Phenylpiracetam Review: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, Pros, and Cons


If you are familiar with racetam substances, then you must have stumbled on phenylpiracetam. This is easily one of the top-performing stars of the racetam family.

Phenylpiracetam is reputed for its ability to give you fluid and lightning speed thinking powers.

See that demon mathematical puzzle you have been struggling to tame with no success? Well, this drug could just do it for you.

However, phenylpiracetam has been mostly suggested as a treatment for people with an illness. Can it also help people who are otherwise healthy?

In this article, we are going to explore several angles of this molecule and find out about all these questions.


The Russians first developed phenylpiracetam in 1983. The goal was to help Soviet cosmonauts to supercharge their mental and problem-solving skills given the demanding environment of their space missions. The cosmonauts also needed to deal with stress, which a space mission can be very notorious for creating at no notice!

This early Russian effort explains why most of the early literature on phenylpiracetam is written in Russian, making it hard for English speakers to delve into.

The Russians, however, seemed to have hit the jackpot in this compound because it unleashed great results that continue to echo to this day.

Some of the abilities that phenylpiracetam gives you border on the superhuman. In fact, some of these benefits, such as a tolerance for cold and psychostimulatory effects, have attracted the attention of the World Anti-Doping Agency who has banned its use for athletes competing in the Olympics.

In Russia, the compound is available as a prescription drug called Phenotropil. In the US, however, it is not regulated, which makes it available for sale without prescription.

A lot of information on this compound tends to come from internet chats and blogs mainly because most of the clinical studies are in Russian.

Phenylpiracetam Benefits

Most studies done on the benefits of this substance have focused on people affected by illnesses.


  • Improve brain function – when treated with this compound, people with various brain ailments can get recover normal brain activity. For example, stroke patients who used it for a year made great improvements. In another case, patients suffering from encephalopathy (a brain disease ), experienced better memory and cognitive performance after using the drug for one month. More studies showed that rats could make a complete recovery from brain damage caused by ischemia.
  • Improve memory – this nootropic can help people with chronic fatigue syndrome and asthenia to dramatically improve their memories. Finding suggests that the drug causes an increase in dopamine receptors which leads to improvement of memory and recall
  • Adds physical strength and performance – animal studies also show better physical performance and endurance in treated subjects. This  makes this drug a promising agent for performance enhancement in sports or other demanding physical tasks
  • Improve depression symptoms and relieve anxiety – studies show that phenylpiracetam greatly relieved depression and anxiety in different kinds of patients. For example, in one study, those with brain damage caused by stroke or surgery made recoveries after one month of using this compound. Another one showed that heart patients affected by anxiety and depression disorders saw them go after a 12-week use of phenylpiracetam. These benefits were possible because the drug’s calming action was caused by increasing GABA receptors. Antianxiety drugs typically act on such receptors to induce relaxation
  • Treatment of epilepsy – the drug shows impressive results when used together with anti-seizure medicine to reduce seizures in epileptics. The results were much better compared with using anti-seizure medication alone. It has also been noted that cognition functioning in such patients is significantly improved
  • Reduce weight – the drug can also be ideal for fighting obesity. Animal studies show dramatic shrinks in fat mass and slower weight gains. This effect was supported with lowered blood sugar levels
  • Improve immunity – when rats infected by a bacterial toxin (lipopolysaccharide) were given this compound, they soon restored their vigor and activity after being sluggish and stressed from the toxin. This recovery showed an improved immune response
  • Boosting energy – chronic poor blood flow can sometimes occur in people, causing chronic fatigue syndrome. One study showed participants had their fatigue significantly reduced after a one month use of the drug. Others supported these results, done on rats that showed more activity or movement after taking phenylpiracetam.
  • Improve hypothyroidism – this is a condition where thyroid hormones are deficient. It commonly affects women and interferes with normal metabolism. Studies in animals with the condition showed improved immune system and mood after two weeks of using the drug
  • Tolerance for cold – this ability, also showed by piracetam, has been noted in this compound. This can be very handy for people who need to work for extended times outdoor in cold conditions
  • Stimulant benefits – it has stimulant effects that are more mental rather than physical. This is in contrast with other stimulants like amphetamines and caffeine, whose stimulating impact is mainly on your physical stamina.


Side effects

The racetam family of substances is lauded for the scarcity of side effects they bring, and phenylpiracetam shares this respect. However, there are a handful of side effects that have been reported by users as well as some studies

  • Headaches – this is most likely the result of choline shortage. This tends to occur with most racetams. You can alleviate this by stacking your supplement with a choline source or taking food rich in choline. Some great choline supplements include GPC Alpha or CDP Choline
  • Irritability – this is also seen in the use of most racetams, including phenylpiracetam. Should you experience this try and reduce your dose
  • Suicidal tendencies – if you have a predisposition towards aggression or anger, this drug can drive you to become overly angry and even suicidal. Such people should probably not take phenylpiracetam or approach it very cautiously
  • Insomnia – This is probably due to its effects as a stimulant. Users should avoid taking it too close to bedtime to avoid interfering with their quality of sleep

Nature and composition

Phenylpiracetam is made up of a piracetam molecule to which a phenyl group is attached. The attached group makes it fat-soluble, unlike piracetam. This actually helps to make it more bioavailable because it can cross the brain-blood barrier with ease.

Another advantage provided by the attached phenyl group is that it makes the compound have a higher affinity for neurotransmitters, which can dramatically improve brain functions.

Phenylpiracetam was produced from piracetam, a fellow nootropic but what extras does it bring to the table?

It turns out that it delivers a great deal more than what piracetam could dare bring.

For one, it’s a great improvement over piracetam because it is absorbed much better by the body. This drastically cuts down on the waste that occurred with piracetam, most of which ends up flushed out of the body unused.

This means, gram for gram, you have more of the active ingredient in your system with phenylpiracetam compared with piracetam.

However, studies show that phenylpiracetam brings more than what piracetam does not possess in terms of stimulatory power.


What is the recommended dosage for phenylpiracetam? The recommended dosage for phenylpiracetam is 100 mg to 200 mg per day split into two or three times. Keep in mind that the half-life is about 3 to 5 hours.

It has very high bioavailability in the gut. In fact, it can be absorbed by 100%. Furthermore, you don’t have to take it with food, and the absorption will stay just as great.

This compound shouldn’t be taken continuously or daily. It tends to make you quickly build a tolerance, and then it will no longer do much for you. Take it for specific occasions when you need that brief burst of power that can last you some hours or a day.

Price and availability

You can find phenylpiracetam today with much ease these days compared with the past. It is available from many online retailers at very fair prices that come down over the years.


  • Has low toxicity and few side effects
  • Unique among drugs for giving both stimulant and anti-stress benefits
  • Positive user reviews who say it is effective
  • No prescription required in the US
  • High bioavailability into the brain


  • Users tend to build tolerance after long use
  • The powder form is quite bitter


If you want to see your creative genius peaking to soaring heights, this compound packs everything you need to take that journey.

With phenylpiracetam, what may have seemed like a difficult brain chore to you before can become ridiculously easy and smooth sailing.

When buying your supplement, you want to be sure to check that it has no heavy metals or other impurities. You can always confirm if the product has a certificate of analysis for this.

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