NSI 189 Review: The Ultimate Answer For Depression?


Winston Churchill was stricken by it, calling it his black dog. Many more of our age have become victims of it. Depression has become a widespread disease and a killer undermining many lives and potential.

So should we bow to this growing menace, and collectively sink even lower into more depression?

For those who advocate for  NSI 189, the answer is an unequivocal no. NSI 189 is, after all, thought to be a big game-changer, not only in treating depression but also other disorders of the brain. However, the drug is still being investigated. Given this, what can users know for certain about the compound? In this article, I take you behind the scenes and offer you a good look at the latest research findings as well as what users are saying about NSI 189.



Neuralstem Inc is the company behind NSL 189, which is an experimental antidepressant drug. Founded in 1996, Neuralstem has its headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, in the US. It is a biotechnology firm that produces all kinds of pharmaceutical agents that target the central nervous system, with NSI 189 being one of its most exciting and latest addition. However, can NSI 189  treat major depression, impairments in your cognition, or a brain that is degenerated as the firm believes? These are some of the ambitious areas that this compound targets, and researchers are busy at work on them.

In December 2017, the second trial of this nootropic ended, and since then, people have been holding their breath waiting for the scientific verdict concerning the drug. However, this hasn’t stopped users from running ahead and discovering the benefits for themselves from their use of the product.

Benefits of NSI 189

What are the benefits you can get from NSI 189? Some of the medical benefits that researchers believe the drug holds include

  • May treat depression – It has been shown to relieve depression in affected people. It also helps with cognitive impairment. These exciting possibilities were seen in a study of 24 people.
  • Treating stroke patients – its role of neurogenesis (generating new neurons) means that NSI 189 can be used in stroke patients to repair damaged brain structure and functioning. In rats that suffered stroke induced by experiment, treatment for 12 weeks with NSI 189 restored brain and motor function to a high degree. These benefits were still present 24 weeks after the treatment was stopped, showing that the benefits were found to be long-term. The drug’s effects also had a complete overhaul of the brain, making them function better in overall terms for 6 months.
  • It can elevate cognitive performance – this was something that was seen in a study of 24 people suffering from depression. After being treated with NSI 189 patients had better cognitive functions, although it is useful to note that this is self-reported progress. Was this simply the result of reduced depression from the formation of new neurons? More studies have been suggested to look into this.
  • Neuron formation – this is perhaps one of the most intriguing promises of NSI 189. To regenerate new brain matter is always something to arouse curiosity. Initial studies in animals show that it can produce small changes in the hippocampus and amygdala areas in the brain. It can also reverse cell death that results from oxygen and glucose deficit.

NSI 189 has attracted the nootropic community for the following benefits based on anecdotal accounts of users

  • It gives you better control of your emotions. This continues even after you stop using NSI 189
  • Speaking and writing fluency is improved
  • Your memory will also improve
  • Elevation in your energy, though this is a small effect
  • Increase in libido and sexual drive
  • Can help people to come out of suicidal thoughts
  • Gives one the ability to laugh easily and become playful
  • Imperviousness to pain due to less sensitivity to it
  • Can lower your blood pressure
  • Improvements in vision
  • Social ability is also improved
  • Users get better linking between their logical and emotional functioning

Besides, the company is looking into these additional areas.

  • Treating cognitive impairment especially that caused by radiation
  • Weakness caused by diabetes.
  • Nerve damage that leads to a lack of feeling and pain
  • Treatment of ischemic stroke. This condition occurs when there is a deficiency in blood flow to the brain
  • Treatment of Angelman Syndrome. This disease comes from a genetic disorder.

Side effects 

What are the side effects of NSI 189?

  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Social phobia
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Indifference or carefree attitude to serious issues such as keeping deadlines
  • Headache
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Anger
  • Nerve pain and sensation loss in hands and feet

These symptoms have a striking resemblance to those with a dopamine deficiency.


What’s so hot and different about NSI 189?

NSI 189 has been touted as the compound to bring a dramatic change in the way depression and a host of mental and psychological disorders are treated. But we already have a handful of antidepressants. What new thing does NSI 189 bring to the table?

NSI 189 goes by the chemical name Benzylpiperazine aminopyridine. It is a neurogenic antidepressant, which means they can create new neurons or new brain cells.


NSE 189 can be obtained in two alternative forms, the phosphate, and the freebase versions. These differ based mainly on absorption rates and taste. The phosphate is absorbed less efficiently. They are administered sublingually, that is, placed under the tongue. Regardless of which one you choose, always start at the extreme low to determine the right dose for you. Even at low doses, some people report having the effects very quickly.

Just with 7 gm of the freebase sublingual, some users have reported experiencing a stunning increase in energy and a boost in mood. They also noted improved mental clarity and focus.

Other users have gone further to prime the drug, obtaining even more potent results. This typically follows these steps.

  • Take 7 mg of NSI 189 sublingual
  • Prime while NSI is placed under your tongue
  • Significant positive impact on emotions and sense of  wellbeing is with this

Price and availability 

For obvious reasons, NSI 189 isn’t easy to obtain. This is especially if you want the drug for personal use. Pure high-quality NSI 189  is likely to be sold to other research entities or individual researchers. If you can’t get hold of these supplies for your consumption, you can still get them from other sources, albeit with more difficulty and the possibility of poor quality.

You can buy it from eBay but always check what buyers’ reviews say concerning a particular seller. Some sellers boast a rating that hits 99%, including approval of reliable, speedy shipping.

Nootropic sites that sell NSI 189 tend to feature feedback that is paid, so it’s likely to misguide you. To avoid this, always seek second opinions that can come from online forums like Reddit or Quora.

High-grade NSI 189 can be purchased from ScienceBio, which is a reputable supplier to research institutes. This comes as NSI 189 Phosphate powder at 1000 mg selling for $24.99

The advantage of buying from them is that you are sure of the quality. Each product comes from a batch that has been tested, and the lab reports can be seen.

You will also be lucky if it’s your first time buying because the company will give you a nice 10% discount off your order.

You can also take advantage and make significant savings through bulk buying available in the following way.

Bottles            price

  • 1    $24.99
  • 2-4 $23.74
  • 5-9 $22.49
  • 10-19            $21.24
  • Over 20 $19.99

There is also the freebase version of NSI 189.

Keep in mind, however, that Neurostem, the drug developer, doesn’t take kindly to vendors and so has patented NSI 189. You have time to wait for a legit vendor different from the patent holder. That’s the year 2035 when the patent expires.


  • Relieves depression
  • Improves libido
  • Gives greater capacity for solving mental tasks


  • No large scale human studies have been done
  • Due to its novelty, its long term effects are unknown
  • Side effects such as dry mouth, nightmares, insomnia, nausea noted
  • Not easily available


NSI 189 is a nootropic drug that promises a new revolutionary approach to treating depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. It is clinically tested and confirmed to produce many benefits for users. Some of these include the regeneration of new brain cells, which is one of the most exciting promises of the drug. Researchers see the potential for this product to offer long-elusive treatments for damaged brains.

That said, NSI 189 is still a very new drug. Many of its long term effects, if it has any, are unknown. This is because there is a lack of studies of long term use since it has not been in long use or existence.

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