Is Lazar Angelov On Steroids? We Investigated and found out


Lazar Angelov has one of those aesthetics for which anyone would kill. He’s got this leanness and thickness that makes his build one of the most coveted physiques in the world. He is quite popular and boasts more than 5.8 million fans on Instagram.

The fitness model and personal trainer packs a tremendous amount of muscle mass and displays an unworldly set of abs. His musculature appears as if it was composed in photo editing software.  What’s more, his skin is quite thin and as dry as paper. This gives the fitness model the so-called hard look.

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Well, with a physique so alluring, not only will you raise eyebrows left and right, but you’ll also get people talking a lot. For instance, is Lazar Angelov on steroids? Is that physique natural? How do you get to that level of aesthetics? How do you maintain such a physique as a natural bodybuilder? Doesn’t a natural bodybuilder feel frail and depleted when in a dry state?

However, before we can satisfy your curiosity, we’d like to set the record straight on a few things. First, we are not associated with Lazar and also do not have access to his records. Secondly, we have no evidence indicating whether the fitness sage uses any anabolic compounds. Consequently, the content of this piece should not be interpreted as gospel as it is purely based on speculation.

Who is Lazar Angelov?

Lazar is a Bulgarian bodybuilder, online personal trainer, and entrepreneur. He was born in 1984. Lazar Angelov is widely renowned for his washboard abs and natural-looking physique. Unrelated; you’ve got to see this guy’s beard to appreciate how amazingly symmetrical it is.


Despite Lazar’s incredible abdominal muscles, he is also pretty huge. He stands at 6ft tall and weighs around 195 pounds during his cutting phase and 205 pounds when bulking up. Lazar Angelov does not have an off-season as he gets ready to step on the stage virtually all year round.

Arguably, his best features are his abs, which look like they’ve been chiseled from a rock. He has an eight pack that a Greek god would envy, although most people argue that Ulisses Jr. could give him a run for his money. He has a petite waist, and all his other muscles are huge and well-defined.

Lazar Angelov Early Years

Growing up in Bulgaria, Lazar Angelov took a keen interest in basketball from a tender age. He joined the Bulgarian National Basketball team when he was only 16 years old.

It’s quite fitting that Lamar looks like an action figure, considering that he joined the army when he was eighteen and served for two years.

While Lamar may have enjoyed fitness from a young age, his love for training probably increased during his time in the army.

Is Lazar Angelov on Steroids?

We’ve already established that Lazar is in great shape. Typically, his body fat percentage is usually around six, although he cuts it even lower when getting ready to step on a stage or pose for a photoshoot. This makes him quite a big guy, especially considering that most of his mass is pure muscle.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the arguments supporting Lazar’s natty claim and the ones pointing to potential steroid use.

He Rivals Former IFBB Bodybuilders

Lazar Angelov’s size would make some former IFBB bodybuilders shy away. This is a significant factor to be considered, given that muscle mass is a critical aspect in IFBB competitions.

Check out the following stats.

  • Height: 5’11’’
  • Weight: 195-205 lbs.
  • Body Fat: 4-6%

Let’s compare Lazar Angelov’s stats to those of Frank Zane, a famous bodybuilder from the golden era. Frank, famously known as ‘The Chemist, or Mr. Symmetry’ has won Mr. Olympia thrice and probably won every other title there is in bodybuilding.

Here are Frank Zane’s stats.

  • Off-season weight: 200 lbs.
  • Competition Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Height: 5’9’’
  • Arms: 18.’’

In summary, Lazar Angelov is two inches heavier than Frank and 10 lbs heavier. Hiss lean body mass is 185.25lbs (95% of 195 lbs.) while Zane’s is 175.75 lbs. (95% of 185 lbs.). Well, the 9.5 lbs difference can probably be attributed to Angelov’s 2-inch height advantage.

Overall, this, in a literal sense, means that today’s fitness models are growing as big as former IFBB professionals.

