Mystic Island Kratom Reviewed: Pro’s & Con’s of this supplier


Consistently ranked as one of the top kratom vendors on the market today, Mystic Island Kratom has always had a customer-friendly reputation as well as some of the best prices in the business.

Known around the world for their large product selection, high-quality kratom options, and fantastic customer service – not to mention speedy shipping options (including shipping internationally) – it isn’t hard to see why Mystic Island Kratom has enjoyed so much success, right from day one.

At the same time, with so many other kratom vendors out there to pick and choose from settling on just one option (even if it is as attractive as Mystic Island Kratom) without doing research or to diligence isn’t a good idea.

That’s why we have put together this quick guide, though.

Below you’ll learn exactly what makes Mystic Island Kratom so special compared to other kratom vendors, why so many people continue to order from this company compared to their competitors, and what separates this option from the rest of the pack.

By the time you’re done with the details below, you’ll know exactly whether or not this is the kratom vendor for you.

Shall we get started?

General Overview

Right out of the box you should know that Mystic Island Kratom is a relatively new company in the kratom industry, but that hasn’t stopped them from building up a top-tier reputation faster than anyone could have expected or anticipated.

Established a little more than two years ago and headquartered out of Florida, this US-based organization has enjoyed so much success so quickly because of the relationships that they have built up throughout Southeast Asia with kratom farmers, harvesters, and cultivars.

It is this unique set of relationships that allows Mystic Island Kratom to offer so many different types of kratom that other companies can’t, but it’s also a big piece of the puzzle behind how Mystic Island Kratom offers such great prices on relatively exclusive kratom strains that cost a lot more elsewhere.

The quality and consistency of the kratom products that Mystic Island Kratom makes available in the market today is another huge differentiator. There are a lot of companies promising high-quality options that aren’t able to deliver, including companies that cut corners to cut costs all while promising that it’s the last thing they would ever consider.

Those problems won’t ever be an issue with Mystic Island Kratom.

There’s a lot of transparency with this company, too. They share exactly where they source the kratom that they provide, provide detailed information regarding the potency and purity level of that kratom in each product, and have samples from every batch sent out for independent testing that you will be able to verify yourself through the data they publish online.

When you get right down to it, this is definitely a company serious about making sure their customers are comfortable with the products they buy.

Online Shop Experience

The online shopping experience on this website leaves a little bit to be desired, especially when compared to some of the other top-tier shopping experiences you can have with competing vendors.

This isn’t to say that the Mystic Island Kratom experience is difficult to navigate or unpleasant, it’s just to say that it isn’t quite as well refined or as elegant as some of the other options with other kratom vendors.

At times the website feels pretty basic, a little bland, and anything but polished and refined. Navigation is pretty simple and straightforward for the most part, and finding different kratom products to consider from Mystic Island Kratom is pretty easy, but again there’s just something missing from the overall experience when you stack this online shop against top-tier competition.

The mobile responsiveness of the design is pretty solid, though – and that’s a big deal for folks that want to be able to order more kratom from their phones without having to jump on a laptop or desktop to do so.

All in all the overall online shopping experience is probably a 7/10 with plenty of room for improvement, but it’s not like you are going to be pulling your hair out trying to get new products into your shopping cart and go through the checkout process.

Like all other modern e-commerce platforms, Mystic Island Kratom has implemented 256 bit SSL security encryption from top to bottom. This protects your personal and private information from becoming compromised and should give you a lot of confidence using your credit or debit card to place orders through this site.

Product Selection

As far as product selection available through Mystic Island Kratom is concerned you definitely won’t want for choice or options when you start to dig into their product catalog.

There are six pages of Mystic Island Kratom products available for you to sift through (more than 40 different options), including some pretty hard to find and some exclusive kratom strains that other vendors just don’t have available for sale.

Sifting through these options is pretty simple and straightforward thanks to the photography on the website, and once you start to click on options that you are interested in, your provided with quite a bit of information about that kratom strain you are thinking about.

Red, green, and white kratom strains can be purchased from the Mystic Island Kratom vendor, a pretty standard affair in the industry today but still something you’d like to see. There are a lot of red exclusive or green exclusive vendors out there these days still, so it’s nice to have a sort of “one-stop-shop” kind of experience when you visit the Mystic Island Kratom website.

Kratom Quality

The overall quality of the kratom that you’ll be able to purchase from this vendor is top-notch.

Mystic Island Kratom very obviously has solid relationships with some of the best farmers of kratom in Southeast Asia (as well as in a couple of other locales), relationships that reward Mystic Island Kratom with top-tier kratom that’s of the highest quality and potency levels – some of the best kratom available anywhere online today.

The overwhelming majority of this kratom is farmed, harvested, dried, and processed overseas in Southeast Asia before it hits the independent testing laboratories in the United States that Mystic Island Kratom uses to verify purity and potency levels.

A lot of this is done in the traditional way to guarantee high-quality results, and while it takes a little bit longer to go from start to finish with this approach it definitely results in a better product that you notice straight away.

All things considered, you certainly aren’t going to have to worry about feeling shortchanged when you get your hands on the kratom available from Mystic Island Kratom. This is a company that takes purity, potency, and overall quality very seriously and is more transparent about these factors than all but a few companies in the industry today.

Kratom Pricing

When it comes to pricing you can expect very competitive deals from Mystic Island Kratom even if they aren’t necessarily the least expensive supplier in the business right now.

As a general rule, prices range from between $3 and $5 per 25 g bundle of kratom (depending on the specific strain and the rarity/exclusivity of the kratom you are ordering).

Bulk and wholesale quantity discounts are available, with individuals able to save upwards of 30% or more off of traditional retail prices when they purchase 200 g of Mystic Island Kratom or more at a time. You can place orders of up to 1000 g (a kilo) of kratom powder directly from and enjoy some significant savings compared to if you had purchased individual 25 g bundles that eventually added up to that same amount.

Promotional discounts and special bundle deals are regularly advertised directly on the main page of the Mystic Island Kratom website. They also advertise exclusive deals through their email mailing list and on their social media accounts, though these kinds of discounts are somewhat sporadic and not all that consistent.

Shipping prices are inexpensive and lightning-fast, particularly to addresses in the United States. You’ll be provided with full tracking information on each and every purchase that you make (via USPS most of the time) and will have up to 14 days to get a full refund if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason whatsoever.

Final Verdict

With so many different kratom vendors out there to choose from these days, you’ll certainly have your hand's full settling on just one or two vendors to do business with going forward.

Mystic Island Kratom is considered to be one of the better businesses in the industry with high-quality options at affordable prices. Their customer reviews are pretty positive (with a few negative reviews mixed in, as to be expected) and while the overall online shopping experience could be improved quite a bit with a modern facelift and some new architecture on this is still one of the better vendors offering kratom right now.

All things considered, you could certainly do a whole lot worse than ordering high-quality products from Mystic Island Kratom at competitive prices – all with lightning-fast shipping and a full 14-day moneyback guarantee!


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