment details. You don’t have to worry about your data getting hijacked when ordering from Happy Hippo, that’s for sure.

Product Selection

The overall product selection that you’ll get when you order from this company is fantastic, even if it doesn’t have the largest selection of kratom products in the industry just yet.

There are dozens of different strains available for you to pick and choose from, all of which take advantage of the highest quality kratom available right now. Red, White, and Green kratom products are all featured pretty prominently here and you’ll have plenty of options to sift through depending on what you’re hoping to use kratom for moving forward.

Happy Hippo also has its fair share of unique and exclusive kratom based products and other supplements that you want to have a look at, too. This has helped Happy Hippo become as successful as it is today for sure, giving folks more opportunity to take advantage of 100% all-natural solutions as alternative medicines or recreational options.

Overall Quality

At the end of the day, you want to be 100% certain that you are always getting your hands on the highest quality kratom available no matter what.

Nobody wants to put less than pure kratom into their body and everyone wants to know EXACTLY what is contained within the all-natural products that they are purchasing and then consuming.

As we highlighted a little bit earlier, the kratom from Happy Hippo goes through a rigorous independent testing protocol with each and every batch that is delivered from the farmers and harvesters in Southeast Asia and around the world.

All of these testing protocol results are published prominently on the Happy Hippo website as well as printed directly on the labeling and packaging of the kratom that you have ordered. This guarantees that you know exactly what you are getting with each and every purchase (and with each and every batch of kratom), a level of transparency that should give you a lot of peace of mind and a lot of confidence moving forward.

When you get right down to it, though, the overwhelming majority of reviews out there for Happy Hippo as a vendor are glowingly positive when it comes to a kratom purity and quality standpoint. Best of all you don’t have to blow your bank account into tiny little pieces when you order high-quality products from Happy Hippo, either.

Kratom Pricing

Speaking of pricing, we wouldn’t necessarily argue that Happy Hippo is one of the least expensive vendors of kratom out there right now – but they definitely offer competitive prices that you won’t feel are outrageous or are taking advantage of the customer and the consumer.

In fact, some people would consider these prices to be a little bit lower than expected when you factor in the quality of the strains that you can buy from Happy Hippo as well as the exclusivity of some of the kratom products they make available.

At the end of the day, these prices are pretty much in line with what you would expect from other industry leaders.

Happy Hippo also regularly runs promotions and markets bundle deals and closeout offers, so make sure that you are following the company on social media, have signed up for their email marketing list, or are checking the website regularly just to be sure that you aren’t missing out on an opportunity to save.

Add top-tier customer service, a friendly refund and return policy and frequent discounts on shipping and it’s not hard to see why this is considered one of the better kratom vendors out there.

Final Verdict

With so many different kratom vendors out there (and almost all of them promising the same thing as everyone else) finding the right companies to do business with can feel like a real uphill battle.

Thankfully though, by arming yourself with the inside info we have highlighted above – details about Happy Hippo that you might not have discovered anywhere else – you should have a pretty good feeling about placing orders for Happy Hippo with this company.

To begin with, the high-quality strains (including exclusive strains) of kratom Happy Hippo offers helped to set them apart from the rest of the pack straight away.

Combine that with a level of transparency not all other providers offer, competitive pricing, and lightning-fast shipping to customers in the United States as well as around the world and it’s a no-brainer to order kratom from this vendor.

You’ll certainly want to consider ordering your next batch of kratom from Happy Hippo, getting an opportunity to see why so many people have already fallen head over heels in love with all that this company is bringing to the table.

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