Motark Kratom Review: What you should know about them


If you have heard of Motark Best, then you have heard of Motark Kratom (they’re the same vendor).

For a long time, Kratom fans regarded this as one of the greatest suppliers but, when the website went down multiple times, their reputation died out. However, they are back and alive again — just much harder to find than it once was.

Motark Kratom Review

Over recent years, Kratom products have struggled through various legal battles and thus, their shops have suffered. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in some major changes to Motark Kratom’s website.

In fact, they have reverted back to their old name — Motark Best — to avoid having “Kratom” in their brand. Although, you will notice that Motark is just Kratom in reverse (so they haven’t gone too off-piste).



Motark Kratom’s Product Line

This vendor sells numerous strains of Kratom but you will not be able to find them if you search “Kratom” on their site. Typing in “speciosa” or the exact name of the strain will bring up the products.

Just bear in mind that no matter how hard you try, pictures of their strains will never come up. Even though this would help them gain customers’ trust, for legal reasons, they can’t show the products. On the plus side, the site should remain online now!

So, let us get into some of the specific strains that you will find on Motark Best’s website.

Red Vein

Red Vein Kratom is extremely rare, thus, the most wanted.

It is a very balanced blend that allows for the most well-rounded, beneficial Kratom taking experiences. This vein harbors the most medicinal properties for relaxing anxieties and stressors, plus aspects that reduce pain.

Green Malay

Kratom supporters tend to like this one due to the fact that it keeps well in a variety of climates and moisture levels, unlike other strains.

Not to mention that its energy-boosting effects last far longer than their Kratom cousins. This makes it a perfect choice for those seeking an all-day efficiency increase.

Green Vein Borneo

As you might have gathered by the name, this strain is harvested from the green leaves on Kratom plants.

It has higher doses of euphoria and coffee which, as a result, means it delivers greater analgesic effects than other strains.

Green Elephant

Why does this one have an odd name? It derives from the huge leaves that adorn its source tree. They are much larger than you would expect from Kratom plants.

It is said that this one produces the most euphoric feeling in the user than any other Kratom strain. Quite the claim but it has earned its merit!

Red Elephant

Funnily enough, Red Elephant is in the Red Vein family of Kratom products. However, it is closely related to the aforementioned Green Elephant strain; again because of the enormous leaves.

White Maeng Da

The most important thing about the White Maeng Da strain is that it isn’t actually “a thing”. The name simply refers to any type of white kratom that is stronger than the average stuff! Because of this, it does seem like a bit of a scam since “more potent” can mean different things to different people.

Don’t be too disheartened though, if you receive a proper White Maeng Da, then it has been harvested and manufactured differently to make it more powerful.

Red Maeng Da

This one doesn’t come from a certain region or place since “Maeng Da” doesn’t refer to any point on the globe. It just points out to the potential buyer (i.e. you) that you should expect a stronger Kratom than you may be used to.

If you take this, you will experience great sedative effects (alongside the usual pain relief, sharper focus, and happiness that comes with taking most strains of kratom) which will increase if you take higher doses.

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da provides pain relief, improves athletic performance, and stimulates.

It is taken in relatively small doses because of the high-efficiency level. Trust us — just 2 grams can affect you for around 5 hours!

Motark Best provides the highest quality Green Maeng Da Kratom strain, as supposed to other vendors that supply a less effective product.

Red Borneo Kratom

This type of Kratom grows on riverbanks. Why is this important? Well, it means it is more fertilized and therefore, more powerful!

Avid Kratom fans tend to add it to water, juice, milk, or tea to ingest it.

People tend to love it for its velvety taste and low price point.

Red Horn Kratom

If you travel to Asia, you may be lucky enough to spy this strain in places such as Borneo, Indonesia, or Thailand.

Be warned though, you should definitely not take more than 3 grams of this a day — it is potent! By sticking to the dosing guidelines, you will experience anxiety relief, pain subsidence, and relaxation. Could it get any better than that?

Green Hulu Kapuas

Much like Red Borneo Kratom, this one is harvested from the trees that appear along river edges.

It will be pretty hard to find this strain from any other online vendor since it is so rare. So, if you have managed to find Motark Best online, grab it while you can.

Typically, users find that it brings about euphoria and a boost in energy. Although, some people have mentioned feeling extremely tired after taking Green Hulu Kapuas.

White Hulu Kapuas

This type is ridiculously hard to harvest properly so you won’t find it in many places. In fact, Motark Best is lucky that they have access to such a rarity!

Red Hulu Kapuas (Red Bali or Red Hulu)

Red Hulu Kapuas comes from Borneo, specifically from the forests. If you know about Kratom at all, then you will have heard of this strain — it is the most popular.

You should expect relaxing effects, similar to the general Red Vein Kratom.

Other Products

Aside from the strains, we introduced above, Motark Best also sells teas, turmeric, and candles too! Quite the all-rounder.

Motark Kratom Review — Prices

They allow you to choose from four different size options for each of their strains:

  • 100g for $13
  • 250g for $25
  • 500g for $45
  • 1kg for $79

Regardless of what strain you decide on, the prices will not change. If you think about it, this is pretty cool considering they offer such a variety of rarer types.

Those who choose to can also buy in bulk, but the costs for this are extremely secretive. Your best bet is to email the customer service team to figure it out.

Motark Kratom Review — Reputation

As we briefly stated earlier, they used to have a boatload of praise from satisfied customers. However, since their many days spent offline, they have lost a lot of their once loyal fans.

Nowadays, you won’t really find a lot of people talking about Motark Best. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t as good anymore. In fact, it is quite the opposite!

People have said how their quality has stayed the same, despite the time spent absent. Customers also love the fact that Motark Best gives them a free sample with every order.

It is safe to say that this vendor is still fairly high up on Kratom fan’s radar.

Motark Best Review — Their Customer Service

People who have managed to navigate through Motark Kratom’s website have marveled at the delivery speed, product quality, and aesthetically pleasing packaging.

Unfortunately, since they have worked so hard at hiding their online presence, their site doesn’t come up on Google’s first page of search results. It’s a shame since the select few who have traversed through its doors have had a wonderful experience.

As far as actual customer service goes, you are given an email address and that is all. Not to mention that you cannot return products that you have opened.

Quick Glance Pros

  • The variety of strains they offer and the overall range of products.
  • They offer a few really rare strains of Kratom that are very hard to find anywhere else.
  • Their orders are delivered especially quickly.
  • Their packaging is effective and attractive.

Quick Glance Cons

  • It is now extremely hard to find online.
  • Once you have found the site, it is difficult to find the products.
  • Their reputation dipped since they went offline a few times.
  • They do not have a streamlined website.
  • They provide an unhelpful returns policy (cannot send opened packages back).
  • You are only given an email address as a way of contacting the “customer service team”.
  • Their bulk prices aren’t listed on the site so you have to contact them in order to figure it out.

Motark Kratom Review — The Final Verdict

Even though they closed the site a number of times, they have sustained a pretty good reputation due to the high-quality Kratom they provide.

You should have a pleasant experience when buying from them — if you managed to find and then navigate through the clunky website!


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