Is Jeremy Buendia On Steroids? We investigated !


Bodybuilding has constantly been evolving ever since its inception in the 1950s. When it began, the sport was ridiculed and frowned upon. It became a niche, although through the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serge Nubret, and Franco Columbu, not to mention the popular documentary “Pumping Iron,” Hollywood became hooked on muscle.

However, things rapidly took a turn for the worse. From the late 80s to date, Mr. Olympia, the competition for the ultimate physique in the world, became centered on size and mass and completely disregarded well-rounded aesthetics. The artistry of posing was lost, and bodybuilding became isolated.


Until recently, bodybuilding had been a sport, not most people admired or could relate to. However, in 2013 the IFBB introduced two new divisions, and the two became more significant than all their other categories combined. They created the Classic Physique, which epitomizes all the posing and aesthetics of the golden era, and the Men’s Physique, which is a more attainable physique that the average guy could aspire to attain.

Since the advent of these two new categories, bodybuilding the sport has become cool again, and bodybuilding is on the rise.

There’s this guy, a competitor in the Men’s Physique category who’s taken everyone by storm. He is a multi-time champion, and he’s all that. Big, aesthetic, ripped, vascular, and has arguably the best arms in the industry.

With that said, one question comes to mind, “is Jeremy Buendia on steroids?”

Let’s dive a little deeper and find out.

Who is Jeremy Buendia?

Jeremy Buendia is renowned as one of the biggest names in the Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique category, having won the title thrice. He has been coached by Hany Rambod, known for coaching some of the best competitors in the game, including Phil Heath. Like Phil, Jeremy has proven his mettle in the Men’s Physique division, defeating the likes of Sadik Hadzovich and Jeff Seid to win the highly coveted titles.

Not only does Jeremy have some of the best arms in the competition, but he also boasts insane vascularity and a waist that is virtually non-existent from the side.

According to his coach and friends, Jeremy does not mess around when it comes to putting in the work. There’s this joke in the bodybuilding community that Buendia exited the womb curling dumbbells. His father, a renowned non-competitive bodybuilder from the 1970s, is said to be Jeremy’s primary source of inspiration.

As if that is not all, Jeremy began professional bodybuilding at seventeen years old. He won his first competition in 2012 with the NPC Excalibur championships.

Here are Jeremy Buendia’s statistics;

  • Height: 5ft 8in
  • Competition weight: 165 lbs.
  • Off-season weight: 195 lbs.

These statistics appear to be pretty modest, especially considering his competition weight because Jeremy Buendia seems extremely big and quite full on the stage.

So, should it be enough to say that the star bodybuilder has incredible genetics? That combined with the fact that he is clean and training harder? Or, is cut from the same cloth as most of the bodybuilders we know? Is he on steroids?

Well, let’s investigate.

Young Jeremy Buendia Bodybuilding

As said earlier, Jeremy fell in love with bodybuilding at a young age. His dad was an amateur bodybuilder and introduced then young man early.

At seventeen, he won the NPC Excalibur championships. Even back then, he was packing pretty substantial muscle. Some people even say that it’s possible he made 80% of his muscle gains during his teenage. However, it appears like he had at least 5% additional body fat. It is quite surprising how much bigger one can appear when you lose a considerable amount of fat and retain substantial muscle.

Jeremy Buendia Steroid Use

Apart from the fact that Jeremy Buendia is more bloated than Jay Cutler on Celltech, he does not exhibit any signs of using anabolic steroids.

However, doubt arises because his shoulders are not proportionate to his arms. This explains why his shoulders do not pop out, thus failing to produce the 3D robotic impression so proudly done by Jaco De Bruyn. When you suspect someone of using steroids, primarily androgenic anabolic steroids, you can quickly tell by considering two prominent muscles, namely the traps (trapezoid muscles) and the delts (deltoid muscles). When someone is gearing up with anabolic steroids, their delts and traps become more prominent than other tissues. This phenomenon is caused by a high amount of androgenic anabolic substances.

