How To Use Kratom and Phenibut Without Risking your health


In terms of how to use kratom and phenibut, there are a number of things that you will need to keep in mind. Many users who report combining these things in low amounts have reported exceptional, beneficial experiences. Combining these two entities has also proven to be popular with not only recreational interests, but with those who are seeking viable alternatives for anxiety, depression, and even certain types of chronic pain.


Can a combination of kratom and phenibut help with these issues? That is ultimately going to depend on how your body responds to these things. If you have never taken either item before, you are going to want to exercise a good deal of caution moving forward. Taking too much of either, or even both, can cause a range of short-term or even long-term health issues.

When low dosages of both are observed, and when the individual pays attention to how their body responds, the benefits of combining kratom and phenibut can be compelling. We are talking about a tropical plant (kratom) and Central Nervous System/CNS depressant (phenibut) that can be brought together to create extreme feelings of relaxation and euphoria in the individual.

Let’s better understand this possibility with a closer look at both kratom and phenibut. This will make it easier to understand why proper dosages of either or both simultaneously should always be observed.




Let’s first take a closer look at both of these items, which in turn will help us to understand why people would want to bring them together in the first place.

Kratom comes from Southeast Asia. However, depending upon where you get the specific strain from, you can find yourself with completely different types of kratom. This member of the caffeine family can be found in such locales as Borneo, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, and others. You can also know which type of kratom you are dealing with by paying attention to the veins. You have red vein, white vein kratom, and green vein kratom. It is important to make sure the one you ultimately choose will give you the results you have in mind. Kratom use stretches back centuries, with some of the first examples being found in the nineteenth century. It is said the working class of these regions would chew the leaves of the plant to get a boost during the day.

Kratom use has become particularly popular with western culture in recent years, as more and more people are looking for supplements to help them with exhaustion, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. The alkaloids found in kratom connect to receptors similar to what you can experience with opiates. This is because both kratom and opiates are examples of opioids. This no doubt explains why more and more people are exploring kratom as a treatment method for opiate addiction.

With phenibut, we are referring to a CNS depressant that has become extremely popular in recent years. It is also known by such names as Noofen, Anvifen, and Fenibut. It has gained a certain measure of notice for its ability to offer not only stimulating properties but anxiolytic properties, as well. This synthetic drug was actually first created several decades ago in the 1960s, but it has gained a certain measure of prominence among kratom users. Kratom itself has only become popular in the U.S., Canada, and similar countries in the past decade or so.

Phenibut works with your GABA receptors, which play a significant role in determining both happiness and contentment. This is perhaps the biggest reason why it has been prescribed for people dealing with anxiety and depression.

Let’s take a look now at the benefits of each of these items. We can also take a closer look at how the benefits of phenibut and kratom will work together when taken simultaneously.


In terms of taking these things together, it is not difficult to understand why so many are curious to try. Both work with overall mood and feelings of wellness. When combined, they can offer a powerful state of relaxation and euphoria, with each one’s qualities serving to ultimately enhance the other. As long as either or both are not abused, it stands to reason that those seeking supreme relief from anxiety and depression may be able to find it by taking phenibut and kratom together.

Their separate qualities are worth studying in greater detail, to be sure. Kratom has earned a good deal of prominence from reviewers for providing powerful chronic pain management. This is why individuals just recovering from surgery turn to kratom for relief. It has also proven to be very popular indeed with those seeking safer treatments for things like arthritis. Certain kratom strains can be perfect for giving the individual an energizing boost to help them with their day. Other kratom strains and dosages can create a feeling of supreme comfort and relaxation. Given how phenibut works, it is not hard to see how the two can be even more effective as a tandem than they would ever be on their own.

It is also worth noting that both kratom and phenibut have been linked to better sexual performance. This could be tied to these feelings of euphoria that we discussed. It could also be due to the improved blood flow that can occur when taking kratom. When these two are combined, many individuals report better sexual performance and better overall experiences. This is yet another potential benefit that is well worth keeping in mind.


Both kratom and phenibut have their own unique side effects and potential downsides that you will need to consider. There is also a potential for harm when combining phenibut with kratom. This is why proper dosages are so extremely important, which we will cover shortly.

For now, let’s start with the side effects that can follow each of these things, as well as how those side effects can come together.

The side effects associated with kratom are not particularly dangerous. Mild nausea and minor headaches can occur in first-time users, or in those instances in which an individual abuses kratom. These feelings will generally go away on their own. Many users also report these minor side effects disappearing after they have used kratom for a second or even a third time. If you experience these side effects, consider a lesser dosage. What you do not want to do at this point is to combine kratom with anything else, which includes phenibut. There is also a potential for addiction with kratom, regardless of the specific strain. However, addiction and abuse can both be avoided by always taking dosages seriously. As long as you are not taking kratom in great quantities for prolonged periods of time, you really shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

When it comes to phenibut side effects, there are naturally a few things you are going to want to keep in mind. Some of the side effects, particularly headaches and nausea, can also be found with kratom. Combining these things, even sensibly, can heighten these side effects among first-time users. Again, paying close attention to how your body responds will go a long way towards ensuring your initial experiences with kratom and/or phenibut are highly positive.

High doses of phenibut can lead to nightmares, extreme depression, and other serious issues. Make sure to fully research potential side effects before combining them with kratom. It is our recommendation that you have a certain amount of experience with taking kratom and phenibut separately, before making it a point to combine them.


Beginners should keep in mind that you are hitting two different sets of receptors fairly hard when you combine kratom with phenibut. Experts suggest a combination dosage of roughly one gram of phenibut with no more than four grams of kratom. This seems to create an ideal balance in which the two work together on shared benefits (better sleep), while also enabling each other’s benefits to shine through in a more effective fashion. You may find yourself with equal measures of improved mood and enhanced sexual performance. This is clearly one example of why people are bringing these things together.

Phenibut can also be used to help an individual deal with any sort of “hangover” that occurs from kratom use.


White and red vein kratoms are both considered to be ideal strains for combining with phenibut. In particular, the relaxation qualities of red vein kratom have made it very popular among those who use both of these things at the same time.

It is generally advised to not exceed the dosage mentioned above. It is also not recommended that an individual combine these things more than once a week. A greater frequency than that runs the risk of creating problems with addiction to both of these things.

As long as you respect what you are taking, which includes respecting how your body responds to them, your experiences should prove to be highly positive. This is just one of the reasons why kratom use has blown up among recreational users.

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