Is Ryan Terry On Steroids? We discovered the SHOCKING truth


Ryan is a universally recognized IFBB Men’s Physique competitor. He displays a physique that most people would consider perfect. Some of his form’s highlights include wide lats, deep, symmetrical abs, round delts, and aesthetic legs. Well, his physique is so remarkable that legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger told him that he has the best body in the world.

Ryan Terry started as a gas engineer and a plumber from Worksop, Nottinghamshire. However, he was always interested in bodybuilding from a tender age. The model recalls that he first fell in love with the sport when he was 13. He was at the gym, waiting for his mum to finish exercising when he noticed how incredible fitness was. When he looked around, he saw people training, but it was the ones who were pumping iron that got his attention. At that moment, he realized that he’d dedicate his life to core fitness and honing a toned physique.

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Several years down the line, Ryan Terry is an accomplished bodybuilder with numerous accolades to his name. He has been featured on multiple universal fitness magazine covers and was even crowned the first-ever Men’s Physique Professional from the United Kingdom.

However, with a form and the conditioning of Ryan Terry comes one recurring question. Has he built his physique naturally, or is he using steroids?

Let’s find out.

Legal Disclaimer                 

Before we can explore the various arguments for and against Ryan Terry’s steroid question, we have to get some stuff out of the way.

First, this entire text is speculative and merely aimed at providing more information about anabolic steroids. We do not condone the use of these illegal substances and do not hold anything against people who chose to indulge in steroids.

Secondly, we have no irrefutable proof to show that Ryan is or isn’t on steroids, and the facts that will be presented are public knowledge. We will only present various arguments that may indicate whether or not the model is natty.

Thirdly, the subsequent text does not intend to promote or slander the former mister Britain in any way.

Now that we’re in the clear let’s get digging.

Who is Ryan Terry?

Well, only one of the most popular male fitness models in the world today. He hails from Great Britain and is said to be one of the most accomplished pro bodybuilders in the country. Terry has graced the Mr. Olympia stage several times and has gone toe to toe with some of the biggest names in the industry.

In 2010, Ryan Terry entered the Mr. Great Britain competition, where he won first place. The same year, he competed in Mr. International and won the first prize too. As a result, he found sponsorship with USN, a supplement company, and this is where things began shaping up for the fitness model.

Ryan made the brave decision to change careers; he dedicated his time to his work within USN and other fitness promotions. As a result, he was able to channel all his energy into his passion, which is bodybuilding.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of Ryan Terry’s career highlights.

  • Great Britain 2010
  • International 2010
  • UK National Champion 2013
  • British Champion 2013
  • European Arnold Classic Champion 2013
  • Overall European Arnold Classic Champion 2013
  • IFBB Pittsburg Pro Champion 2015
  • IFBB Atlanta Pro Seaboard Champion 2015
  • Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia 2015 (4th Place)
  • Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia 2016 (2nd Place)
  • IFBB Pro Asia Grand Prix Champion 2016
  • Arnold Classic Pro Champion 2017
  • IFBB Pro Asia Grand Prix Champion 2017
  • Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia 2018 (3rd Place)

The following are Ryan Terry’s statistics.

  • Height: 5ft 10
  • Weight: 187 lbs.
  • Body Fat: 5%

Ryan hasn’t addressed the issue of steroids anywhere on social or mainstream media. He hasn’t bragged about being natural, and neither has he denied taking steroids. Besides, the bodybuilder isn’t as scrutinized as other fitness models and bodybuilders. Arguably, this is because he has a natural look to his physique, and his musculature isn’t exaggerated.

However, plenty of individuals all over the globe indulge in steroids and have a ‘natural’ physique. So, let’s investigate.

The Controversial Before/After Photo

Terry recently posted a transformation photo that brewed considerable controversy, leading to people questioning whether his gains are natural.

Here’s the photo everyone can’t seem to stop talking about.

Well, the argument is that one year is a relatively short span for someone to achieve such gains.