No Dramatic Transformation

When you come across someone who makes all their gains when they set out to lift weights for the first time, that is a sign of a natural bodybuilder. However, when you come across guys who have been lifting for a long time, and suddenly blow out of proportion, you’re left questioning the authenticity of their methods.

Therefore, the lack of dramatic transformation with Jeremy’s form is a valid point to propose that he doesn’t use steroids unless he began using them from a young age. If he started using steroids from the beginning, he would be pretty big by now, which is something that happens to all bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids like Anavar or Anadrol.

Jeremy Buendia’s Not a Massive Dude

When Jeremy steps on stage, you can quickly tell right away that he is something special. However, when you see him walking down the streets in his attire, you’d have no idea how striking his form is.

On the contrary, if you come across say Phil Heath walking down your neighborhood all clothed up, you’d instantly know that he is a bodybuilder, owing to his large structure. Well, IFBB pros are gigantic. They weigh close to 300 pounds, and you shouldn’t be surprised to come across some who weigh more, despite most of them being less than 6 feet tall.

When it comes to Jeremy, you can see that he is giving up close to 100 pounds in mass, and does not come across as massive. While he is a big guy, especially when he wears a tank top, he can’t be categorized as extensive.

Well, according to this observation, if Jeremy is indeed on steroids, he’d be running something quite mild, not to mention that he could also be using legal steroids.

Jeremy Buendia Mild Gyno

Gynecomastia is a common condition that mostly affects bodybuilders. It is usually associated with using steroids. In case you’ve not come across the term, it refers to when a man begins developing breast tissue as a result of hormonal imbalance.

The gyno is said to occur when the excess testosterone from the androgenic compounds is converted into estrogen, through a process known as aromatizing. Estrogen is the female equivalent of the male sex hormone, testosterone. The last thing a bodybuilder wants on their body is man boobs.

But what does this have to do with Jeremy Buendia? Well, there are several photos doing rounds online, featuring the model sporting a little gynecomastia. While it does not look severe, it is quite noticeable. If you observe the images keenly, you’ll notice that Jeremy’s nipples appear somewhat puffy and swollen.

Anyway, while gyno is mostly associated with using steroids, it may be caused by natural hormone fluctuations. Therefore, it raises some eyebrows.

Jeremy Buendia’s Condition

Do you know what it takes for one to have rock hard, chiseled abs like Jeremy’s? His percentage of body fat needs to be at least 13% and below. Many professional bodybuilders usually step on the stage with their body fat at approximately 3% – 5%. However, as soon as the competition is over, they bulk up again.

It is quite challenging to get your percentage of body fat into the single-digit range. That’s why not everyone can do it. However, when you see Jeremy competing, you’ll realize that he has some of the most aesthetic and remarkable conditioning in the industry.

This dude is shredded to bits, his waist is smaller than that of most teenage girls, and his veins are incredibly vascular. His cuts and definition are impressive too.

Dieting down to that condition is a daunting prospect. The incredible thing about all this is that Jeremy always seems to be in this kind of shape throughout. During the offseason, the guy looks as if all he needs is a two-week cutting regimen before getting in competition-ready form.

Jeremy Buendia and The Procreator

If you are familiar with bodybuilding, the name Hany Rambody is not new to you. Hany, aka the procreator, is renowned for his uncanny ability to take amateur bodybuilders and turning them into professionals.

Hany has worked with many notable names in the industry. He’s worked with the likes of Phil Heath and Jay Cutler and was able to guide them from second rate bodybuilders to the best there was at the time.

Well, as mentioned earlier, Jeremy Buendia is currently working with Hany Rambody. While it may not mean anything, we thought it was worth including. Some of the bodybuilders coached by Hany may be using steroids; you can tell, considering how massive they are.

This means that if Jeremy wanted to access anabolic steroids, he probably wouldn’t have to look far.


Apart from a mild case of gyno, Jeremy Buendia demonstrates no signs of using steroids. However, it is more believable that he may be running something mild like SARMS.

However, it wouldn’t be surprising at all that he is a natural.

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