Life Force Kratom Reviewed: Is this a reliable Kratom vendor?


Life Force Kratom is a family-owned company that strives to deliver high-quality Kratom strains in the United States. Yes, that’s the first issue I came across because if you are an international buyer, Life Force Kratom will not be in a position to ship any of its products to you. Funny enough, the supplier also does not ship across the entire United States. Some states including San Diego, Sarasota County, VT, IN, AR, AL, and WI are not covered.

But what about the quality of their products? Do they really work? What about the customer experience? As with any other vendor, Life Force Kratom do have their own pros and shortcomings. It really comes down to whether you can compromise on where they fall short. This comprehensive review should help you make that decision as we are going to tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about the supplier.


Life Force Kratom Website

Over the years, we’ve developed the culture of reviewing different Kratom vendor websites for the simple reason that a buyer should never have to struggle to get the products they need. We also do this to see just how informative the websites are regarding the different Kratom strains they stock.

Looking at the Life Force Kratom, I can say that it is simple enough to make your shopping experience a breeze. You are not overwhelmed with so many links as is the case with some of the other vendors. At the top of the page, you will see just five links for Home, Shop, About, News, and Contact. The shop section is the shortcut to all the Kratom strains and other products on offer. I must also acknowledge their attempts to make your shopping more effortless by grouping their products into Alternative Herbs, Green vein, Red Vein, White Vein, Yellow Vein, and Blends. It’s a very nice touch, especially considering that the website does not have a search option. Meanwhile, the About section provides links to the Terms and Conditions of the vendor, their Return, and Privacy Policies.

The top half of the home page shows some rather concerning announcements which I will address in a bit. Below that you can see some of the strains on offer.

My biggest issue with the website is that they do not provide enough information about each of the strains on offer. They have a product description section for each strain you select, but weirdly enough, the information published there is basically a disclaimer that the FDA has not evaluated the strain and that they are not intended to be used for any medicinal use. That’s not a product description, is it?! This is really terrible because other suppliers will always try to educate the buyer on the alkaloids present on each strain and some even go as far as listing the effects that the strains are best known for. The information is very crucial, especially among new Kratom users, but Life Force Kratom seems to have ignored that.

Product Selection

The first thing that draws your eyes when you visit the Life Force Kratom website is the Announcement that explains that they are having stock issues. According to the supplier, there are some political issues regarding Kratom in the Southeast Asia region, which has affected their shipment. From this Announcement – which seems to have been posted long ago – the problem was supposed to be resolved by June 28th. Two months down the line, I realized that Life Force Kratom was still experiencing major shortages on their strains. This is quite disappointing and also weird because other suppliers seem to have enough stock, yet they also source their strains from the same region.

At the time of this review, Life Force Kratom had a total of 17 Kratom strains only with just 3 Red Vein strains! As I said, it’s disappointing. Anyway, here are some of the strains that are currently available:

  • Red Sumatra
  • Red Bali
  • Red JongKong
  • Green JongKong
  • Green Elephant
  • Green Sulawesi
  • Green Sumatra
  • Green Vietnam
  • Super Premium Maeng Da
  • Super Premium JongKong
  • White Elephant
  • White JongKong
  • White Sumatra
  • White Sulawesi
  • White Vietnam
  • Yellow JongKong
  • Yellow Sulawesi

They also stock an alternative herb known as Zingiber.

There is no mention of Quality Assurance from the website. The supplier has not published or provided any lab results that can help one gauge what measures are in place to guarantee safe and potent Kratom strains. As far as I can tell, you’ll have to contact the supplier directly to get that information; if it exists, that is. Fortunately, several user reviews are showing some really good signs. Users reported that their products seemed to work just fine with few side effects. Even though there aren’t many user reviews to go through – probably because they don’t ship to a wider market – we still found the little reviews quite informative.


Life Force Kratom has insanely low prices. You can get up to 50 grams of a Kratom strain for just $10.50. That’s almost two ounces of Kratom for less than $11! In as much as this is very enticing, I must also admit that it also raises eyebrows. Like, how could they manage to keep their prices so low? We know that prices usually range from one supplier to the next, but the difference is never as steep as it is when we compare Life Force Kratom to some of the other reputable vendors. Could it be that their strains are weak? The fact that the vendor has also not provided any information on how exactly they manage to keep their prices so low does not help either.

You can pay for your order using an e-check, money order, or cryptocurrency i.e., BTC, ETH, and LTC.

Life Force Kratom Shipping and Return Policy

Life Force Kratom ship in the continental US only. Like we pointed out earlier, they also don’t ship in all states. You must, therefore, check if your region is covered or not before placing your order because it will be a waste of time.

The supplier ships using USPS. All orders placed before 2 PM EST are usually shipped on the same day. Any orders that are placed after the cut-off time will be processed and shipped on the following business day. After adding your items to the cart, you will need to check out within an hour; otherwise, they will be removed automatically.

Unfortunately, Life Force Kratom does not mention anything about free shipping. This doesn’t really help when you are trying to compare the value of buying from them and other suppliers.

Life Force Kratom claims that all sales made are final. They then go ahead and say that in special instances, some orders can be accepted back, but they must be unused, in the same condition, and in the same packaging. Only defective and damaged products will be eligible for exchange. You could also get a refund after they’ve inspected the returned products.

In simple terms, the supplier has a very complicated or rather strict return policy. It’s really weird that they claim all sales are final then go ahead to say something different. Also, the fact that they haven’t mentioned a money-back guarantee (something that suppliers like to brag about) should come as a red flag.

Customer Support

You can reach Life Force Kratom through email, an online form, a customer support line, or send them a mail to the provided address. They usually respond to emails within 24 hours. It is not the best turnaround time, but it’s still acceptable. They are also quite helpful if you are having any problems finding a product or placing your order.

Should you buy from Life Force Kratom?

Life Force Kratom is not the best Kratom vendor in the market. They have limited product selection, they only ship to certain states in the US alone, and their return policy is complex at best. All these are red flags that you can easily avoid by going for a more reputable vendor. However, if you don’t mind trying out Kratom from a random supplier then you can give them a shot cause, after all, their prices are very enticing.

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