Ryan began lifting weights at the age of 14. Given that he was born in 1988, by April 2013, he’d be 24 and would have been lifting for the past decade. Therefore, for an experienced natural bodybuilder, gaining that much muscle mass within a year is somewhat unrealistic.

However, the 2014 pic appears to have been taken in the gym. Therefore, there’s a possibility that Ryan has a pump, which makes his muscles appear fuller. On the other hand, the April 2013 photo was captured when Ryan was competing in the UKBFF, against his hero Rob Riches.

I digress. That year, Rob defeated Ryan to win first place. However, he later tested positive for a banned substance, which led to his disqualification. Subsequently, Ryan became the champ.

Anyway, back to the topic.

Natural bodybuilders who diet hard for a contest are likely to lose muscle mass, considering that they consume fewer calories than usual. As a result, their muscles lack water and glycogen, which is catabolic. Besides, the caloric deficit also makes one’s muscles look flat due to insufficient glycogen and water.

To underpin the argument, here’s a photo of Ryan Terry in December 2012, four months before the April 2013 picture.

Well, although Ryan is posing differently in the last snapshot, it is evident that he is considerably bigger than the 2013 photo depicts. Therefore, it stands to reason that Ryan gave up some muscle mass while preparing for the UKBFF show, after which he regained his glycogen after he resumed his regular diet regimen.

What’s more, if Ryan did take steroids for the said transformation, it wouldn’t make much sense since he’d be ridiculously jacked in the March 2014 photo. As you may know, people who take steroids do not merely gain five to ten pounds of muscle. They literally blow up.

Ryan Terry Steroids Test

Ryan Terry has been tested by the UKBFF on several occasions, but only after leaving the stage. The UKBFF does not conduct random drug tests, which eliminates the element of surprise.

Therefore, a model competing in that organization can run anabolic compounds the entire year and then stop a few months before the contest. This means that by the time the competition starts, the steroids will have exited the participant’s system and will test negative for any PED’s.

Therefore, from Ryan’s competition history, there is nothing to prove whether he is natty or is taking steroids.

Ryan Terry Gains Timeline

Unfortunately, photos of young Ryan Terry when he started lifting weights are somewhat elusive. However, one thing that you can count on is that he has almost the same muscle mass compared to his beauty pageant days. However, he has become more shredded, which makes him appear more muscular.

But here’s another question.

Could he have been on the sauce before his Mr. International days?

Well, if he geared up to compete in Mr. International, it’s only fitting that he got on the same stuff when he decided to compete as a fitness model, where guys are considerably more massive than him.

Instead, Ryan bulks up during the offseason; he puts on a little extra fat to help him build more muscle. We like to call it the ‘Terry Bulk.’ Otherwise, if he was gearing, he could run more cycles to increase his size without his body fat levels fluctuating.

Ryan Terry Fitness Regimen

Ryan’s excellent physique necessitates a stringent administration of regulated food intake and exercise. He eats five meals daily, which constitute a total of 3,800 calories. During an interview, Terry revealed that he tends to train low intensity fasted cardio before breakfast (around 6 am) in the way of a brisk walk, cross trainer, or riding a bicycle. He uses that approach considering that he hasn’t eaten anything for over eight hours, meaning that he has no ready source of fuel, apart from stored fats.

He then eats two or three of his meals before attending his weighted gym session. The meals are usually high in carbs to fuel his training.

His last meal of the day is usually either a steak meal or a salmon, and that’d be about 45 minutes before bed. The reason Terry consumes essential fatty protein sources before bed is because they are slow-digesting, which is perfect as your body is shutting down, ready to relax and recover.

He works out for five days and rests for two.


Considering the arguments we’ve presented, do you think Ryan Terry is on steroids?

Do not forget that Ryan does not show any signs of being on steroids, be it gynecomastia, balding, acne, bloating, flushed skin, or androgen-dominant muscle groups.

Therefore, it suffices to conclude that Ryan Terry is indeed natty. Well, we agree that he is ripped to shreds and appears like something out of a sculptor’s workshop, but there’s nothing to indicate that he is on steroids.

Unless he’s using legal steroids? We’ll you’ll never know for sure.

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