Is Ulissis Jr on Steroids? We Investigated and found out


In the bodybuilding world, it would probably be an unforgivable sin to pass up Ulisses Jr as one of the best stars. That is because Ulisses Jr is a thrill to see. He packs some of the most jaw-dropping physiques around.

He doesn’t only excel with his body but commands attention for something else even more potent: he is an enthusiastic proponent and outspoken champion for natural-based bodybuilding proclaiming his distaste for steroids in his Instagram bio which is headlined, “Natural bodybuilding.”.”

But Ulisses has also attracted a lot of flak from detractors who reckon he isn’t as squeaky clean as he makes out to be. Should we take Ulisses’ word or go by the mounting criticism? In this article, we are going to take a close hard look at the facts and answer this question.


Ulissis Jr: who is he? 

Ulissis Jr was born in 1976 to a family in New York. Those around him from childhood remember an unrelenting burning passion for fitness and working out that stayed with him. He made the football and athletics team in school, putting in some remarkable performances.  Ulisses jr shot up the ranks to become a top-notch champion bodybuilder. The going wasn’t always easy, especially in high school, considering he was just a scrawny kid. Among his teammates and players, he came in as the smallest bodied.

It was at the age of 19 that Ulissis Jr finally became convinced that his future would lie in bodybuilding. From that point on, there was no looking back, and he thrust himself intensely into his new journey.

The gains along the way were incredible, but he soon hit an embarrassing plateau where try as he might, the gains weren’t coming anymore. He was stuck in a rut, and this felt like being imprisoned.

Then he found the answer to this monumental quandary in nutrition and supplements.

He counts as his big influence great names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and the legendary late Serge Nebret.

When the wins started coming, it was a grand sweep, attesting to the fruits of hard work – or is there an untold tale of steroids mixed in the success story? Here is a glance at some of his winnings, which should make him nothing short of a spectacular bodybuilding champ.

  • 2000 Platinum Novice
  • 2001 Met Championships NYC Novice
  • He also clinched the
  • Musclemania Fitness Atlantic Championship titles for 2002, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2011, and 2013.

So given this background, should we conclude that Ulisses Jr is natty? Or are these solid proof of steroid use?

First Impressions

What is the first thing that will hit your mind when you set eyes on Ulisses? Will you think natty or steroids?

To put it simply, Ulisses Jr’s body looks so fabulous that I won’t be surprised that the reaction of some folks would be, no way, this isn’t possible the natural way. So there is a lot of leaning toward steroids, as far as an opinion on Ulisses Jr is concerned. Nonetheless, Ulisses doesn’t have the obvious signs that come with using steroids such as bloating, massive traps, or steroid guts.

Here is a look at some of his stats.

  • Height 5 ft 10
  • Weight 210 lbs
  • Body fat 5 to 7%

Some of this, of course, may come from the generosity of nature, which one enjoys as a black man. Genetics happens to endow black men with muscle-making capacity that is a cut above that of whites. That goes too for black women who are naturally gifted with much more testosterone that gets them noticed from a curvier physical shape compared to white women.

So is Ulisess’ eye-popping physique down to his lucky genetics, or should we be looking elsewhere?

Didn’t he get drug tested?

Has Ulisses Jr ever got busted for juicing? The short answer is no. The long answer is a bit complicated, and yet it’s the one you need to hear more about because it provides a lot more context. Ulisses has competed in several contests, emerging tops in many of them. But let’s look at Musclemania, where he has raked the most wins and solidified his name as a champion worthy of our notice and respect.

Musclemania has testing policies that do not mandate testing at any time. You only get tested just after you are through with your competition.

That gives a competitor plenty of room to use steroids in good time before the competition. Come the competition day, and you will have no trace of steroids left in you. Yet you will retain every bit of muscle in your body, but there will be no sign of the steroids that got you those bulging muscles.

What this means is that passing a drug test in Musclemania tells you nothing in particular other than the fact that you might have evaded a positive drug test by smart timing. So we need to look beyond this evidence to some other place.


If you want to tell if a guy could be on steroids, you will do well to take a look at the nipples. Why? Because this is one of the things, steroids reward you with as a side effect.

You see, steroids get your body swarming with testosterone that is a bit on a larger scale than natural. That kicks off a process where the body turns some of that testosterone into estrogen, the female sex hormones. So you don’t just get a generous amount of testosterone in your body but also some estrogens. Where this gets interesting is that the more of this excess testosterone you have, the more estrogen you end up with.

The result of this can be deflating to your male ego because estrogen will cause you to get a nice pair of mammary breasts – the so-called condition called Gyno. So does Ulisses have some of this telltale quirk in him?

Unfortunately, yes, but it isn’t something you will quickly notice.

You will have to take a closer look because they are small; nonetheless, he certainly does seem to have a case of Gyno. There is a problem, however, because Gyno can also come about by gyrating hormone levels in your body and not necessarily from steroids. Don’t teenage boys also get these things when going through puberty? Yes, but we don’t get crazy and conclude that they are on steroids. Workouts can do the trick, too, by elevating your testosterone levels naturally. So from just looking at the Gyno, we still have no proof that Ulisses Jr is using steroids, but it’s something worth keeping this point in mind.

History of Gains

What’s Ulisses Jr‘s gains timeline? It shows clearly that he likely used steroids and could not be natty. His progress shows that when he should have plateaued assuming he was natty, he suddenly had a spurt of growth that defies anything natural.

What does Ulisses himself say? 

This is the most direct evidence you can have, getting the word from the champ himself. Ulisses Jr has made himself quite unequivocal about his stand on steroids and natural bodybuilding. After all, he has been an active social media icon advocating for a wide range of issues in the body, including the wisdom of refraining from steroids. He regards himself as a natural leader, and he proves it through his Instagram page that draws millions of followers.

But does Ulisses Jr’s public stand against steroids mean he is not taking steroids? Not at all. Words can mean nothing, and there is always the chance that a person can betray their own principles under certain circumstances. There are even some people who will look you in the eye and repeatedly tell you what they know to be untrue. So, while it would be nice to go by Ulisses’s statements denouncing steroids, it’s not enough to draw any conclusions.

I am, however, intrigued about what Ulisses Jr doesn’t say. After a long history of consistently disavowing his use of steroids, Ulisses strangely went quiet when criticisms began surfacing accusing him of using steroids. For someone who has been outspoken against steroids, that raises an eyebrow.

Is it a tacit admission to using steroids, or has he just got tired of deflecting the criticisms and has decided to let the accusers have the field day? It’s hard to say, but there is a strong possibility Ulisses Jr is capitulating to a recent reality: that he has waded into steroids even if just in a minor way.

Maybe his good honor, despite that conflagration, won’t allow him to come out as before to bat down the barbs.

What’s more, he has gone further and deleted that part in his Instagram that says he is natural bodybuilding. Is he shedding the pretenses here and owning up to reality at last?

My verdict 

There is no way of nailing down for sure if Ulisses JR does steroids. But we have a lot of leads here to settle for a nice guess and reasonable verdict. The evidence, when looked at in totality, suggests that Ulisses JR has some sauce fueling his insane gains. If it’s not steroids,, then it’s probably some legal steroids.

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