House of Gains Review: All Your Bodybuilding Supplements Available Here


Are you looking for an all-around collection of supplements to support your bodybuilding plans and goals? We have too many of these stores providing these things, but are they worth even a second’s look?  All too often, their product quality is awful, and the prices are insanely steep.

For the most part, the bodybuilding supplement market is nothing more than a giant scam job.

This is not to say that you can’t find a few bright spots, even in such a depressing situation.


House of Gains thinks it has a perfect solution to what it calls overpriced junk that is often paraded before you in the supplement market by vendors. But how credible are their claims? Isn’t this what everybody else says anyway? Why should we believe the House of Gains?

In this article, I take apart these company’s lofty promises and look at them under the magnification glass. Are they really what they claim to be? Read on and get empowered.

Evaluating House of Gains supplement store

I looked at several things in making my appraisal of this company as a worthy supplier of supplements. Every one of them is crucial in contributing to the company’s worth, some more than others. They are

  • Product quality
  • Product variety
  • Shipping policy
  • Returns and refunds
  • Customer support
  • Website quality

Before I look at any of these, let me first tell you about how this company got started. As you will see, it is a stunning tale of dreams and guts.

History of the company

The origin of House of Gain owes to the efforts of one man called Matthew Lane. A professional powerlifter based in York PA, USA, he has also worked as a personal trainer of many upcoming powerlifters and sports enthusiasts. In his home area of York Barbell, Lane was inspired to establish a company that would go a long way to providing trusted products to the lifting community in the area.

As a result, he built a company with a great brand, but the brand is not the only thing that distinguishes the company. In the winter of 2018, House of Gains raised gift cards worth thousands of dollars to help two stricken families. It also raised 750 lbs of food that went to add to a food bank in York, PA, which is also where the company’s home office is. These reserves consisted of enduring materials that are aimed at aiding both children and adults who are needy.

So here is how else this company looks to help you determine if it’s worth buying from.

Product quality

Whether it is protein powders, SARMs, or prohormones, House of Gains commits itself to providing quality supplement products using very stringent standards.

The company says all those things that many bodybuilders would want to hear about the products they use: that they contain no fillers and they are not fakes. They even taste great, so you won’t have to worry about your taste buds being in agony. But other than these endearing words, does the company deliver in quality? Well, read on to the rest of the story.

Product variety

House of Gains offers you a wide range of supplements catering to various needs in your fitness and bodybuilding goals. They include these different categories of products

  • Gift cards (one)
  • Uncategorized (6 different items)
  • Apparel (6 different items)
  • Supplements (68 different items)

Under supplements, you can get the following different items, each of which can serve a different part in your bodybuilding goals and plans.

  • Prohormones
  • Protein powders.
  • Shredded combat Labz blend
  • Thrasher (Custom blend}
  • Adonis 3 Sarms, + Trestolone Ned-fit RX
  • Zeus (3 Sarms + 11-oxo)
  • Estrovert (anti-estrogen effect)
  • Zone smelling salts
  • Black magic mee-fit RX
  • Athena (female SARM) mee-fit RX
  • Beast 6 Sarm
  • Kong (5 Sarm complex)
  • King prohormones
  • Hexadrone pro
  • Mass Gainz (custom blend)

Bulk raw materials (3) – These are available for unbelievable discount rates.

  • Beta-Alanine
  • L Citrulline DL Malate
  • L Arginine

Aminos/creatine (3)

  • BCAA 2:1::2 Glutamine (30 servings)
  • Cramp Z powdered Electrolyte Solution
  • Creatine Monohydrate (30 servings)

Stack deals: these are incredible deals that you can grab with the following different  stacks

  • $100 saver stack
  • BCAA super stack
  • Intra-Workout stack
  • Kong/Hexadrone stack
  • Mass attack stack (with estrogen support /cycle)


  • House of Gains (original)
  • Pumped American pre-workout
  • 5150 High Stimulant


  • Arez super
  • Arez : Titanium
  • Kill it Reloaded High Stimulant pre-workout
  • House of Gains Promo pack
  • Flex Extreme pump and Vaso-Dilation Complex
  • House of Gains (original)
  • Pumped American pre-workout (Patriot Labz)
  • High stimulant pre-workout (5% Nutrition)
  • Centurion Labz Rage XXX
  • Centurion Labz God of Rage Reloaded (high stim pre-workout)

Under the health and fitness category, the company offers you the following

  • Aromastum Post Cycle Therapy
  • CLA Metabolism Support
  • Cramp X Powdered Electrolyte Solution
  • Fish Oil Soft gel
  • Life Multivitamins (Men’s)
  • Liver Detox/Cycle Support
  • Reflex Joint Support
  • Shred Pro Extreme Advanced Weight Loss pill
  • Sleep Recovery /Support
  • Flex Extreme Pump and vasodilator
  • About Time Protein Pancake Mix

All this reads like a breeze, and one can’t come up with anything better in terms of the comprehensive inclusion of products. If this company wanted to be as inclusive as possible in terms of the products, I think their efforts here weren’t wasted.


Customer service

While pain is what you are often told to expect as a customer in any buying experience, House of Gains promises to keep this nuisance to a minimum. So it goes all out to ensure you shop with a minimum of fuss, attending to all your concerns with excellent customer support staff who are sensitive to your issues.

It promises super quick responses to customers’ inquiries, whatever they may be. If you want to reach out to the company on any matter, you have the choice of contacting by email or phone, which the company provides on its site.

Website quality and navigability

The company’s website is friendly, helpful, and convenient to use. I found it easily navigable even for newcomers and not too crammed with images to confuse or overwhelm. The links, save for a few, work well and guide you to the right places.

The menu has a drop-down list, which leads you to the different sections of the site, such as  About Us, Home, Contact, and specific product pages like supplements, SARMs, and prohormones.


It is nice and comforting that the company acknowledged on its homepage that customers hate nothing more than waiting for their orders to arrive. So to come to the rescue of long-suffering customers used to these in from other sites, it promises fast shipping of their orders.

Unfortunately, the company does not put any numbers to this, and we are left to guess how fast it is as soon as possible. Still, none but just a few have raised complaints about slow delivery, so I suppose the company mostly keeps to its word even without committing itself to numbers.

If your order exceeds $49, you should be excited as this qualifies you for free shipping.

Payment methods

House of Gains will accept any of the following payment methods, ensuring the most extensive coverage for the payment mode that is convenient for you.

  • Visa
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Mastercard
  • Cash on Delivery


House of Gains is a company with a vast collection of products designed to meet your needs as a bodybuilder and sporting buff. Its entry into the supplement market was driven by the passion of an avid bodybuilder who shared the frustrations of many in the fitness and bodybuilding community. They had been longing for something different and refreshing from the often poor quality and overpriced supplements they were used to getting in the market.

House of Gains meets all the needs and expectations of bodybuilders with these requirements for the most part.

However, I had issues with their quality because they don’t provide independent lab tests for their products. This goes too for SARMs products whose purity users are concerned about maximizing on gains.

I like it that the company was the product of a dream nursed by a bodybuilder who perfectly understood the frustrations and longings of fellow bodybuilders. That is a good pointer to the care and sensitivity that this company has towards responding to the needs of the bodybuilding community. This passion is reflected nicely in the slew of products that the company offers, dealing with a variety of fitness needs.

Ultimately no matter how good a company is in different areas, everything comes down to quality. I don’t think House of Gains has made a good case for product quality since they fail to back up their products with third-party testing.

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