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Bodybuilders, as a whole, are often searching for the perfect physique. What’s more, those doing it professionally will seemingly stop at nothing to realize the ‘ultimate physique.’ Unfortunately, some bodybuilders have gone to extreme lengths and ended up losing their lives along the way.

Steroid and drug abuse are some of the various reasons why there is a considerable stigma associated with not only steroid use but also its discussion. Come to think about it, bodybuilding and steroids are almost synonymous. In the words of Rich Piana (RIP), “If you want to become a professional bodybuilder, you’re probably going to have to do steroids.”

With that said, one may wonder why there seems to be a worldwide gagging order when it comes to addressing the elephant in the room among top bodybuilders.


Pretending to be natural when you aren’t is not only transparent and embarrassing, it is also dishonorable, given that it sets unrealistic goals for young prospects. Time and again, we’ve heard about the fashion magazines and size 0 models and how they set unrealistic expectations for women. Nevertheless, what about the guys that jeopardize their health to get jacked and pretend they’re all natty?

Anyway, let’s talk about Bostin Loyd. This chap recently won a show in California and is currently making waves in the bodybuilding scene. Within a year, Bostin has transformed his physique from that of an average gym rat to that of a top competitor. Consequently, we seek to answer the question, is Bostin Loyd on Steroids?

Who is Bostin Loyd?

Bostin Loyd is an American bodybuilder out of Los Angeles, California. He was born on March 29 1992. Interestingly, he hails from a family of bodybuilders, considering that both his parents were in the same profession. Better yet, he is engaged to Ariella Palumbo, a fellow bodybuilder.

From a tender age, Loyd’s parents encouraged him to venture into sports, health, and fitness, which is precisely what he did. Life was quite simple for him back then as it revolved around the mantra, “eat, train, sleep, repeat.

Not surprisingly, it did not take him long before he began pumping iron, and soon after he found himself in amateur bodybuilding competitions. At this stage, higher chances are that Bostin was training naturally, considering that he was not even old enough for legal steroids.

Apart from his controversial issues around steroid use, Bostin is renowned for winning various bodybuilding championships. Notably, he has won events such as the NPC Contra Costa, and the NPC California State Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships.

While Bostin may not be at the same level as the likes of Phil Heath, the 27-year-old has demonstrated an incredible passion for building massive muscle. With his dad as his primary source of inspiration, Loyd continues lifting weights and doing everything within his control to achieve what he believes is perfection.

Not everyone enjoys Bostin’s outspoken personality. However, this bodybuilder is undoubtedly living life on his terms, and let’s face it. Not many people can make the same claim.

Loyd is undoubtedly a polarizing individual, and that’s putting it lightly. Regardless, he puts in the work at the gym and does his best to improve his physique.

Recently, he posted a photo on his Facebook that demonstrates how massive and shredded he looks at 280 lbs.

No Longer in Love with Bodybuilding

Despite his solid bodybuilding background, Bostin claims that he no longer loves bodybuilding like before. This can be attributed to the fact that the sport is rapidly changing, and is filled with corrupt stakeholders.

According to the athlete, bodybuilding was initially about building a world-class physique and bettering one’s self. However, he noticed that as more and more divisions began mushrooming, promoters were getting increasingly greedy, and began using the sport solely for money making through supplements and sponsorships.

Suddenly, instead of appreciating an athlete’s physique, judges began scoring contestants based on who they were endorsing and the supplement brand they allegedly used to boost their gains. As a result, Bostin decided to leave professional bodybuilding and sought other avenues through which he can earn a living within the industry. He launched his clothing line labeled 3CC Clothing. In case it crossed your mind, yes, 3CC is a conscious steroid-related pun.

Steroid Admittance

After Loyd discovered that he was no longer in love with bodybuilding, he knew he needed a way out. As such, he decided to follow a course of action that not many bodybuilders have taken before, or are likely to follow, which is discussing steroid use.

In 2013, Loyd posted a YouTube video in which he bluntly admitted to using Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS).

