Is Brad Castleberry on Steroids? We investigated and found out


The age of social media must be one of the contributing factors to why depression and self-esteem issues emanating from body image issues are so prevalent in today’s society, even for men.  In the past, body image issues were primarily a ‘girl’ thing since the media tended to portray the slim, cute girl as the ideal woman, as most actresses that had leading roles looked like that.

For men, however, even the ‘dad bods’ had leading roles, and thus, the media made it seem like all that guys had to do was make some money, and they were set for life until social media entered our society.

Gym-bros today upload shirtless photos with their highly defined torsos and smug looks and end up getting hundreds of thousands of followers. Slowly, the ideal male body has changed from that of an athletic physique to that of a comic book character.

Fair enough, since most guys are usually up for competition anyway, and thus, figure that if they hit the gym for a while, they will too get a ripped physique and display it for the world to see.

A few months or years in, guys start realizing that making their abs visible, let alone getting ripped, takes a herculean effort. It doesn’t help that your social media is full of guys who are ripped to the bone selling you ‘programs’ that will get you looking like them in no time.

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This is incredibly frustrating. And soon, it dawns on you; could these bros be using steroids?

Anabolic steroids use is a very controversial subject since steroids are illegal. They are illegal because they have incredibly dangerous side effects, such as death. Nonetheless, the allure of steroids is very real since they can help one carve out a Greek-god-like physique that will likely get you money and fame in today’s society.

As such, quite a number of people are willing to make a deal with the devil for vanity reasons then pose on social media as natties (naturals), so they can sell you products, promising that they will get you looking like them.

This is why nearly every steroid user will vehemently deny using such substances. In light of these revelations, are you wondering if the infamous social media star Brad Castleberry is on steroids? This article will try and determine the likelihood of Brad Castleberry being on steroids.


Who is Brad Castleberry?

Brad Castleberry is a 34-year-old American bodybuilder/fitness model who is very controversial, to say the least.

Standing at 5’10”, Brad is about 250 pounds of raw American muscle and is ripped to the bone. He carries around what appears to be between 5 and 8 percent body fat levels all year round.

His physique is outstanding and has helped him to amass hundreds of thousands of followers on his social media accounts. For example, he has over 750,000 followers on Instagram alone. Nonetheless, most of his followers are just people who follow him for the sake of following the soap opera that is Brad’s life; more on this later.

Brad was born in San Diego in a family of gym enthusiasts. Both his father and grandfather were avid weightlifters, and Brad followed suit. He was a highly athletic kid but had an affinity for weightlifting. In fact, when he turned 12, he got a weightlifting bench for a present. A couple of months later, his mom got him a gym membership.

There, Brad excelled at his lifts and body crafting endeavors and competed at his first-ever bodybuilding show at only 19. Even though he didn’t win, he brought a very impressive physique to the stage. Two years later, however, he won the Musclemania pro, which is one of the biggest bodybuilding competitions in the world, and won his pro card.

Brad would then join college, where he substituted bodybuilding for his other love, football. He played for a while until he missed his old love and went back to bodybuilding.

Brad’s physique, as mentioned, is an outstanding work of art. However, he’s one of the most ridiculed characters in bodybuilding circles. This ridicule doesn’t stem from people hating on his physique but, rather, the antics that Brad pulls.

One of the things that people hate about Brad is using fake weights to make his lifts seem impressive. Now, don’t get us wrong; there’s no doubt that Brad is an insanely strong guy. However, saying that he has an 800 pound squat, 750-pound deadlift, and 700-pound bench is just a slap on the face to actual powerlifters. In fact, if those numbers were correct, they would be world records.

Naturally, a lot of people have called him out for it and challenged him to do those lifts on neutral grounds i.e., not in his gym. Some have even offered to pay for his plane ticket, accommodation, and even pay him for his efforts just to see him perform his lifts. One of the guys to propose this to Brad was former 4-time World Strongest Man Brian Shaw. Brad has never accepted any of these challenges, and this is why most people see him as fake.

So, on the issue of whether Brad is natural (natty) or not, most people just assume that he’s on gear since if he can lie about the weights he lifts, why wouldn’t he lie about him not being on steroids?

Brad himself has never commented on steroid allegations, thus leaving us all to speculate.

If you were to ask ten people who know Brad if he was on steroids, more than nine would say yes. Nonetheless, despite him being a controversial character, we cannot use speculations as fact unless we personally test him for androgenic steroids.

As such, we shall try to determine his likelihood of having used anabolic steroids by comparing him against the common signs of steroid use, such as:

  • Rapid Gains

This is the easiest way of telling whether someone is on steroids. Lean muscle mass is incredibly difficult to build and typically takes years to accumulate double digits of lean mass for a number of reasons.

First off, to make muscle, you must be eating at a caloric surplus. This not only gives you the much-needed energy to beast through your workouts but also to provides your body with the nutrients it needs in order to make that muscle. If your efforts pay off, you’ll create a decent amount of muscle but also fat as well since you were eating a lot. To get lean, you’ll need to eat at a caloric deficit so that the body eats away at the extra fat. Unfortunately, the body eats up muscle tissue as well since muscles are expensive for the body to maintain (nutrient-wise).

Thus, after cutting, you’ll be left with a decent physique, but not nearly good enough for people to question whether you are on the juice.

Secondly, the body stops producing muscle-building hormones such as testosterone in large quantities once you reach 20, and the levels of these hormones continue to deplete the older you get, thus making muscle building that much more difficult.

Anabolic steroids circumvent both these problems since steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone. Thus, when you use these substances, your body goes into an anabolic state, which is characterized by rapid muscle development and fat burning.

Brad’s transformation as a teenager is truly otherworldly. Even though he loves lifting, he gained close to 30 pounds of lean muscle in a very short period, which makes him highly suspect.

  • Massive Delts and Traps

The deltoids and trapezius muscles are one of the most difficult to develop. This is why we usually get humbled real quick when we see someone with delts threatening to pop out of their sockets.

For steroids users, however, building these muscles is quite easy. This is because the traps and delts have the highest amount of androgen receptors in the body. This means that they react very well to testosterone to stimulate muscle growth.

Brad has a crazy pair of delts and traps that are hard to come by without getting some ‘help.’ They are so excellent that his favorite pose is that of him flexing his traps. Go figure.

Other signs

Brad also has a bad case of body acne as well as flushed skin, which are very common among steroid users. The fact that he weighs more than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime doesn’t help his case either.


Brad just has too many things pointing towards him being a steroid user. However, as stated earlier, there’s no way of proving this other than having him tested for these substances.

Nonetheless, if we were betting people, we would put our money on him being on steroids. However, despite the image he portrays, we want to believe that Brad is the smart money, and knows about the deadly side effects of steroid use. So, while he might have used anabolic steroids in the past, the chances are that he’s on legal steroids.

Legal steroids are substances that mimic the anabolic properties of actual steroids, but not the side effects. They are plant-derived and, thus, can be safely used by anyone looking to take their physique to the next level. They are worth checking out if that’s your goal.

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