Is Calum Von Moger on Steroids? We discovered the truth


Have you seen Arnold Schwarzenegger competing in the bodybuilding circuit in recent years? Sorry, that would be Calum Von Moger as Arnold left bodybuilding decades ago. Calum hasn’t got you fooled too, has he? That is because he looks strikingly like Arnold, complete even with the stunning Arnie physique and the face to match.

Calum also has other interesting parallels with Arnold. He has an Austrian accent because of his Austrian origin, although he is actually Australian.

You might know that Arnold is Austrian, although he is also an American.


Who is Calum Von Moger? 

Calum von Moger began nursing the dream to grow big and strong in childhood. Based in his hometown of Geelong Australia, he trained with his older brother in an old warehouse that served as a gym. There wasn’t much to this gym other than the most basic equipment, such as rusty dumbbells.

The warehouse didn’t belong to them, and they had to borrow the key to let themselves in. So, finding time to train was tricky as what if the owner was away and they didn’t have the key?

Calum’s self-image was of this skinny little kid trying to reach high for the skies, a seemingly impossible dream. This, perhaps with the rivalry posed by his older brother, inspired him to train harder and with more determination. His passion was also fired up, watching inspiring figures on TV. These included the  Arnold Shwazzeneger documentary  “pumping iron” and Steve Reeves in “Hercules.”

It was this childhood obsession that catapulted Calum from humble obscurity to the heights of fame.


Von Moger is full of pithy nuggets of bodybuilding wisdom, sharing them with his swarms of fans and followers. What bodybuilder would say that he has no interest in the bodybuilders of today and that they hold no appeal for him? That’s Calum for you who says he prefers to look like the classic physiques of yesteryears that emphasized quality over quantity. That goes back to the ’60s, and 70’s when the likes of Arnold reigned. Their physiques excelled in symmetry and proportion, and Calum likes to compete with that class, maybe even surpass them.

Today, Calum can say he is comfortably within reach, starting from the time he clinched his first win in Australia in 2010 to his first-place win in the Junior Mr. Universe. But he has spread his wings to many other things as well, like being a fitness fashion model and a brand ambassador. Calum also became a globetrotting figure, sharing with kids about fitness and healthy nutrition.  

So does Calum Use Steroids, or is He Natty? 

There is only one way to find out, and it is to look at the various pieces of evidence for or against. That’s not all, we need to ask: if he isn’t natty and is using steroids, what kind of steroids is he using?

You see, steroids come in two categories. Anabolic steroids are probably the most familiar with the public, but unfortunately, they are also illegal and dangerous as well. But legal steroids are a whole different ballgame. 100% legal as well as posing fewer risks, they also come with less stigma because they are natural. You might as well say that using them is being natty!

So how does Calum size up in this murky affair of drugs or natural bodybuilding as the case maybe? Let’s go digging.


  • Extraordinary huge size – One of the first things to look at is the sheer size of the man. Calum Von Moger is a freakish monster standing at 6 ft 2 and packing 250 pounds of fat-free muscle. That could be attributed to genes, but it can also come from using steroids.
  • Vascularity – Vascularity can be gained naturally when you train and lose fat. They usually appear on the biceps. But enhanced cases of vascularity are unusual and frequently point to steroid use. Calum sports big veins all over the place. You will see from his social media pictures that his chest, legs, biceps, and delts are all covered in them. This hints at steroid use.
  • Flushed skin – Take a look at some of Calum’s photos, and you will also notice that his skin looks flushed or red. Those who know anything about steroid use will also know it can produce this side effect. Steroids trigger this by elevating your blood pressure. This, in turn, causes your temperature to go up. In an effort to reduce the temperature rise, your body causes your blood vessels to dilate, so more blood is sent to the skin surface to lose the extra heat. So there you go, you end up with the red color, which reflects the extra blood that is hitting your skin. We need to point out, though, that your skin can get red for a lot of legitimate reasons. Maybe the photo caught you from an angle that gives a reddened hue when there isn’t a red hint to your skin at all. Could it be the case with Calum, the unfortunate victim of a poor shot? We don’t know, but too many pictures of his red flushed skin have surfaced, which makes one inclined to doubt that a guy can be too unlucky to have this streak.
  • History of Gains – Calcum’s gains timeline shows that he started training in 2014 at age 14. Between 2008 and 2013, according to pictures of him, you will see him rapidly blow up in size.
  • If you are natural, running on genes alone, along with training, you tend to get huge spurts of growth in your newbie years. Afterward, you settle on a plateau, and it’s impossible to get another spurt layer on unless you get help from steroids.
  • He has admitted to it – Calum just made our guessing problem a lot easier for us by coming forward publicly on his steroid use. He has given video interviews with Generation Iron, saying he has taken steroids. Calum said that it would have been impossible for him to stay natty and run in the senior Mr. Universe.

He had already competed in the Junior Mr. Universe as a natural but started juicing after that. According to him, he stood no chance of winning in the senior Mr. Universe as a natural as he believed that most of the competitors there were juicing. Before all this, Calum had been noncommittal on his use of steroids, neither confirming nor denying.

He also said that the issue of his steroid use is something he was reluctant to talk about publicly as he does not want to seem to be promoting it. However, when you look at Calum’s pictures when he was in the Junior Mr. Universe, you can see that he was already enormous. So it seems like he was using steroids even then, despite his denial. All the same, it is clear that great genetics and hard work, along with the steroids, are also to account for his massive gains.

  • Small waist – We usually associate a huge waist with steroid use, but if Calum uses steroids, how do you explain the small waist he has? This feature is also evident with bodybuilders of the classic earlier years like Arnold Shwazzenegar, and it gives them a pleasing aesthetic look. A wide waist or what is called steroid gut is caused by using human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin. It seems that Calum and Arnold have steered clear of these along with going with low doses of steroids. Calum’s case holds lessons to aspiring bodybuilders: Does a big waist bother you, or maybe you don’t fancy looking like a pregnant woman? Well, don’t get started with human growth hormone or insulin.


Verdict on Calum von moger

We have put up heaps of evidence to show that Calum Von Moger uses steroids, but his admission is the most compelling one. It saves us all the speculation even though it is fair to say that even without the admission, the verdict would still look pretty solid in favor of steroid use. Calum is certainly not natty and is taking steroids just like his idol Arnold was.

We would guess he is taking Dianabol and testosterone in a stack to boost bulking. Von Moger doesn’t have bloat or water retention, so this would mean he is taking low doses of the stack. Also, given this bulking option, we don’t think he is taking legal steroids, which are known to produce no side effects, such as the flushed appearance that his skin shows.

Moreover, using legal steroids as we have pointed out is consistent with being natural since they are natural based supplements. When Calum Von Moger owned up to using steroids, he didn’t specify whether it was legal or illegal steroids, so we must assume he meant illegal steroids. He states that he didn’t want to promote the kind of steroids he is using, so this must refer to illegal steroids, which are the only kind of steroid that has some stigma around them.

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