Despite the popular opinion that professional bodybuilding is synonymous with steroid use, most professionals in the sport prefer not to talk about the subject at all. When a bodybuilder is asked if they are on steroids, most of them will apprehensively look at the floor and softly claim that they are natty. Others, cannier ones will deflect that question by indicating that they have used steroids once, a long time ago, and did not like its associated effects.

As such, it was quite refreshing that a professional bodybuilder wasn’t afraid to claim that he uses steroids, and even went a step further to discuss his stack.

A majority of the people in the bodybuilding community assumed that Bostin would be talking about supplements, and would mention the likes of creatine, protein and BCAA’s. To their astonishment and outrage (for some) the athlete went on and on for more than half an hour on the anabolic steroid stack that helped him get so massive and shredded.

Therefore, Bostin was on a 12-week steroid cycle as he prepped for a bodybuilding competition.

Research Chemicals

Bostin Loyd was trained by Dave Palumbo, an ex-amateur bodybuilder. Does that name sound familiar? Dave became well-known for ‘Palumboism’, a condition that was named after his severely atrophied physique.

Although Loyd’s mentor did not make considerable waves on stage, he proved that he certainly knew his stuff later on. First, he developed a line of supplements, which he named RX-Muscle. Secondly, he became a certified nutritionist and trainer and helped countless athletes in their quest for the perfect physique.

When they began working together, Bostin claims that he was about 265 pounds, out of shape, and was 12 weeks away from the competition. The athlete reiterates that he’d wake up and find a wide range of research chemicals laid out on his desk. However, he unequivocally states that his trainer had no clue that he was on steroids.

One of the research chemicals Bostin mentioned was Clenbuterol. Bear in mind that Loyd was preparing for a contest and his primary goal was to cut and burn fat while maintaining muscle.

After using the ‘research chemicals’ Bostin would then inject 4iu’s of growth hormone before preparing his breakfast. He would use Clenbuterol twice a day, once in the morning, and once during the night. Additionally, he used Arimidex as his form of on-cycle support.

In his video, Bostin admits that he did not know what he was doing, and was merely experimenting to see what worked for him, and what didn’t. The controversial athlete also acknowledged that what he did was highly dangerous, and would not advise anyone to follow his lead.

Other Steroids

Besides the research chemicals, Bostin Loyd agreed to use the following anabolic compounds.

  • 1500 mg of Test
  • 800 mg of Deca Durabolin
  • 800 mg of Equipoise
  • 4ius of peptides and insulin

The athlete stated that he used the compounds mentioned above, post-workout and right before he retired to bed. Bostin noted that as the show approached, he would taper down some drugs and increase some, depending on the physique he wanted.

Besides admitting that he was on gear, Bostin Loyd also told his fans that he uses Synthol, which surprised many. He stated that during chest day, he would inject the Synthol into his delts and tris, considering that those muscle groups are activated during the workout.

Is Bostin Loyd Reckless or Brave?

After the bodybuilder released the infamous video, he began receiving a lot of attention. According to some individuals, Bostin was very brave for openly admitting to using steroids and doing what most of his counterparts before did to get to the elite level. On the other hand, some people considered him an idiot for taking the AAS in the manner which he did. Besides, others were outraged that he was blowing the whistle on steroid users.

Although he did not mention any names, judging from his appearance, if he was on steroids, then it stands to reason that anyone his size, or bigger is also on steroids.

Bostin’s coming out video drew a lot of negative attention to the sport, and he received a lot of criticism from the NPC and athletes competing within the organization. Regardless, the video got people talking, and most importantly, about him. No publicity is bad publicity. Isn’t it?


So, is Boston Loyd on steroids? He’d be a liar if he isn’t. The athlete admitted to using steroids openly and even shared the cycle he was running. Besides, he also agreed that he uses Synthol.

It doesn’t matter whether you like or hate the guy, but it is pretty refreshing when you get someone who is candid about how they realized their monstrous physique.

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