Is John Cena on Steroids? We found out !


Pro-wrestling is referred to as sports entertainment for a good reason; people not only watch it for the matches, but also for the superhuman-like characters that play the various roles in pro-wrestling programs such as the WWE.

As such, to attract eyeballs, companies such as WWE must sell that their characters are real-life superheroes and villains. Now, think about it; do you know of any hero that isn’t jacked? Exactly, it is hard to think of one.


This is why there are very specific requirements the WWE and other pro-wrestling companies need from their employees. You not only need to be supremely athletic, but you must also look good doing it i.e., you must be jacked.

It is no surprise, therefore, that some of the most popular superstars in pro-wrestling history happened to be tremendously jacked. Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Lex Luger, Kane, The Rock, Batista, and many more have one thing going on for them; no one in regular life can doubt their ability to send a man to another dimension, and this is exactly what the WWE wants you to think of its superstars.

However, as you grow older and start realizing how incredibly difficult it is to attain a professional wrestler’s body naturally, you start wondering, could they be on steroids?

One of the most jacked pro-wrestlers in recent history is John Cena. The clean-cut superstar is not only known for his extreme muscularity but also his otherworldly feats of strength. Could the man whose catchphrase is “Never Give Up” be on steroids? This article aims to determine the probability of John Cena being on steroids.

Who is John Cena?

You probably don’t know who John Cena is since you can’t see him. All jokes aside, John Cena is arguably the most popular pro-wrestler in modern pro-wrestling history.

John is billed at 6’1 250 pounds. However, given the tendency of professional wrestling companies to exaggerate the weights of their performers – for the wow factor –, Cena is more likely to weigh around 225 – 230 pounds, considering he is all muscle. A 6’1 250-pound muscle-bound individual is what you see on IFBB stages – think Phil Heath. While Cena is big, he certainly isn’t that enormous.

Born in 1977, John was always up to athletic pursuits even as a kid. In high school, he was the archetypical football jock, showing tremendous muscle development as a teenager. When high school was done, John ditched football for amateur bodybuilding, which he excelled at.

As an amateur bodybuilder, Cena was sliced and diced in every sense of those words, which saw to him dominate most of the shows in which he competed.

While it is easy to throw John under the bus and say that he’s on steroids, you have to take into consideration that he started lifting heavy and correctly at an early age. During puberty, the body releases massive amounts of testosterone and growth hormone to facilitate the change of physical features from those of a child to those of an adult. Essentially, it’s like you are on steroids.

As such, teenagers who lift tend to grow abnormally fast, as their bodies allow it. When you reach 21, your testosterone and growth hormone production starts to subside, thus causing muscle-building to be a much more difficult endeavor.

Now, considering that Cena started lifting as a teenager, it is highly probable that his body just responded really well to his efforts, and it is entirely possible that he was completely natural during his bodybuilding aspirations. Couple that with his legendary work ethic and supreme genetics, you can see why his claims to be natty might not be that laughable.

In 1999, Cena decided to give pro-wrestling a try and was signed by the WWE. They sent him to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), which is a developmental center for up and coming wrestlers. There, he met other prospects, such as Randy Orton, Batista, and Brock Lesnar. From there, he proceeded to become the megastar that he is today.

Is John Cena on Steroids?

The only we can say, for sure, whether Cena is or isn’t on steroids, is if we took his blood sample and tested it for every performance enhancer known to man. Since that isn’t possible at the moment, all we can do is speculate.

To help us determine whether John Cena could be on steroids, we shall match him up against the most common signs of a steroid user. The more characteristics he shares with a steroid user, the higher the chances that he’s juicing. Let’s get on with it:

  • Rapid Gains Within a Short Period

This is perhaps the reason why most steroid users use exogenous hormones (steroids) in the first place. For some, the sheer amount of work needed to develop even a decent amount of muscle is just too much. And just like with anything, if there’s a shortcut that can help you get to achieve your goals sooner, there will always be people willing to take it, in spite of the consequences.

Muscle-building steroids are usually a synthetic version of the muscle-building hormone that our bodies produce naturally, testosterone. As mentioned, our bodies drastically reduce the amount of testosterone that is produced as we get older as we no longer need to grow anymore once we have reached adulthood. Besides, carrying large amounts of muscle tissue serves no evolutionary benefit to the body since muscles are expensive to keep (nutrient-wise), and serve no special purpose in the world we live in. We have evolved, therefore, not to carry large amounts of muscle mass, and this is why it is so hard to build them.

Steroids increase the amount of testosterone coursing through your body, which inadvertently puts the body in an anabolic (growth) state. Consequently, building muscle becomes much, much easier. This is why a person that is new to steroids can easily pack on up to 30 pounds of lean muscle mass within a few months.

When it comes to Cena, his growth has been anything but overnight. He has actively sculpted his body for the better part of his life. The fact that he started bodybuilding as a teenager means that he made the most use of the anabolic state that his body was in at that period. Moreover, Cena has never been a slouch and has been actively pushing his body ever since.

Therefore, if we are going to use this parameter to determine whether John is juicing, it would be inaccurate to say that he does.

  • Gynecomastia

This is one of the most prevalent conditions among steroid users. Also known as ‘gyno,’ it is a condition characterized by the enhanced growth of breast tissue in men. The ‘gym bros’ refer to this condition as ‘moobs’ or ‘bitch tits.’

The severity of this condition ranges from having swollen nipples to having small breasts that resemble those of a woman. It is certainly a very embarrassing condition, which can end a bodybuilding career if the individual doesn’t have the ability to pay for corrective surgery.

Gyno is usually as results from having excess amounts of estrogen coursing through the male body. Estrogen is the female hormone that is responsible for giving women their feminine physiological traits, such as breast development.

Even though it’s a female hormone, men also have estrogen, but in such minuscule quantities that it doesn’t cause any change. However, the excess testosterone that comes with anabolic steroid use results in a hormonal imbalance. To rectify this, the body converts some of it to estrogen through a process referred to as aromatization. This can raise the estrogen levels to such a point where the hormone starts manifesting its characteristics, and this is what causes gynecomastia.

Throughout his years in the limelight, Cena has never shown any indication of this common sign of steroid use.

  • Body Acne

There’s a reason why the people most commonly affected by acne are teenagers, pregnant/menstruating/menopausal women, and bodybuilders. They all have something in common; malfunctioning hormones.

Acne is usually caused when the body has excessive amounts of androgen hormones, such as testosterone coursing through it. These hormones stimulate the production of sebum (the substance that makes your skin oily). While normal sebum production is vital for maintaining skin health, too much if it can result in the clogging of your skin pores, thereby resulting in the formation of pimples (acne).

Since steroid users have excess amounts of testosterone, they produce excess amounts of sebum as well, and this is why they typically have acne.

For the better part of his career, Cena wrestled weekly, and never once displayed signs of body acne, thus passing this ‘steroid-user test’ as well.

The Verdict

For superstars such as John Cena, they have the resources to allow them the best anabolic products in addition to supervision from a doctor. As such, just because John doesn’t display the signs of anabolic steroid use, it doesn’t mean that he is clean. Maintaining 230+ pounds of lean muscle all year long is something incredibly difficult to do, especially considering that pro-wrestlers are on the road 300+ days a year.

We, therefore, cannot say for sure whether he uses or not. However, there’s a strong possibility that John Cena uses legal steroids. They give you the same benefits as anabolic steroids, but without the gnarly side effects. Thus, probably the reason why he doesn’t exhibit the symptoms of anabolic steroid use. If you are looking to craft a physique such as Cena’s, legal steroids are worth checking out.

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