Phytoextractum Review: Is this a reliable kratom supplier?


Anyone looking for high-quality kratom – amongst an almost unlimited amount of other all-natural and herbal products – are going to inevitably come across the Phytoextractum web store.

This company has been around for a little more than four years now, offering only the highest quality all-natural products and supplements money can buy from locales around the world. Not only is this one of the premier kratom vendors in business today, but it’s also a company that offers other online apothecary solutions that run the gamut from Argan oil to mushrooms and everything in between.

Prices with this provider are pretty competitive, too, with a handful of exclusive and exotic strains of kratom available here at prices that appear almost too good to be true.

Combine that with world-class customer service and support, blazing fast shipping, and a reputation for customer-first business practices and it’s easy to see why so many people are enthusiastic about placing orders with this vendor.

Let’s take a little bit deeper into everything that Phytoextractum brings to the table.


General Overview

Headquartered out of Portland, Oregon this is easily the best West Coast kratom vendor you’ll find in the business today – and perhaps the best kratom vendor in the entirety of the United States.

As we highlighted a little bit earlier, kratom isn’t the only all-natural product that this vendor makes available for sale. They offer a whole range of tinctures, oils, edibles, powders, supplements, all-natural medicines, and more, providing an almost unbelievable amount of options for those that want to improve their health and well-being naturally without having to spend a mountain of money along the way.

The customer service and shipping options you’ll be able to take advantage of through Phytoextractum help to put this business over the top as well. They have some of the most responsive customer service representatives in the kratom industry today, with a variety of different communication options to take advantage of so that you can reach out to them when you need help or answers.

This company is known for responding to emails within 24 hours (if not even faster than that), has online customer service chat tools, and provides a whole host of detailed answers in the customer knowledge base/FAQ section of their web store, too.

Combine all of that with promotional discounts, loyalty rewards, exclusive coupons, and bundle deals, and one of the best online shopping experiences in the kratom industry, and ordering from this company is 100% a no-brainer.

Online Shop Experience

From top to bottom the online shopping experience with Phytoextractum is maybe the best in the business.

Not only is the site well optimized and impeccably designed, but it’s also organized in a way that makes finding exactly what you are looking for as simple and as fast as possible.

The entire web store is responsive, with mobile design options already implemented and kicked on automatically should you visit this site from a smartphone or tablet. There is no mobile application for the Phytoextractum web store (as of right now) but because of how elegant and easy to use the site is on any internet-enabled device that would feel almost redundant.

Visitors to the online shop are going to be presented with the most popular offers and limited time only deals directly on the main page of the website, with regular promotions advertised prominently across the header section of the site as well. Free next-day delivery is available on all orders of $150 or more with free standard shipping available on purchases of $75 or more.

Navigating through all of the different products that Phytoextractum makes available can take a little bit of time, particularly if you are interested in some of the non-kratom options they are well known for. There are hundreds of products to pick and choose from on this online platform, all of the high quality, reputable, and well-regarded as far as potency, purity, and health benefits are concerned.

The site is fully protected by TRUST GUARD security protection as well as 256 bit SSL encryption that keeps your personal, private, and payment information safe and secure.

Product Selection

61 different strains of kratom are available from Phytoextractum as of right now (early 2020), with new options added to the product catalog with this company on a pretty regular basis.

Red, Green, and White strains of kratom are available in a wide variety of different product types ranging from powders to pills, tinctures, and oils, and other health-boosting supplements and all-natural medicines.

You definitely aren’t going to feel limited in your choices when you shop on the Phytoextractum web store, that’s for sure.

Best of all, you can mix and match different types of kratom together to enjoy special bundle deals and discounts on a pretty regular basis, too. This is something really dive a little bit deeper into in just a moment when we highlight pricing, giving you a better idea of how much you’re going to be able to save on high-quality kratom when you order from Phytoextractum.

The only thing that sort of holds back Phytoextractum compared to a lot of the other kratom vendors on the market today is that they do not offer bulk quantities of kratom just yet. This may be something that they consider offering in the future, but as of right now you won’t be able to order more than a kilo of kratom (any type or variety).

You could always combine multiple kilos of kratom in the same order if you need larger quantities but you aren’t going to see the bulk/wholesale discounts when purchasing through Phytoextractum that you might have seen elsewhere.

Kratom Quality

As far as quality is concerned there are only a handful of vendors in the kratom industry that can come close to offering the potency, purity, and quality that the folks at Phytoextractum offer on a regular basis.

Not only does this company have a variety of long-standing relationships with top-tier farmers, cultivars, and harvesters in Southeast Asia and around the world, but they also have bulk buying power because of the sheer volume of kratom they sell on a day-to-day basis that gives them access to the best options on the market that any one particular point in time.

Combine all of that with a dedication to transparency, with information regarding the purity and potency of kratom options printed directly on the packaging, and it’s not hard to imagine why so many people trust Phytoextractum more than maybe any other vendor in the business today.

Exclusive product options and strains of kratom are available here and nowhere else, too – with all kratom strains being carefully selected to be high-quality, to be potent, and to be as pure as possible.

Kratom Pricing

The pricing structure on the Phytoextractum web store is a little bit higher than some of the other vendors out there in the market right now, but that’s only because you get a little more kratom in every order – and your only ever going to get high quality, pure, and potent kratom, too.

Where other vendors may offer kratom at between $3.50 and $4 per 25 g of powder, Phytoextractum instead offers higher-quality kratom at around seven dollars per 28 g of powder.

Sure, you’re going to have to pony up a little bit of extra cash to get your hands on kratom from this vendor – but you’re going to get more kratom in every bundle and it’s going to be the best possible kratom money can buy, too.

When you combine these competitive prices with regular deals and discounts this company makes available, including bundle deals, regular specials, closeout sales, and more the prices fall closer to the $4 to $5 per 28 g of powder range on a pretty consistent basis.

Throw in the inexpensive (and oftentimes completely free) shipping – including expedited shipping as long as your order meets necessary minimum requirements – and there’s a lot of value to be had to get your hands on kratom from this company

Final Verdict

All in all, Phytoextractum really is a one-stop-shop kind of experience for those that are looking to improve their health and wellness with the power of all-natural and herbal remedies and supplements.

Kratom is definitely one of the foundational products that this online shop has been built on top of, but you’ll find other products available here as well – including CBD options, essential oils, herbal formulas, mushrooms, tea, and more – all of which are carefully selected to help give you the benefits you are looking for without having to fool around with chemical cocktails and modern pharmaceuticals.

There’s a reason why this company is so well regarded throughout the kratom industry as it is today, why so many customers leave overwhelmingly positive reviews online, and why it is so often recommended as the best kratom vendor in the business today.

Place an order today and you’ll find out firsthand just how enjoyable it is to get your kratom from Phytoextractum!

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