Indo Kratom Guide: Best Place To Buy, Pro’s and Con’s


Indo kratom originates from Indonesia, hence the name “Indo ” kratom. This type of kratom is known to be less powerful when it comes to its stimulant effects. It is best known for the calming effect it has on the body and mind. One notable benefit of Indo kratom is that it has fewer side effects, and is great for beginners, or those who have just started taking kratom. In this article, we are going to go through some of the benefits and uses as well as the possible side effects that one might experience when they are taking Indo kratom.

Firstly let’s get into some of the benefits of taking Indo kratom:


Benefits of Consuming Indo Kratom

Less Pain 

Indo kratom, just like many other strains of kratom works as a pain reliever to relieve you of any pain you might be experiencing. I have used it for back pain and for joint pain and it does provide me with some relief. I wouldn’t recommend that you take it with other pain medications because they could cause adverse side effects. I haven’t experienced that myself but I would recommend that you have a chat with your doctor about it before you start taking it if you have already been prescribed some medication for pain. I haven’t tested indo kratom for chronic pain yet so I can’t provide any feedback on that but I can say it is effective for mild pains.

How does it actually work though? From the research I have done about kratom and pain relief, it relaxes the muscles and helps the body to produce more serotonin which leads to pain suppression.

Relaxes You 

Indo kratom certainly does relax you, especially when you are feeling really anxious, it helps to put you in a relaxed and less fearful state. Stress can cause anxiety and a whole myriad of other issues. However, taking indo kratom can really help to reduce that overall feeling of stress. I like taking it a couple of hours before I plan to go to bed. I usually take it if I am feeling slightly down or irritable and I know that I might have trouble going to sleep. It works like a charm, I find that when I take magnesium supplements combined with the Indo kratom, it helps me to fall asleep too and to generally feel more relaxed. Actually, magnesium is a kratom potentiator and it works effectively to enhance and boost the effects of kratom.

Helps You To Fall Asleep 

Like I mentioned above, it helps you to fall asleep. I definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from chronic insomnia. I have suffered from chronic insomnia in the past and I have no problem with it now that I am consistently taking indo kratom.

Enhances Mood 

Are you someone who suffers from low mood and or depression? If so then Indo kratom might be able to help you. I am not a doctor or an expert when it comes to mental health issues but I have suffered from depression over the years. I have to admit that since I started using Indo kratom, I have noticed a significant difference in the way I feel. No, it is certainly not a cure for depression but it will help on those days when you are feeling less than in the mood to get out of bed. On those days when all you want to do is hide away and crawl under a blanket, it will give you that kickstart and mood enhancer that you need.

How does kratom work as a mood enhancer? Indo kratom works as an effective mood enhancer because it encourages the body to produce more of the neurotransmitter chemicals serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals send information to the brain to make you feel happier and to enhance your overall mood. When you have less serotonin in the body, you feel down and sometimes tired. The same goes for dopamine, when you have less dopamine in the body, your mood is low and you don’t feel so cheerful. Indo kratom will help you to build and boost that feeling of happiness that makes life worth living. I take Indo kratom about three times a week to help me when I am feeling down. I certainly don’t recommend taking any form of kratom every single day, because there is a chance that you could develop some kind of dependency.

Combats Opioid Withdrawal 

Some people specifically take kratom to help them with opioid withdrawal. It works because kratom actually stimulates the brain in the same way that opioids such as heroin do. Therefore, if you are trying to combat opioid addiction and you suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms, taking indo kratom or any other strand of kratom that works well to combat the withdrawal symptoms that you might experience as a result of trying to wean yourself off opioids. I would definitely say that kratom is a safer, more natural alternative to taking prescription opioid withdrawal medication.

Side Effects

Before I get into the general side effects of taking Indo kratom, I want to talk about the side effects that I have experienced when taking kratom, specifically indo kratom. As I stated earlier in the article, I have not experienced any side effects from taking Indo kratom, however, I did have a couple of incidences when I felt slightly light-headed and I suffered a minor headache. I have spoken to other kratom users who have told me that headaches normally happen when you do not drink enough water whilst taking Indo kratom or any other form of kratom.

Here are the possible side effects that one might experience when taking kratom:


I have experienced a few headaches when taking kratom but not so bad. However, some do experience severe migraines when they take it. This could be due to allergies, they might be intolerant to the product or it could be due to not drinking enough water. Dehydration is one of the major causes of headaches or migraines. The best way of combating headaches is to drink plenty of water. I also like to drink cucumber juice, watermelon juice, and coconut water whenever I get the chance to avoid headaches or to reduce the headache when it does come along. I would strongly recommend that you stay actively hydrated when you are taking indo kratom or any other strand of kratom.

Muscle Shivers 

I personally have not experienced muscle shivers when I take kratom but some have stated that after about 30 minutes of taking some strains of kratom they do get muscle shivers. This side effect is less likely with indo kratom, however, but it is advisable to have chat with your doctor if you ever do experience muscle shivers as a result of taking indo kratom.

Liver Damage 

This is a very rare side effect and if you would experience it, you would have had to be taking kratom for a number of years in very high doses. Liver damage is something that takes place from years of either alcohol or substance abuse. If you are going to take kratom, be sure not to take it with any drugs that would interact adversely with kratom.


This is a very serious side effect and it should not be taken lightly. Some people might experience seizures because the kratom did not agree with them, or because they were already taking prescription or recreational drugs and their drugs did not interact well with the kratom that they were taking. Whatever the case, it is always best to seek proper professional care if you ever have a seizure as a result of taking kratom.

Lightheaded feeling 

I had this experience once when I felt really lightheaded and almost felt like I was going to pass out. I put that down to not drinking enough water again. I tell anyone who takes kratom or is about to start taking kratom that they must drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration to avoid feeling light-headed.

Aside from the few side effects I experienced as a result of taking Indo kratom and a couple of other strains of kratom, I can definitely recommend Indo kratom. It is really effective for minor pain relief, insomnia, and low mood. For anyone who suffers from anxiety, I would recommend Indo kratom because although powerful, it is less intense than some of the other strains and works perfectly for anyone who generally feels jittery on a regular basis. If you are going to take Indo kratom, be careful of kratom potentiators or enhancers that make you feel drowsy or tired. For example, chamomile tea is an effective kratom potentiator but it can make you feel extra drowsy so if you want to use it as a potentiator or Indo kratom, do so wisely because you do not want to experience heavy sedation without professional medical supervision.

I highly recommend Indo kratom, but just make sure you buy it from a reliable vendor to ensure that you purchase the best quality Indo kratom.


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