OZ Gains Review: Is This the Top SARM vendor or Top Scam?


Anyone who has tried to shop for SARMs in the market is sure to run into bogus products. You can’t go a few steps without avoiding them: there is a sea of unscrupulous vendors, each trying to manipulate an unfortunate soul into buying bunk at prices that defy logic. What is curious is how these vendors more than often succeed in this daylight robbery without getting punished in any way. However, you need not become a victim of this as long as you get armed with the facts. By reading this article, you are already taking steps to be a wise buyer who knows how to spot fakes from a mile off. In this article, you will understand if OZ Gains is a company worth buying from.

Weighing OZ Gains  as a good vendor

To make the task easier to evaluate OZ Gains, I zeroed down to a few factors. They include

  • Product quality
  • Product variety
  • Shipping policy
  • Returns and refunds
  • Website quality and navigability
  • Pricing
  • Customer support

The attraction of SARMs

When SARMs shot to fame, it was mainly in the research circles without the public having a clue. Researchers were unraveling ever more increasing benefits of SARMs and their use for medical applications. These included the treatment of osteoporosis (bone fragility mostly in elderly people) and muscle waste and weakening (muscle dystrophy).

Sarms, or Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators in full, owe their power to their ability to target specific tissues in the body selectively. They were a radical departure in this when compared with anabolic steroids and prohormones. The latter had powerful effects but came with less precision on what they hit in the body. Using steroids, you would get a pair of outcomes, either very good or very bad, each being dramatic and far-reaching. Steroids were eagerly taken up by athletes and bodybuilders for the polished physique they achieved. However, this love affair didn’t last long when it was found that steroids caused the following unwanted side effects

  • Aggression
  • Bitch tits or oversize breasts in men complete with lactation and milk production!
  • Acne
  • Loss of hair (baldness in men)
  • Beards in women
  • A deep hoarse voice in women which is said to be irreversible
  • Liver toxicity and damage
  • High blood pressure
  • Need to undergo PCT (Post Therapy Therapy) which involves much expense and downtime

For those reasons, many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have turned to SARMs, which deliver less impressive results but with fewer side effects. However, in many countries, SARMs remain a banned product, whether as a dietary supplement or for use in h in humans and animals. This includes in the US, where they are regulated as a research chemical intended only for research goals. Most vendors, including OZ Gains, have disclaimers stating that their products are not for sale for human use.

History of OZ Gains

As I was digging into this company’s history, I found out that it has a patchy background. For one, it’s location seems to be deliberately obscured as it doubles by the name US Gains. That should make you think it is US-based, but a further look at the website outlook site reveals that its server is located in Australia. Also, a Facebook page by an entity going by the same name OZ Gains shows that no activity has taken place, and the page’s owner is associated with  Sydney, Australia, as the location.

You won’t find much in the OZ Gains site itself to give you a background about the company. For some reason, the company likes to stay in the shadows and even use a double name.

Product quality

OZ Gains holds a dim view of the market and its competitors, decrying the inadequate practice of third-party testing. That should sound like music to the ears of SARMs shoppers who have long suffered the lack of quality SARM products. But what solution do OZ Gains offer after echoing these sympathies for buyers?

They say that they break with the industry practice of publishing lab tests, that have seen years in age. Instead, their tests are regularly updated to reflect the latest condition and purity levels of their products. That way, there is no chance of you ending up with an underdosed product.

Product variety

What range of products do OZ Gains bring you? I found them thoroughly stocked with all the SARMs products familiar to all avid bodybuilders. The SARMs products come either as singles or blended in combinations that pack more power and effectiveness.

Single SARMs

  • GW 501516 (Cardarine)
  • LGD 4033 (Ligandrol)
  • MK 2866 (Ostarine)
  • MK 677 (Nutrabol)
  • RAD 140 (Testalone)
  • S4 (Andarine)
  • SR 9009 (Stenabolic)
  • YK 11

SARMs stacks

These stacks are designed to reach specific goals that the bodybuilder is aiming for

  • Growth stack (LGD 4033 X 3 bottles + MK 677 X 3 bottles)
  • Lean growth stack (LGD 4033 x 3 bottles + GW 510516 X 3 bottles)
  • Shred stack (MK 2866 X 1 bottle + GW 501616 X 1 bottle)
  • Injury healing stack (MK-2866 X 1 bottle +MK-677 X 1 bottle)
  • Super fat burn stack (GW 501516 x 3 bottles +SR 9009 x 3 bottles)
  • Ultimate growth (RSD 140 x 3 bottles +YK 11 x 3 bottles)

Customer service

How great is this company’s customer support? Looking through the site, I noticed that customers don’t get to weigh in with their views because the company won’t let them. It has no provision where customers can express their concerns. All they have is an email contact through which they invite customers to reach them with their concerns confidentially. So you can’t know beforehand from other customers about their experience so that you can understand what to expect.

Website quality and navigability

In keeping with its minimalist presentation, this company’s website is relatively simple. While that is good for easy navigation and locating anything you want, it comes at the expense of information. An impressive deal is spent on the product description, which is good, but the site’s overall presentation is bare. Unlike most competing vendors, it doesn’t feature a blog and other resources designed to relay detailed information about SARMs.


How widely does the company ship? It says it ships worldwide, but some countries do not allow imports of some of the products. I found it curious that the company doesn’t offer any free shipping whatsoever, even for bulk packages. That could deter you from ordering big orders as the company charges shipping rates according to the weight. You will see your shipping charges on the product’s detail page, and your cost is rounded off to the next nearest pound.

When it comes to how fast your product will ship, this will be determined by two factors

  • What shipping option you chose
  • The available amount of the product you ordered

Taking these factors together, the company will inform you of the most likely time that you can expect your product to arrive.


What is the return policy of the company? If you are unsatisfied with your product for some reason, the company says that you have 30 days within which you can return it. You will be eligible for a full refund, but only if your product is unopened. Unlike most other vendors, this company has a surprise for you because it will bear the cost of shipping back the product. However, this applies only if the shipment was their mistake, such as sending a product that you did not order or one with defects. Expect your refund to be done within 4 weeks but more likely in a much shorter time.

Pricing and Coupons

If you are hunting for a bargain price, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. The company will shave off 15% of the price you pay of you make bulk purchases of SARM stacks. Quite unusual, this is not a discount or deal that you have to sit around and wait for. The company says it’s immediately on offer and stands forever.


So what’s my verdict on OZ Gains? This vendor offers quite a few surprises that would have made me opt for it. Their variety of products is fascinating. Whether you are into standalone SARMs or SARMs stacks, you are spoilt for choice. From gaining strength to adding lean muscle to shredding off fat, you also have various goals that are achievable using these products. However, I am skeptical about the company because of the lack of customer feedback. The company does not seem keen to allow customers to leave their feedback for others to see. I also think it is dubious for the company to use a double identity with what looks like an intent to obscure its real origin. The strategy seems to pass itself off as a US-based company when it is based in Australia. Finally, the company offers no comprehensive information about itself, and its site is patchy in providing much-needed information.

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