Is Mike O’Hearn On Steroids? We Discovered the truth!


It’s not every day when you come across someone and think, “I think he’s got it all.” However, when it comes to Mike O’Hearn, the thought will cross your mind. The flawlessly coiffed hair. The heaps of dollars stashed away from hundreds of photoshoots and years of television. The out-and-out castle in sunlit Southern California. The loyal huskies who accompany him to the gym and run on the treadmill next to him and never seem to yap. Not to mention the self-satisfied smirk in all the social media pics.

However, if you had Mike’s physique, you’d probably be smirking all day as well. Here’s why. At 46 years old, the 6ft 3 O’Hearn is a rock-hard 262 pounds of exquisitely shaped muscle, shredded right down to an all-year body fat percentage of six.

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Yet, for all the gifts that life has bestowed on Mike O’Hearn, we mere mortals can take solace in the fact that we know how he got his muscles and what he does to maintain them, right? On the contrary, Mike O’Hearn swears by everything sacred to him that he has always been natural.

However, when would-be fans hear it, they turn away in disbelief. They take to message boards and shout bullshit.

Anyway, an objective person can only wonder, what’s what? Consequently, we’ve put together this piece to help you answer the question, “Is Mike O’Hearn on steroids?

Before we can start our discussion, lets’ get something out of the way.

We have no way of determining definitively that Mike O’Hearn is on steroids. As such, the information provided here is merely speculative. Secondly, we do not condone the use of steroids and are not in any way against steroid users. The following article is for information purposes only.


Who Is Mike O’Hearn?

Mike O’Hearn, born Michael O’Hearn, is an American actor, bodybuilder, personal trainer, and fitness model hailing from California. Due to Mike’s physique, he has won the much-coveted Mr. Universe title seven times. He is also a powerlifting champion and has won the award for the fitness model of the year several. Besides, he has been featured on more than 500 magazine covers, and publications.

The fitness model has made considerable strides in the film industry, appearing as the gladiator ‘Titan’ on the 2008 reboot of the American Gladiator. Even better, he was the only individual who played as a gladiator on both the original (1989-1996) as Thor and the 2008 TV show. He has also made appearances in numerous movies.

By the age of 14, Mike was competing in natural bodybuilding shows. He won the Mr. Teenage Washington at this age with a 5’9’’ height and weighed 172 pounds on stage. During the next two years, puberty went full throttle and saw the kid grow to 6’2’’ and gained an unbelievable 100 pounds.

Mike O’Hearn is the founder of Power Bodybuilding, a fitness program that aims at building both strength and hypertrophy, along with aesthetics.

In case you thought that his muscle is merely for show, O’Hearn is proficient in Jet Kun Do and was inducted into the Judo’s Master’s Hal of Fame in 2014.

Could Mike O’Hearn be Natural?

When Mike was 16 years old, he weighed 270 pounds. As such, he’s been taunted his whole life with allegations of being on steroids. According to the fitness model, he was always the same weight, but what he learned how to do best was to shed the fat while maintaining his muscle.

As soon as O’Hearn first appeared on screen as Thor, colleagues, and the rest of the world couldn’t help but wonder whether he was on steroids. Later on, most of his castmates admitted to using steroids, but Mike always insisted that his gains were all-natural, even though he was still bigger and stronger than his juiced-up colleagues.

Mike O’Hearn Has Never Flunked a Test

Yes. And he’s probably taken as many urine tests as he has selfies. For instance, before the Gladiators reboot, NBC subjected him to a drug test. Besides, he has taken numerous tests for the natural bodybuilding contests in which he has participated, and nothing turned up. What’s more, some bodybuilding and powerlifting federations he has competed in have gone the extra mile of subjecting him to a polygraph (lie-detector) test.

Can I Look Like Mike O’Hearn Naturally?

Nature gives rise to freaks with moderation. For instance, some people have been gifted with remarkable muscle-building genetics. Flex Wheeler, for example, had a unique mutation that caused him to have myostatin deficiency. Myostatin is a protein that inhibits muscle growth.

