Is Chul Soon on Steroids? We investgated and found out


Chul Soon is a former South Korean boxer turned bodybuilder. After the small-bodied athlete realized that he wasn’t getting the respect he desired, he quit boxing and decided to try out a new workout regimen and diet.

If you are familiar with Chul’s physique, you know how awesome he is when he steps on the stage. If you’re not acquainted with the guy, here’s something to pick your mind. Chul Soon is known around the globe as the Asian Sensation, the Korean Hulk, or the Asian Arnie. How remarkable is that?

Ps, don’t forget that the dude’s Asian; we all know they aren’t that gifted when it comes to size.

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When you have a physique like Chul’s, not only will you get people’s necks turning, and eyebrows rising, you’ll also get them talking. Is Chul Soon on steroids? This is a frequently asked question for which we will help you find a reasonable answer.

However, before we can dig any deeper, allow us to clarify that we certainly have no evidence indicating whether or not he is on steroids. What’s more, we have no access to his medical accounts or personal details. Therefore, we cannot tell you definitively whether the bodybuilder is on steroids.

However, we are conversant with steroid use, and their effects would be able to speculate more accurately whether a model is on steroids.

Who is Chul Soon?

Hwang Chul Soon is a Korean bodybuilder. He has also worked as a fitness model and a celebrity personal trainer. He is one of the most exciting prospects to grace the bodybuilding scene recently. Chul has amassed quite a reasonable set of accolades during his time, and according to the model, he is just getting started.

The culmination of Chul’s success in bodybuilding was in 2015 and 2016 when he became the overall champion at the Musclemania Universe Competition. He went on to become a 4-time champion in the competition. What a better way to get rewarded for years of hard work?

Chul was born in 1983, in South Korea, and you should know that he is not your typical bodybuilder. He is described as outgoing, fun and has a charming personality which his fans adore. What’s more, he is a talented dancer and usually incorporates his funky breakdancing moves into his routines when he is competing on stage. While it’s his remarkable physique that has won him his various accolades, one may argue that his unique personality has helped him gain influence on the global stage. At the moment, Chul has more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram, which goes to show his level of sway on a universal scale.

Despite being called the Asian Arnold, Chul Soon his physique isn’t as perfect. For instance, his obliques are quite extensive, not to mention he has broad hips, which isn’t very desirable in bodybuilding.

Generally, Chul is a big guy. He stands at 5ft 10 and weighs 225 pounds during the offseason.

Chul Soon Background

In a recent interview, Chul Soon mentioned that he was quite skinny in form. He included that at the age of 20, he weighed approximately 125 pounds. Due to his size, he was occasionally disrespected by both his peers and elders alike. He resolved to reinvent himself so that people around him can take him more seriously. Consequently, he began lifting weights.

Initially, Chul used very rigorous workout methods, although he quickly realized that he wasn’t getting much success and needed a more effective approach. Can you believe that at some point he’d do 300 crunches a day? Therefore, he focused on building muscle mass by improving his diet and adopting a more targeted workout approach.

Over three years, Chul’s physique transformed significantly, and the guy who once described himself as scrawny was now big and shredded. He continued lifting weights, and his diligence landed him a job as a personal trainer. Subsequently, his career went from one strength to the next. In 2009, he debuted in a professional bodybuilding competition and became the first runners up in the lightweight division at the 2009 Musclemania World Championships.  A year later, he won first place, and since then he has dominated the stage.

In 2016, Soon won the Musclemania Universe Natural Pro contest.

Chul Soon Natural Pro Champion

Here’s where it gets interesting. Most people find it unbelievable that Chul Soon is a natural bodybuilding champion. But the truth is that he has won the contest, besides other notable names such as Simeon Panda, Ulisses Jr., and Brad Castleberry.

Well, now that he has won the contest, that means he is all natty right? What’s left to know? The question has been answered, right?

Can we go home and get cozy already?

Well, not so fast.

Although Chul Soon is a natural bodybuilding champion and has been drug tested, we have some reservations about Musclemania’s drug testing policy. You may have doubts too when you check the organization’s website. The website indicates that the top 5 bodybuilding models must submit a sample of their urine for a drug test after a competition. Any athlete whose sample is found to contain traces of any anabolic substances will be subject to a 2-year suspension.

That’s a huge deterrent. Well, the problem here is that the competitors are tested after the show, which means that the contestants know when they’ll be drug tested. What’s the essence of a drug test without the element of surprise?

A potential competitor in the organization can use steroids several months before in the run-up to a show. Subsequently, they can end the cycle and undergo PCT a few days before the tournament ensuring that the substances will have exited their system on a material day. To their advantage, they’ll have succeeded in maintaining their muscle mass and their condition as well.

According to an expert consensus, if Musclemania wants to be taken seriously as an organization that holds competitions for natural bodybuilders, they should conduct random tests. One can only wonder whether it takes an expert to put that together (LOL).

Is Chul Soon on Steroids? Is he Natural?

Let’s look at various arguments for and against Chul Soon being on steroids. Remember, these are arguments, not evidence.

Chul Soon Looks PhotoShopped

Have you ever seen a model so beautiful that you thought to yourself, “That couldn’t be real, it must be photoshopped?” Well, it’s kind of the same way with Chul Soon. And we’re not referring to his remarkably aesthetic abs or Arnie-resembling chest. It appears as if Chul Soon has an unusually small head. If it’s not that, then he may be freakishly big to the extent that his form dwarfs his head.

Chul is 5, 10” and weighs 225 pounds. He is a massive guy, considering that most of his form is pure muscle. While some would argue that acquiring all that muscle is a step too far, it is kind of possible in theory. Probably, Chul eats remarkably well, trains like a beast, and has the necessary genetics to build considerable muscle.

Anyway, it is a little suspicious to look that freakish when all-natural.

Chul Soon Natural Bodybuilder

It’d be a pretty bold claim for Chul Soon to claim that he is natural when he is not. What’s more, the bodybuilder has passed several drug tests. However, as we’ve established earlier, these tests can be manipulated. Regardless, it is worth noting that just because they can be managed doesn’t mean that Chul was on gear.

Let’s keep it as simple as, Chul Soon has passed countless drug tests. Some of his alleged drug test results were even posted on some bodybuilding forums.

Chul Soon Dramatic Transformation

Want to know whether or not an athlete could be using steroids? Easy; observe their physique transformation over the years.

When it comes to Chul Soon, you’ll realize that he packed on a substantial amount of mass between 2012 and 2014. While he was still big around 2010 to 2012, it is apparent that he had gained about 40 pounds of lean muscle mass within two years.

Most people train well and eat a proper diet and still fail to realize the kind of muscle gain that Chul underwent; even in a lifetime. Yet, the Korean model did so naturally within two years.

For many, this was the primary indicator that Asian Sensation was not as natural as he flaunted to be.

Blown Up Delts and Traps

Chul Soon’s shoulders blew up during his transformation. Remarks have often been made that his shoulders produce a 3D effect. While it is possible to build such shoulders without steroids, his huge traps and delts signify steroid use. Did you know that the trapezoid and deltoid muscles are abundant in androgen receptors, causing them to become prominent after using androgenic anabolic steroids?

Altered Face and Nose Structure

You’ll notice that Chul’s face structure has changed significantly over the years.

When someone takes Human Growth Hormone (HGH), it contributes to the increase in their skull as well as their nose. Again, this is merely an observation


So, is Chul Soon on steroids?

Honestly, more points are pointing to the notion that Chul Soon is not natty as he claims. If not the old-school steroids, then he’s definitely on legal steroids.

Anyway, who’s to argue with consistent drug tests?

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