Is Simeon Panda on Steroids? We discovered the shocking truth


Is the Simeon Panda steroid debate even worth discussion? Isn’t it quite evident upon first glance whether the celebrity has achieved his physique naturally? Maybe not.

As you’d expect, Simeon Panda alleges to be a natty bodybuilder and attributes his jaw-dropping transformation to years of steadfast training. He has even shared photos demonstrating how his form has improved over the years.

Regardless, he is often accused of taking steroids by individuals who find it hard to believe that a physique as impressive as he can be the result of natural training. The majority of his critics base their arguments on comparing his form with that of famous bodybuilders known to have taken steroids, including former seven-time Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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What’s more, the critics argue that the fact that he competes in Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding contests doesn’t exonerate him from the accusations, as the tests can easily be bypassed.

On the flipside, Simeon’s supporters have reiterated that just because the Musclemania competitions can be sidestepped doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s what the fitness guru does. Besides, they’ve gone a step further to critically analyze various aspects of Simeon’s physique to prove that his form is nowhere that of Arnie during his prime.

Simeon Panda’s followers primarily uphold the comprehensive timeline shared by the celebrity through photos to convince naysayers that through hard work and dedication, one can achieve what the fitness personality has become over the years.

Enough of the he-say-she-say. Let’s put a cap on this discussion and answer once and for all, is Simeon Panda on steroids?

Legal Disclaimer

Before we can proceed any further, let’s set some facts straight for the record.

We respect Simeon Panda and all his endeavors and therefore have no intention to promote or defame his name. This text is for information purposes only. Consequently, we do not know the public figure at a personal level and have no access to their medical reports. Therefore, we are incapable of definitively stating whether he is or isn’t on steroids.

While we’re at it, let’s put across that we do not condone the usage of anabolic steroids, and believe them to be dangerous. With that in mind, we also hold nothing against those who use them, for whatever reason.

With that out of the way, let’s embark on learning more about Simeon Panda’s remarkable physique.

Who Is Simeon Panda?

Simeon Panda is a British fitness model, professional bodybuilder, and entrepreneur. He was born on May 28, 1986, in London, England. Simeon cofounded SP Aesthetics, an online fitness and sportswear shop with his brother Samuel Panda. Simeon has also landed a sponsorship with the leading supplement manufacturer in Europe, MyProtein.

In his terms, he is one of the most significant fitness professionals on the globe. Simeon competes in bodybuilding competitions all over the world. In 2013, he won the Musclemania European Championships and gained pro status.

Simeon has graced the cover of different fitness magazines, including Train Mag, MuscleMag, Muscle & Performance, Fitness RX, and MuscleInsider, to name a few. Besides, he has also written for numerous fitness publications and also appears in multiple fitness and bodybuilding competitions as a judge.

Rumor has it that you may be seeing Simeon Panda in the acting world sooner than later. Why not? With that physique, he might as well sign up for all-male superhero roles.

Simeon Panda Steroid Claims

When you have more than 5.5 million fans on Instagram and a combined social media reach of more than 9 million people, you must be doing something right. However, as you’d expect, not all of Simeon’s followers are his fans. Some are haters.

Despite never meeting Simeon in person, he comes off as a little arrogant. Some may call it cockiness or confidence. It doesn’t matter.

Simeon Panda receives considerable online criticism, with people calling him a liar, a disgrace to the bodybuilding community, and, overall, a fake natty. The negative comments are mostly because some individuals believe that he is on gear. However, such accusations are based purely on the guy’s size.

Here are Simeon Panda’s stats:

  • Height: 6ft 1
  • Weight: 230 pounds
  • Estimated body fat: 7%

Simeon’s measurements (approximately)

  • Arms: 21 inches
  • Chest: 50 inches
  • Waist: 31 inches

The above stats are remarkable for someone who trains without the help of anabolic steroids, and most people who see Simeon instantly assume that he is on steroids. Well, is there any substance behind these allegations, or is Simeon Panda telling the truth?

