Is Matt Ogus on Steroids? We Investigated and found out


The fact that you are reading this article means that you have, at one time or another, been somewhat disappointed at the rate at which you are making gains. After all, each and every one of us has the ‘ideal look’ that we strive for – perhaps influenced by pictures and videos of guys online.

And you start doing everything right; you are training like a beast with the help of endurance supplements such as creatine, you have bought a scale to measure your macros to ensure your body’s fuel (food) is top-notch, and you are even sleeping earlier so that your body can get enough recovery time. What’s more, you are even practicing meditation and mindfulness to ensure you do not allow stress to release the dreaded cortisol hormone that eats away at your gains.

In short, you are following everything to a T, and have never lived a more disciplined life. Yet, despite all this, you do not look nearly half as good as that guy you follow on Instagram. It can be frustrating, to say the least.


Then a small voice inside your head starts whispering to you, “Maybe they are on steroids!” A quick read through ‘Reddit’ and ‘’ forums confirms your suspicions, most of the community thinks that your favorite natty is on steroids.

Could it be? You feel betrayed. However, you need to understand that everything you need online is all speculative unless people can produce facts to prove otherwise. As such, labeling someone a steroid user without sufficient proof is not only a sucker’s move but also defamatory.

Nonetheless, since there’s no way of proving that someone is on the juice other than testing their blood samples, the best you can do is form an opinion based on science-based facts on how steroid use affects the body composition of an individual, which is what we shall do in this article.

Are you wondering if Matt Ogus is on steroids? This article aims to determine the probability of Matt being on the sauce (steroids).

Who is Matt Ogus?

Matt Ogus is a 27-year-old bodybuilder who has made a name for himself on the internet community for his chiseled physique. Describing his physique as ‘chiseled’ is a gross understatement. The guy seems to have been carved out of granite. He’s not only sliced and diced; he is dry in every sense of the word. Matt looks like he could die of dehydration if he spits out some saliva. The level of meanness to his physique is unparalleled.

His otherworldly physique has allowed him to amass hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers on his Instagram and YouTube accounts. Matt attributes his physique to his training philosophy and, especially, his diet.

Matt stands at 5’5″ and weighs between 185 and 205 pounds, which, as you can imagine, is an insane amount of muscle mass for such a small frame.

Matt Ogus began his fitness journey when he was 15 due to his small stature. He felt that going to the gym and gaining some muscle would help even out the cards that were dealt with him height-wise.

He hasn’t looked back ever since. He’s now one of the leading ‘fitness models’ in the game and is sponsored by some of the biggest names in the supplement industry.

What’s interesting, however, is that Matt has never claimed to be natural, and it’s not because no one asks him. Lookup any of his posts, and you will find myriads of comments either accusing him of juicing, or asking him whether he does. Matt never replies to any comments regarding his alleged steroid use.

Moreover, his online brand is called ‘Half Natty,’ as in ‘Half Natural.’ He even went as far as calling his dog ‘Tren.’ If you know anything about steroids, then you must know of Trenbolone, arguably the most potent anabolic steroid out there.

For someone who makes a living off of his physique, Matt surely knows that claiming to be natty is the best way to go about his business since he will sell the idea that his physique is achievable if people follow the ‘plans’ that he sells.

However, Matt is a good guy. He takes his time to answer most of the questions that his followers pose to him, apart from those regarding his alleged steroid use. Maybe, him being a good guy doesn’t allow him to lie, so he’d rather steer clear of any steroid discussions. Moreover, calling his dog and brand names that are associated with steroids doesn’t help either.

So, is Matt Ogus really on steroids? Let us try and find out.

Is Matt Ogus on Steroids?

As mentioned earlier, the only way we can honestly say whether Matt is on the sauce is if we dragged him to USADA’s headquarters and have them test him for everything under the sun.

Unfortunately, despite being a nice guy, we don’t think Matt would agree to it. So, what we shall do here is compare Matt against the most common signs of anabolic steroid use to determine his likelihood of being on the juice. These signs include:

  • Rapid Gains

If you think that someone might be on steroids just based on the fact that they have suddenly become a mountain of lean mass within a few months, chances are you are correct.

Accumulating more than 10 pounds of lean mass in less than a year naturally is something that is as rare as a hen’s teeth, especially if you are not a beginner.

Sure, if you are just getting started, you will pack on muscle at a much faster rate than someone who has been at it for a while. This is because a beginner’s body hasn’t ever been subjected to such stress before and, as such, the body embarks on the process of creating muscle tissue to handle the new stress (exercise), and this is what results in fast gains in beginners.

However, this enhanced rate of hypertrophy is short-lived since your body can’t go from lifting anything to lifting 300+ pounds within a year. It is a gradual process, and once the muscles needed to support your weight, lifting endeavors have been created, muscle growth becomes a gradual process.

Nonetheless, even the most gifted beginner will rarely accumulate more than ten pounds of lean muscle mass within their first year. And most probably, they should accumulate a good amount of fat as well due to the calorie-dense diet that is usually ideal for someone new to working out.

For advanced lifters, even making a pound of new muscle per month is the stuff of wet dreams. It is just that difficult. Therefore, any individual that suddenly balloons out of nowhere is more than likely on the sauce.

Matt Ogus’s physical transformation is anything but ordinary. In between 15 and 19 years of age, Matt went from a skinny kid to having a body that you would die for as an advanced lifter.

While that can be attributed to his body responding really well to training due to the abundance of testosterone and growth hormone during puberty, Matt has continued with the same rate of muscle gain well into his 20s.

Something just doesn’t add up.

  • Freakish Delts and Traps

3D cannonball delts and small hills for traps are not a feature that you see every day at the gym, and there’s a reason for this; they are just that hard to mold.

In steroid users, however, it is the exact opposite. Every individual that uses steroids has an awesome set of shoulders. This is because the shoulder region has the highest number of androgen receptors in the body.

Most anabolic steroids, on the other hand, are androgenic substances. This means they contain hormones such as testosterone. Androgen receptors stimulate muscle growth when in the presence of androgenic hormones. This is why every steroid user has boulders for shoulders.

Matt Ogus has one of the most impressive-looking sets of shoulders out there. Sure, he works hard, but having traps and delts that give known steroid users a run for their money doesn’t help either.

  • Presence of Gyno

Gyno, or Gynecomastia, is a condition characterized by the development of breast tissue in males. Gym bros refer to it as ‘bitch tits’ since the individual’s pectoral muscles start resembling a woman’s breasts, albeit smaller.

This condition is usually caused when excess testosterone is converted to estrogen to balance hormone levels in the body. Raised estrogen levels result in the manifestation of female physical characteristics, such as enhanced breast development in males. It is a very prevalent condition among bodybuilders.

Ogus doesn’t display signs of gyno, which at least favors the argument of him being natty.

The Verdict

Matt Ogus’s physique would be very hard to attain naturally. Moreover, the fact that he stays shredded all year round makes him even more suspect. However, it does not mean that he juices.

In fact, our hunch is that he uses legal steroids. Legal steroids are the alternative ‘natural’ versions of anabolic steroids. They possess the anabolic properties of steroids but without the side effects since they are extracted from herbs and plants.

While we will truly never know what Matt uses in particular, what we do know is that legal steroids are the only safe products that can get you close to attaining a physique such as Matt’s.

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