Is Sergi Constance on Steroids? We investigated and found out


Between 1990 and 2010, the bodybuilding community was obsessed with size. The bigger and gnarly-looking guys always won the shows and got the sponsors. That era was ushered in by one of the sport’s GOATs, Dorian Yates. On his first crack at the Olympia, Dorian went against the aesthetic Lee Haney and found out that he could not compete with Lee’s beautiful physique since Lee was virtually perfect.

Dorian decided that if he couldn’t go toe to toe with Lee based on aesthetics alone, he would oust him off the throne using sheer mass. The next Olympia, Dorian, showed up looking like a mutant. He was something that people had never seen before; more than 250 pounds of raw muscle. Not only was he massive, but he was also sliced to the bone. Lee was unable to keep up with the sheer ferocity of Dorian’s physique and relinquished his throne to the British bodybuilder. And thus, the mass monster era was born.

People couldn’t get enough of these real-life hulks. As you can imagine, this drove many bodybuilders to abuse their bodies with anabolic steroids and exogenous substances in a bid to push their bodies to the absolute limits.


Unfortunately, after about two decades of the big guys getting all the rewards of bodybuilding, people started missing the slim, aesthetic physiques that bodybuilding is based upon.

Since 2011, a new wave of bodybuilders started getting all the shine. These are somewhat of hybrids between magazine models and bodybuilders, the ideal male body. The ushering of this new era was greatly aided by the evolution of social media to platforms where people can post their own pictures for the world to see.

These new bodybuilders are far more popular than the mass monsters still lurking around the Mr. Olympia stage, as they give the illusion that their physiques can be attained naturally.

But can you? Can you get a physique like that of a fitness model without help? Make no mistake about it, while fitness models are much smaller than mass monsters, they still carry around a lot of muscle mass.

One of the most famous fitness models out there is Sergi Constance. Despite the reverence that Sergi’s physique garners, a lot of people question whether he is natural. So, is Sergi Constance on steroids? This article aims to determine the likelihood of Sergi Constance being on steroids.

Who is Sergi Constance?

Sergi Constance is a 31-year-old Spanish bodybuilder who has left a lot of jaws on the floor due to his incredible physique. Couple that with his exotic good looks and 6’1’’ frame, you can already start understanding why people can’t seem to get enough of Sergi.

As mentioned, Sergi stands at 6’1″ and weighs between 205 and 225 pounds depending on whether he’s cutting or bulking. During competitions, Sergi gets his body fat levels to as low as 5 percent but never goes beyond percent body fat even when he’s bulking. This means that he’s pretty much shredded all year round, which is especially challenging to do as a natural athlete.

To get an idea of how awe-inspiring Sergi Constance’s physique really is, the guy has a combined 9 million followers from his various social media accounts. That is something that current Mr. Olympias can only dream about.

The Spaniard was once quoted as saying that he developed his physique through a combination of an efficient training and diet program (which he happens to sell), and sheer hard work. Sergi also has a bachelor’s degree in physics in sports science and physical education, which only serves as further proof of his passion for bodybuilding.

In terms of bodybuilding accolades, Sergi has won so many bodybuilding shows that he is now an IFBB pro. Something has to be said about him being in the IFBB; it is basically industry knowledge that anyone who competes in the IFBB circles has to be on steroids and other kinds of enhancers since the IFBB is the cream of the crop in all of bodybuilding.

Add that to the fact that Sergi doesn’t address any topics regarding his alleged steroid use, and you can see why a lot of people think that he’s on the sauce.

Also, the numerous mag covers, the millions of followers, and the sponsorships all depend on one thing; his ability to maintain his stellar physique. In short, his livelihood depends on it. If this isn’t a good enough reason to use steroids, then we don’t know what is.

Nonetheless, all we can do is speculate, but we shall do our best to try and determine whether Sergi Constance is on steroids.

Is Sergi Constance on Steroids?

Unless we can personally draw blood from Sergi and take it to a drug-testing facility, there’s no way we can truly say whether Sergi juices or not.

What we can do, however, is match Sergi up against the most common signs of steroid use. Therefore, the more signs he exhibits, the higher his likelihood of being on steroids. These signs include:

  • Rapid Gains in Muscle Mass

Next to synthetic growth hormone, anabolic steroids are the most effective muscle-growing substances on the planet. What should take years of hard work going at it naturally can be achieved in a matter of months using anabolic steroids?

In fact, anabolic steroids have been known to cause as much as 30 pounds in lean muscle gains in a lot less than a year. Comparatively, it wouldn’t take you any less than 3 years of consistent hard work and dieting to make the same amount of gains naturally.

This is because muscle-growing anabolic steroids are artificial versions of the primary muscle-building hormone in the body, testosterone. Unfortunately, once you get to your early 20s, testosterone production starts waning, and that is why it is incredibly difficult to build muscle.

However, by using anabolic steroids, you will be increasing the levels of testosterone in your system, thus putting your body in an anabolic (growth) state, and this is why steroid users grow at such a fast rate.

Sergi Constance has been incredibly discreet about his transformation to the beast that he is today. Virtually everyone that knows him met him looking like this, so we can’t say for sure whether his gains were miraculous, or he built them gradually.

The earliest photo we have of him is from 2010, where he appears to be nearly as big as he is today, but not as lean. The only difference he has made in between those 9 years has been dropping his body fat levels and increasing the size of his arms and shoulders. For 9 years, those are incredibly small changes.

Additionally, his 2010 physique looks like it can be attained naturally if you have the right genetics, and stay consistent with your workouts and diet. As such, based on physical changes, it is plausible that Sergi might be natural. However, we are not sure what he does to get his body fat levels so low without making his muscles look depleted. Steroids such as Winstrol are known to help with this exact thing. They help you lose fat while maintaining your muscle mass.

Thus, even though Sergi Constance might not be using mass building anabolic steroids, it is highly likely that he uses diuretics such as Winstrol.

  • Massive Delts and Traps

Another easy way of spotting a potential steroid use is by checking out their shoulder muscle development, especially their trapezius (traps) and deltoid (delts) muscles. In most instances, these muscles are usually so developed in steroid users that they overpower the rest of their physique.

This is because the shoulder region contains the largest portion of androgen receptors in the body. Androgen receptors are nuclear receptors, which, in the presence of androgenic hormones such as testosterone, stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Since anabolic steroids increase the amount of testosterone in the body, the shoulder muscles are typically the ones most affected by the growth-enhancing capabilities of this hormone.

When it comes to shoulder development, Sergi Constance has a very impressive-looking set of delts. However, his trap development is somewhat lacking. Considering that traps contain a very high amount of androgen receptors, one would expect him to have exceptional development in these muscles if he were taking steroids.

The Verdict

There are other common signs of steroid use, such as gynecomastia, flushed skin, body acne, and receding hair, which Sergi doesn’t display. The ones discussed in this article, however, are the ones that can help you determine the likelihood of someone being on steroids with the highest degree of accuracy.

As such, while Sergi’s physique does look suspect, he isn’t displaying the signs of anabolic steroid use. Maybe the bloke’s genetics are just that damn good. Nonetheless, even though he might not be using anabolic steroids, there’s a good chance that Sergi Constance uses legal steroids.

Legal steroids are the alternative version of anabolic steroids and are referred to as steroids since they mimic the anabolic effects of actual steroids. However, they do not cause the side effects that come with anabolic steroid use. This is because legal steroids are made from ingredients derived from plants and herbs. If you are looking to build a physique that is as impressive as Sergi’s, legal steroids are the only safe products that can get you close to crafting such a physique.

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