Simeon Panda Comparison to Arnie

Most fitness critics believe that Simeon is on steroids primarily because he weighs the same as Arnie during his prime. For the record, Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to taking steroids. However, one would be incredibly naïve to think that Simeon is the same size as Arnold in his prime, just because you read somewhere that they have similar stats.

Guess what? Stats aren’t always accurate; they are often inflated and sometimes outright inaccurate.

In reality, Simeon Panda isn’t remotely close to the level of muscularity that Arnold had when he dominated Mr. Olympia. Simeon would have to add a whopping 40 pounds of lean muscle to challenge the Austrian Oak.

Schwarzenegger had a 58-inch chest, 8 inches bigger than Simeon’s. The then, Mr. Olympia also had 22-inch arms, which are one inch more than Panda. While one inch could be dismissed as trivial, it makes a massive difference to your guns, especially when it is pure lean muscle.

Musclemania = Weak Drug Testing

When doing professional bodybuilding, Simeon Panda competes in Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Federation. However, experts believe that the drug tests from this organization cannot be relied upon to prove whether a competitor uses steroids or not.

Is their testing approach ineffective? You’d wonder. No, it is because the testing policy requires the top five competitors to submit a urine sample immediately after a contest. This means that the participants know precisely when the tests will happen, thus eliminating the element of surprise. With that in mind, a participant can strategize when to come off the steroids, to pass the test.

On the contrary, just because the organization for which Simeon Panda competes has an ineffective drug testing policy doesn’t prove anything against his natty status.

Simeon Panda Gains Timeline

When it comes to gains, natural bodybuilders have a very distinct time window when you observe how much muscle they’ve gained throughout their existence.

As soon as they begin lifting weights, they grow. Subsequently, they plateau and experience snail-paced growth after that.

On the flipside, typical steroid users exhibit a different timeline of gains.

As newbies, they realize significant gains. After some time, they plateau, and then suddenly, they attain considerable gains once they begin taking steroids.

Let’s check out Simeon Panda’s gains timeline over the years.

You will notice that the celebrity fitness model has not gained much muscle mass after he attained his initial gains as a newbie. It appears like he learned how to diet and get more ripped.

Honestly, his transformation timeline looks quite natural. However, if he had continued growing much bigger after 2006, then it would point to steroid usage, but he has remained more or less the same size for over ten years.

Simeon Panda Tiny Waist

Have you ever seen such a tiny waist on a guy as huge as Simeon Panda? A size like this would be impossible to achieve if he was on anabolic steroids.

Even if you do not take HGH and insulin, which are known for causing a steroid gut, taking any steroids will lead to a blocky midsection. Even Arnie’s waist was three inches wider than Panda’s at the same height and body fat.

Simeon Panda Passed a Polygraph

After receiving constant hate and people calling him a fake natty, Simeon arranged for a lie detector test so that he could prove naysayers wrong.

The lie detector test was conducted by Don Cargill, the NADAC senior examiner, chairman of the UK and European polygraph association, and associate of the American polygraph association. In short, if you want maximum accuracy on a polygraph, this is your guy.

Notably, the test he took had a 98% accuracy, 3% more accurate than standard tests.

In the polygraph, he was asked the following questions:

  • “Have you ever used any form of steroids in your life?”
  • “Have you ever used any form of Human Growth Hormone in your life?”

Simeon Panda answered NO to both questions. There were no signs of deception, and he passed the test.

Simeon Panda Is the Same Size as Natty Phil and Kai

Guys who compete in the IFBB were huge even before they began taking steroids. These guys are gifted genetically gifted.

Kai was only 17 in that photo. What if Phil and Kai did not start juicing? Something tells me that social media ‘natty experts’ would be calling them frauds too.


Is Simeon Panda on steroids? We’ll have to go with a no on that one. It doesn’t matter how unbelievable his physique appears, but if there is no evidence pointing to him being on juice, we can’t say otherwise.

But how does he remain so jacked over time? I would guess that he is on some legal steroids. Besides, you’ve got to admit that he also has some spectacular bodybuilding genetics. However, none of that matters without proper genetics, hard work, proper diet, and general bodybuilding knowledge.

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