Now, here’s the deal. Former IFBB pros, including the likes of Arnie, Columbu, Nubret, and Zane all used steroids. We know this because one, during the golden era, steroids were readily available and legal. Almost every gym had a dealer. What’s more, pros like Arnie don’t even bother to deny that they used Dianabol and Deca, although sparingly, and with the doctor’s help.

With that said, you can only wonder what it is about Lazar Angelov’s regimen that helps him achieve the body an IFBB model would covet.

Lazar Angelov Transformation              

Here’s a free tip; observing someone’s transformation timeline is one of the best ways to deduce whether they’re on gear.

Lazar has been lifting weights for a considerable period of his; almost two-thirds. He began training at ten or twelve years old. By the time Angelov was nineteen, he had a pretty decent frame. At this point, he had about seven to nine years of weight training. Certified natty will tell you that after nine years of lifting weights, the potential to grow muscle is considerably reduced. When it comes to muscle size, someone experiences the most gains during their first years of training.

However, within two years (see photos from 2004-2006) Lazar transformed from an average to a jacked dude. He must have added close to 20 pounds! His body fat levels must have dropped from roughly 14% to 4%. Honestly, such gains are not realistic for a natural bodybuilder to attain, long after plateauing.

Lazar Angelov Natural Claim

When you visit Lazar’s website, you’ll come across a sentence in his bio that states.

“He achieved that despite never taking (and never will) steroids.”

There are two sides you can interpret this. First, it is very bold for any bodybuilder to bring up steroids (it’s usually a very touchy subject for bodybuilders). Why draw undue attention to yourself, especially if you know that you use steroids?

Therefore, you may argue that Lazar needn’t include the info on his bio, and the fact that he has done so suggests that he values natural bodybuilding and does not condone the use of anabolic steroids.

Here’s another way to look at it.

Lazar claims to be a natural bodybuilder only in the biography section of his website. Take a minute and think about this. If you were Lazar and held such kind of disdain for using steroids, how often would you let people know that your physique was acquired naturally?

Well, not to take anything away from Lazar’s marketing strategy, but if I were him, I’d take every opportunity, especially when marketing my diet plan to mention that I’ve achieved my eccentric physique without using any steroids. I’d put it everywhere, including mentioning it in statuses because it is my unique selling point.

Lazar Angelov is Big, Not Huge

We have proof that Big Ramy, the IFBB pro bodybuilder is on steroids. However, if we were to wager money on whether or not he is on gear, you can bet your backside that we’d take a second mortgage and put the money on him not being natty. The guy is enormous, and so are other IFBB pros, and it is evident that they are on some juice to attain that size.

When it comes to Lazar, he is about 100 pounds smaller than his gargantuan counterparts, despite being the same height or slightly taller than some of them.

While Lazar may appear to be big up close, he is not huge, especially when compared to pro bodybuilders. His size seems more achievable, which is a critical element that helps to sell the natty narrative.

It’s not even his size that raises concern; his conditioning is the wonder.

No Obvious Signs of Steroid Use

Despite having a killer physique and a remarkable initial, transformation, Lazar does not exhibit any apparent signs of steroid use.

He has no acne, no gyno, no HGH gut, and he doesn’t appear older than his age. What’s more, his skin isn’t flushed, and his delts and traps do not overshadow the rest of his body.

Based on that criterion, it would suffice to say that Lamar is not on anabolic steroids. If he is, he must be on something very mild, or very low doses.

However, we can’t rule him out from using legal steroids, especially for maintaining his conditioning.


And now for the final verdict. According to the arguments raised, do you think that Lazar Angelov is on steroids?

There seems to be a huge question mark about how Lazar gained more than 20 pounds within two years after having lifted weights for more than nine years without similar results.

However, the fact that Lazar’s physique seems quite achievable; it is easier to believe that he is natural. You know, he doesn’t look like Chul Soon or even Kai Green.

Anyway, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and conclude that Lazar Angelov is not on steroids. His transformation is an inspiration that anyone can get jacked, as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

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