Kratom In Pill Form – Pro’s and Con’s


Kratom pills contain naturally derived kratom herb that originates from the kratom plant. The tree is most often found in Thailand, Malaysia, or Indonesia and there are multiple strands of kratom available on the market. Kratom has become increasingly popular over the years with a large number of kratom retailers online selling the product.

The name kratom is the original name given to the plant in Thailand however, the scientific name for kratom is Mitragyna speciosa. The tree is also connected to the Rubiaceae family of plants. One of the reasons why kratom is often associated with coffee is because it comes from the same family of plants, and people often compare the caffeine high to the high you get from taking kratom.

Kratom has been used for many years to in Southeast Asia to boost energy and build stamina. Mostly factory workers and farmers used it to give them the energy to work for long hours on the factory floor or on the field. Mostly they would boil the leaves to make a powerful natural tea. Some would even chew the leaves to get a natural high and to increase energy levels.

Kratom pills provide an easy and convenient way of consuming kratom. In this overview of kratom pills, I am going to highlight the pills that are readily available on the market, as well as discuss some of the benefits and possible side effects connected to taking kratom pills.

Types of Kratom Pills 

There are two types of kratom pills on the market and those are:

Kratom crushed herb pills and Kratom capsules

Kratom Crushed Herb Pills 

Kratom crushed herb pills are made of dried kratom herbs, transformed into a powder, and formed into a pill. These can be taken with water or juice just like you would consume any other tablet. You can also dissolve them in water if you wish to do so. This type of pill is great for travel and overall convenience. Because powder can often be messy and inconvenient when traveling. You can also simply chew the kratom pill if you want to.

Kratom Capsules 

Kratom capsules are just as the name suggests, these are edible capsules. The capsules contain pure kratom in powdered form, and they can be easily swallowed with water or juice.

Why Do People Take Kratom Pills? 

This is a poignant question, why do people take kratom pills? What do users hope to get out of taking them? Here are some of the reasons why people take kratom pills:

To Relieve Pain 

Some people take kratom pills to help with pain relief, especially chronic pain. Kratom has been known to relieve pain by sending signals to the brain to relax the muscles and reduce pain. Some kratom users have reported excellent results when it comes to pain relief. I have had some personal experience of using kratom for pain relief. I had a serious knee injury a couple of years ago and I was taking some strong prescription medication to reduce the pain. However, as a result of taking the pills, I started to feel drowsy all the time so I decided to stop taking them. A friend of mine told me about kratom pills, I purchased some online and started taking them in small doses. After a couple of weeks, I did experience some relief with little or no side effects.

To Reduce Anxiety 

I have spoken to a few people who have experienced some relief from anxiety when they take kratom. I have no personal experience with anxiety but the people that I have recently spoken to said this was the main reason why they decided to take kratom pills in the first place. Kratom pills work by calming the nervous system and sending signals to the brain to reduce feelings of nervousness or fear. I think that if you want to take kratom pills for anxiety, you should also look into changing your lifestyle as a whole. Instead of just relying on kratom pills to reduce feelings of anxiety. Think about embarking on an exercise and healthy eating regime to boost the effects of the pills.

Also, if you are already taking some form of anxiety medication prescribed by your doctor, find out from them if you can replace your medication or combine the two for better results.

To Increase Energy

I can vouch for this, my energy levels shoot up when I take kratom pills. However, if I stop taking the pills, I do notice a drop in energy levels. This is why I fully advocate living a healthy lifestyle as opposed to living an unhealthy lifestyle and taking kratom pills to boost your energy. Drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and get some exercise whenever you can to increase the effectiveness of the pills. Drinking plenty of water is actually vital when you are taking kratom pills because some users have reported dry mouth and dehydration as a result of taking the pills.

To Feel Happier 

Kratom increases overall feelings of happiness by boosting the production of serotonin and dopamine in the body. Both serotonin and dopamine work to increase overall feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

To Boost Productivity

I work as an online content editor and graphic designer and I need to be able to complete tasks in an effective, efficient, and timely manner. Previously, I would drink cup after cup of strong black coffee, and sometimes it would make me feel anxious, palpitations, and shaky hands. However, when I started taking kratom pills instead I noticed that I felt more focused, I got more done and I never felt anxious or shaky. I definitely recommend kratom pills to anyone who wants to get more focused and boost their productivity.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Taking Kratom Pills? 

Please bear in mind that these side effects are only possible side effects. They mostly occur when people exceed the recommended dosage of kratom pills.


Dehydration is possible however, the best way to combat it is to drink plenty of water. Try and drink at least 3 to 4 liters per day when you are consuming kratom pills. Also, try and stick to a healthy diet and maintain some physical activity too. Many users report dry mouth and throat after they have taken kratom pills. Avoid this by drinking plenty of water and or coconut water to rehydrate the body.

Muscle Spasms

Some kratom pill users have reported muscle spasms or muscle twitching. However, this is not really considered a serious side effect, it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. If you do experience muscle twitching when taking kratom pills, do consult your doctor to find out what the route cause is.


This is a serious side effect that should not be taken lightly. Although convulsions are a very rare side effect of taking kratom pills, it is highly recommended that you visit the local emergency room straight away.

Liver Damage 

Liver damage is uncommon however, it is more common amongst former opioid users who are using kratom pills as a way to alleviate the symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal. If you suspect liver damage, have a chat with your doctor immediately.


Headaches are a common side effect of taking kratom pills. The main reason why people get headaches when taking kratom pills or any other form of kratom is dehydration. Therefore, the best thing you can do to prevent this is to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water per day when you are taking kratom pills. Do not neglect your water intake, this is a vital part of remaining healthy whilst taking kratom pills.


I have been taking kratom pills for the past two months. The main reason I started taking them was that I was suffering really bad chronic pain in my back. After the first few days, I noticed a big difference in the way I was feeling. My back pain has drastically reduced and I feel happier and healthier. One thing I did notice though was that I always feel thirsty when I take the pills. This problem has been solved though by drinking lots of water and keeping myself fully hydrated at all times. -Laura Benson-New York City 

This is the first natural supplement I have ever taken, a friend recommended kratom pills to me to help me with anxiety problems. I didn’t experience any relief for a while, but two months later I started feeling better, happier, and less anxious. I take them daily, exercise, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and I feel great. –Michael Smith- London, United Kingdom 

Staying focused and remaining productive throughout my working day has always been my problem. Even after lots of cups of black coffee, I can never fully focus on the task without getting distracted and thinking about something else. This all changed though when I started to take kratom pills regularly. I don’t take them every day though, I take them when I need to and when I do take them, I am far more productive than when I don’t. I write content for clients online and I often have to meet very strict deadlines, at times like this I pop my kratom pills and speed through the work like there is no tomorrow. I am most definitely going to recommend kratom pills to anyone who is serious about getting more productive. -Blithe Koran- Liverpool- United Kingdom 


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