Is Kris Gethin on Steroids? We Investigated !


Getting muscular and getting ripped are two entirely different things, even though they both require that you hold a significant amount of muscle mass. You see, to become muscular, all you need to do is train like an animal at the gym, eat really well (don’t hold back), and get enough rest. This will result in a muscular frame, which also carries a lot of fat as well. Thus, even though you’ll look good in a t-shirt, you won’t exactly have supplement companies calling you to endorse their products.

Getting ripped, on the other hand, is a whole different beast. Being ripped means that you not only carry a respectable amount of muscle mass, but you have insane definitions and vascularity as well. In short, your body should serve as an anatomy-chart replacement in biology class if the actual chart went missing.

Most people find out soon enough that while getting muscular is difficult, but achievable while getting ripped is almost impossible. After all, you need to eat to get big, but you also need to stop eating to lose fat. Getting ripped, therefore, is almost an oxymoron.

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This is not to say that being shredded or ripped is entirely impossible. It just takes years upon years of consistent hard work and dieting. Thus, if your goal is to look like a human anatomy chart, do not give yourself any less than three years. For most people, it can take up to five years.

As you can imagine, there’s not a lot of people with that kind of patience. What if you could get your dream body in less than a year? Well, that’s what anabolic steroids are all about.

Steroids allow you to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously, thus greatly reducing the amount of time needed to craft a stellar physique. However, they also come with a host of deadly side effects, and this is why steroid use is such a controversial subject.

Most steroid users are unwilling to admit to using these substances since they’ll be labeled as cheats. Additionally, if something were to happen to them, people will say that they brought it upon themselves.

However, in today’s society, there’s an even more sinister reason for denying steroid accusations. And that reason is money. You see, if you look like a Greek god today and post it on social media, it won’t be long before thousands of naïve people come knocking on your door, asking you to show them your ways. You can then proceed to concoct a ‘program’ and milk them dry.

Unfortunately, that is how most fitness social media stars operate. One of the more popular bodybuilders on social media is Kris Gethin. Could this famed natural bodybuilder also be taking us on a ride as well? This article aims to find out whether Kris Gethin is on steroids.

Who is Kris Gethin?

Kris Gethin is one of the most respectable figures in the bodybuilding community. The 45-year-old is not only a bodybuilder but also an entrepreneur and author who has a column at

While Kris might be 45, he has a body that most natural bodybuilders in their 20s would die for. Standing at 5’8”, Kris carries between 185 and 225 pounds of pure Welsh muscle. He has a massive social media following not only for his wonderful insight on matters bodybuilding but also for his physique, which seems somewhat attainable.

Kris is a big guy, don’t get us wrong. But he’s by no means a mass monster, and neither does he have insanely low body fat percentage levels. At around 10 percent body fat, his physique can be attained naturally if you work hard enough at the gym and kitchen as well for a number of years. Nevertheless, you must have excellent genetics as well, as most people are unlikely to reach Kris’s level naturally.

However, just because Kris’s physique looks like it can be attained naturally, doesn’t mean that the man got it naturally as well.

You see, the man runs an online fitness brand that sells both supplements and fitness programs. As such, the success of his business largely depends on him having and maintaining a statue of a physique. If that isn’t incentive enough for anyone to use steroids, then we don’t know what is.

In his profile, Kris is listed as a natural bodybuilder. However, on his company’s website, Kris doesn’t state that he is natural, which we find to be very interesting. In his line of work, it would serve him best to declare that he’s natural so that more people can come to him. The fact that he doesn’t openly declare that he’s natural in spite of numerous people accusing him of steroid use makes him look suspect.

Nonetheless, Kris has competed in two ‘natural’ bodybuilding shows; the Natural World Bodybuilding Championships and the Natural Idaho Championships. However, both shows only require that you shouldn’t have used steroids within the past seven years.

Given that there are lifetime drug-free bodybuilding competitions, why didn’t Kris compete in these instead? Why jeopardize your chances of winning by going up against someone who might have used steroids in the past?

Nonetheless, we cannot use speculations to determine whether he’s on the juice. Let us use facts to try and find out whether he’s on steroids or not.

Is Kris Gethin on Steroids?

The best way of determining whether someone is on the sauce is by comparing them against the signs of steroid use, which is what we shall do. These signs include:

  • Abnormal Transformations

As mentioned earlier, building lean muscle is painstakingly slow. As such, if you see someone add tens of pounds of lean muscle in just a matter of months, there’s a high likelihood of them being on anabolic exogenous steroids.

Anabolic steroids have been known to increase the amount of lean muscle mass by up to 30 pounds in less than a year. It shouldn’t take you less than three years to accomplish such kind of a feat naturally.

This is because most muscle-building steroids are artificial versions of testosterone, the body’s primary muscle-building hormone. The body, however, greatly reduces the amount of this hormone once you reach your 20s. This is why building muscle is so difficult naturally. But by adding to the levels of testosterone in your body, anabolic steroids allow you to enjoy rapid muscle gain.

One of the reasons Kris is being accused of steroid use is due to a transformation picture he posted a while back. In the picture, Kris went from being fat and muscular to shredded and muscular in just three months.

Sure, if you were to lose fat and you were muscular, to begin with, getting shredded is just what’s expected to happen, right? Well, that’s true, but you should also lose a significant amount of muscle mass as well. In Kris’s transformation, however, he didn’t lose an ounce of muscle but got incredibly shredded. In fact, he seemed to have gotten bigger, which is just impossible naturally.

But you do remember that anabolic steroids help you burn while preserving muscle mass, right?

  • Huge Delts and Traps

If you have been in the game for a while, then you know how incredibly difficult it is to build a decent set of shoulders. Getting 3D delts and molehills for traps, however, is almost impossible.

This is not the case for steroid users. While the shoulder muscles are incredibly difficult to develop, they also contain the highest number of androgen receptors in the body. This means that in the presence of androgenic hormones such as testosterone, muscles with a higher number of androgen receptors will grow at a faster rate than the others.

This is why most steroid users have exemplary development in their shoulder muscles. While Kris doesn’t have delts like those of an IFBB pro, he still has excellent traps and delts, and that’s not the issue. The issue is that they seemed to have popped out of nowhere in his 12-transformation.


Kris Gethin is a good guy, and it would be a shame if anyone would disregard his legendary work ethic and attribute Kris’s gains to steroids, least of all, us.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, the only way to know with absolute certainty whether Kris is on steroids or not is by taking his blood sample and taking it to an accredited drug-testing organization, such as USADA.

Nevertheless, since we are only determining his likelihood of being on steroids, we think that there’s a very high possibility of Kris having used steroids at some point in his bodybuilding journey.

Actually, our hypothesis is that Kris used anabolic steroids in the early stages of his bodybuilding journey, then switched to legal steroids, later on, to help him maintain his gains. Unlike anabolic steroids, legal steroids do not come with the side effects that have made anabolic steroids infamous.

Legal steroids are, in fact, made out of plant-derived ingredients, and are only referred to as steroids due to their potent muscle-building properties. We think that these are what Kris uses these days, and would recommend them for anyone looking to take their gains to the next level.

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