Is Jeff Seid on Steroids? We Investigated and found out!


Want to know who is the youngest IFBB pro of all time? That would be Jeff Seid. But don’t imagine it was easy for Jeff to get there. Two times, he had to rebound from very depressing circumstances that would have crippled almost any other man. Jeff’s story makes a fascinating read, but if some naysayers had it, his achievements could not have been possible without steroids.

So in this article, we set off on a journey to explore the question: is Jeff Seid natty, or is he on steroids?


Jeff’s background 

As I said, Jeff’s story is a great one that buzzes with inspiration for lots of aspiring fitness and bodybuilding guys. It was at 12 that he first tried his hand at training. That happened because his parents bought him just what he needed for his 12th birthday. They consisted of a bench press, 30 lbs barbell, 50 lbs weights, and dumbbells. He also got a training book that he still treasures to this day called, weight lifting for dummies.

In the beginning, Jeff’s interest in training was driven by nothing more than getting the girls to notice him. But he soon got deadly serious and trained his sights on making training the core of his life. It became an integral part of his life and a lifestyle.

Come to high school, and he was all over the place, whether it was football or wrestling. He even had dreams for a sports scholarship and seemed on course to get it. It was when prospects couldn’t look brighter for Jeff that he suffered his first mishap. His anterior cruciate ligament, also called ACL, was shattered in his first football game as a senior.

The injury needed surgery, and Jeff was left feeling devastated out of fear and uncertainty for his future career. He plunged into depression, and it took quite an effort to revive his motivation.

Jeff willed himself to go for his debut competition. He made a fantastic recovery only to suffer another crushing blow when his ACL got shattered a second time. It was only 3 months after his first operation. This time nothing could hold him back, and he strove to push out all discouragement, aiming the IFBB Pro Card. He reaped a stunner when he succeeded, making IFBB history as the youngest bodybuilding professional.

However, not everyone has appreciated Jeff’s ascent to the top, with some saying it was aided with steroids. So, has Jeff stole his way into peoples’ hearts with a whopper of a lie that he is natural?

Signs that he is natty 

The evidence for Jeff’s nattiness is pretty good. Let’s take a look at a few of them and see how strongly they build a  case against the idea that he is using steroids.

  • No sign of acne – Some people using steroids are almost guaranteed to get a case of acne. Why? Steroids work by stimulating more androgenic hormones in your body. But they could also drive your body to produce acne by making your sebaceous glands to release more oil. However, this tends to run according to genetic factors. If you naturally had acne as a teenager, we can predict that using steroids is certainly guaranteed to make you get acne. So, what is the case with Jeff Seid?


First, looking at Jeff in his post-teen and bodybuilding years, you will notice he has remarkably clear skin. You won’t find any pictures of Jeff showing him with acne. Yet as a teenager, Jeff had acne. This should be strong evidence that he doesn’t do steroids.

  • The perfect set of genes – We aren’t all equally endowed with the genes for a stunning physique. Some guys find it much easier to reach this desired destination simply because they are lucky to have the right genes. Is Jeff one of these lucky few? The answer has to be yes. You see, getting big and ripped naturally is something that comes hard and slow over time. Quick, explosive gains in a short time? That is fiction. It won’t happen. What is curious about Jeff is the length of time he has been lifting, which is about 9 years. If you look at his picture at 17 years of age to one now at 23, you will find that the gains aren’t much. What this means is that when Jeff was starting out, his body was already in great shape with the absence of fat and quite a bit of lean muscle. This fact shows that Jeff must be a lucky beneficiary of his genes.


  • Jeff’s own stated stand on steroids – Some bodybuilders choose to stay mostly quiet about where they stand regarding the use of steroids, so it’s hard to guess if they are natural or not. Jeff, however, makes it easy for us by clearly stating his position. He thinks there is no reason for using steroids when it’s perfectly possible to acquire the aesthetic result naturally. This statement by Jeff doesn’t prove that he doesn’t take steroids, however. But his take about this seems so genuine and deeply personal that you are inclined to believe him. He concedes, however, that there might be a case for using steroids if your goal is to get the same results as such famous Mr. Olympia names like Ronnie Coleman and others. Nonetheless, he insists on the healthy option, which he says should be steroid-free. If you follow Jeff on social media, you will notice he gets lots of trolls alleging he uses steroids. Jeff’s response is never to skirt around the issue but to make a clear denial. What Jeff doesn’t tell us is that he is probably more fortunate than most in having great genes, which makes it unnecessary to use steroids.


Steroid use leaves physical marks

If you are using steroids, there are some physical signs which should immediately give you away. Jeff doesn’t show these traits.

  • Gyno – Bodybuilders who use steroids will usually have the classic case of gynecomastia. That is a condition that makes you have nipples that are pointed like a woman’s along with some puffiness. It’s brought about by estrogen, the female sex hormone, which itself is stimulated by the use of steroids. Jeff has no such condition, which is one more piece of evidence that he doesn’t use steroids.
  • Retains thick hair – steroids will also cause thinning or receding hair. As you may notice, Jeff Seid has thick hair, which seems to knock out the suggestion that he is using steroids.
  • The baby’s face looks – Jeff Seid’s distinctive baby looks something else that should make you think he is natty. Steroid use often strips away the collagen in your skin, making you look older with an appearance of wrinkles. Jeff’s appearance defies all this because he actually looks younger than his years
  • Serge Nubret – We need to address this point which has been raised by many critics, against Jeff Seid. The criticism basically runs this way: that Jeff Seid has the same stats as the incredible Serge Nubret, a towering Mr. Olympia champion. Serge Nubret was widely known to use PEDs (performance enhancement drugs), including steroids. This accounted for his stunning physique that was free of fat and ripping lean muscle. No way anyone is going to get that physique naturally, the critics say, and Jeff Seid has the same physique.
  • 6 foot tall
  • 200 lbs of weight
  • 18 inches in arm thickness
  • 6% of body fat


However, this criticism is short on facts because Jeff and Serge don’t have the same physique. Serge Nubret comes in at a much bigger size than Jeff, which makes this criticism against Jeff dead on arrival.

Apart from all the above facts pointing to Jeff Seid’s not being associated with steroids, he has clear skin and no issue of bloating or water retention.

However, before we conclude that all this is solid-rock evidence that Jeff is 100% natty, let’s look at the possibility that he is using steroids.


Why he could be using steroids 

On the flip side, do we have anything indicating that Jeff isn’t natty?

  • Flushed face – this is one thing some say you will not see in Jeff. However, if you observe more keenly, you will see instances when his skin takes this appearance either on stage or at the end of the competitions. This condition can be caused by steroids as the result of the higher temperature and blood pressure it induces in the user.

Other than this, there is no other sign to suggest that Jeff Seid is taking anabolic steroids.


So what’s the conclusion?

One is inclined to believe that Jeff doesn’t use steroids based on what seems to be his outspoken stand against it. But one can’t ignore the possibility that he uses legal steroids, which can deliver results just as brilliant.

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