As you can imagine, somebody experiencing this mutation can probably get jacked merely by making eye contact with a set of weights. Another example is the muscle-bound Belgian Blue Cattle, which lives with myostatin deficiency.

Other Mr. Olympia greats such as Phil Heath, Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others, are known to have superior bodybuilding genetics. These are guys who not only got big from lifting weights and taking steroids but are genetically endowed freaks of nature.

Check out this photo of Phil Heath before he started riding bicycles.

That said, we believe that Mike O’Hearn fits in the category of individuals who are genetically gifted for bodybuilding. The photo below shows Mike when he was 14 years old.

That’s right. 14 years old. And do not forget he weighed 270 pounds at 16 years. Check out his freaking biceps. It’d be better if we could find a photo of him at 14 in a relaxed front position. I bet he’d appear 10x bigger than he does in this pose. The ab pose usually makes someone with low body fat appear skinny than usual.

Anyway, to be that jacked at 14 years is quite remarkable.

Mike O’Hearn Stays Ripped All-Year Round

The majority of Mike’s critiques usually justify their Mike O’Hearn is on steroids allegations by pointing out that a 50-year-old can’t stay ripped throughout the year.

However, anyone who knows anything about exercise science will tell you that all you need to do to maintain a 6% body fat all year round is to eat maintenance calories.

What does that even mean? Well, if your BMR was 2000 calories, and you ate that exact number, or below every day, you wouldn’t gain fat. This translates to you being ripped all year round.

Now imagine how fast Mike’s metabolism is. He weighs 247 pounds and is very active, lifting, judo, running, jet kun do, etc. therefore, he doesn't have to starve himself to maintain that level of leanness.

Mike O’Hearn Power Bodybuilding

Mike O’Hearn has bodybuilding down to a science, at least for what works for him. Consequently, he has devised a system where one can build size and strength by meeting the needs of the power and aesthetics athlete.

His system entails lifting heavy weights for a few reps, but more sets. According to Mike, his workout system is the primary factor that has contributed to his fantastic physique. In short, Mike has learned how to lose fat while retaining his muscle, even when getting ready for a contest.

Mike O’Hearn Testosterone

A Man’s testosterone levels are said to decrease by 1% every year after the age of 30. Therefore, for Mike, it would have been reduced by 20%, which is a minimal amount. Such fluctuations in your testosterone levels will not make a difference to your total mass. Individuals take natural testosterone boosters that spike their T-levels by up to 30%, and they do not experience any evident changes in terms of muscle growth. This is because you need a tremendous spike or decline in testosterone levels to see a difference in your muscle structure.

What does all this mean?

It is scientifically possible for Mike O’Hearn to maintain his muscle at his age naturally. However, when he is past 65, we can expect his muscle tissue to shrink a little if he’s still lifting because his levels of free testosterone will be almost half of what they were when he was 25.

No Visible Signs of Steroid Use

Mike O’Hearn has none of the following signs of steroid use.

  • Baldness
  • Acne
  • Water Retention
  • Bloated Muscles
  • Flushed Skin
  • Huge, unproportioned Traps and Delts
  • Crazy vascularity


Mike O’Hearn has got a good head of hair on him. However, given that he is 50 years old if he was using steroids for the past 30 years, it’s almost impossible that he would have that amount of hair left on him.


Mike is vascular, but he is nowhere as veiny as he’d be if he were on steroids.

As you age, your body produces lesser collagen, resulting in thinner skin. The more delicate your skin, the more vascular you’ll be. Steroids also reduce collagen.

Therefore, a 50-year-old who’s a massive guy with extremely low body fat and is on steroids equals someone with freaky vascularity. This is not the case for Mike O’Hearn.


Nobody disagrees with the fact that Mike O’Hearn looks like a dream, and it’s inconceivable that he’d be natty. However, if there’s nothing to indicate that he’s on steroids, then there’s no reason why you should accuse anyone of being on steroids.

Therefore, our verdict is that Mi9ke O’Hearn is natural.

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