Proven Peptides Review: Do we recommend this company?


Looking for a SARMs supplier, you can trust with your time and money? There aren’t many left, so looking for one would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

However, even though this painstaking effort can be rewarded when you finally hit on the right vendor, your time is precious, and you may not have the time for this. Besides, you might also make a few mistakes – and waste some of your money – before finally hitting on the right seller.

Fortunately, in this article, I spare you all that agony by checking out one vendor that consistently wins the limelight in the SARMs market.  Proven Peptide is sailing high on most buyers’ radar as a valued SARMs vendor. But does it merit a place in your list of trustworthy vendors? By the end of this article, you won’t have to wonder if Proven Peptides is a vendor you should buy from.


First of all, it is needful to note that Proven Peptides doesn’t have anything to do with selling peptides.  They are solely in the market to sell SARMs, a particular class of compounds that are designed to give you the benefits of anabolic steroids but without their awry side effects.

Proven Peptide has had a long and respectable presence in the SARMs industry. Based in North Carolina US, its address is given as 106 Countryside St Supply. Interestingly, it shares this same address with two other reputable supplement vendors, Coastline Kratom, and Absorbs Health. This suggests that all three are under the ownership of the same company. The latter two vendors are well recognized for the supply of kratom and nootropic products, respectively. It comes with little surprise that the high quality experience with these other businesses is also seen in Proven Peptides.

Product quality

One of the things that make Proven Peptides come tops as a SARM vendor is its rigorous approach to product quality and purity.

The SARMs market is rife with products of uncertain quality. Companies also don’t make it any easier for buyers as they are not entirely forthcoming about the quality of their products. Proven Peptides have proven themselves to be different as they take the trouble of having their products tested. They have a no-nonsense testing policy in which their product ingredients are subjected to a raft of tests, including FTIR/HPLC/GC-MS/LC-MS. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance testing is also done.

These tests, which check for purity and contamination, are done by both in-house experts and independent labs.

They help to establish the correct dosing of ingredients in the supplements. It is for this reason that Proven Peptides’ products are needed in only small doses and yet produce more dramatic results when compared to other products in the market.  Interestingly, as a consumer, you can always contact the testing labs to verify the good standing of the company’s products.

Product variety

The company has an impressive product lineup and variety. Check out any of your favorite SARMs products in their store, and you will most likely find it there. They are stocked mainly in a liquid solution, and they feature all popular varieties including

  • Cardarine (GW-501516)
  • MK-2866 (Ostsrine)
  • YK-11
  • MK – 677 Nutrabol
  • LGD-433 Ligandrol
  • S4 Andarine
  • SR-9009 Stenabolic
  • RAD-140 Testolone

All the SARMs come in various liquid sizes such as 15 ml, 30 ml, and 60 ml. So you can always opt for something smaller and less dear if you don’t need to go to the largest quantity.

Customer service

Proven peptides provide a very human-friendly service, or is it perhaps too human? You won’t have to worry about waiting too long when you email them with any issue you have. It is the same as contacting them on the phone. They make themselves reachable and approachable, so you can discuss whatever is on your mind with them. That means you don’t always have to wait for the email response.

Considering that most vendors depend entirely on emails as their mode of communication, it is nice to have a vendor who provides a phone option besides email for contact.

Web navigability – most vendors, strive to make their sites convenient or at least give the user the least pain in terms of usability. But just because most vendors do so, it doesn’t mean this has ceased to be an essential issue. Once in a while, one encounters a site that is a nightmare to use. So it is a plus that Proven Peptides doesn’t fall in this and presents a nice, friendly, and easy to use the site


With this company, you can count on fast, efficient shipping, all done quite discreetly. Expect your orders to arrive within five days, although it can take just 72 hours before you receive them.

For anything over $99 in orders you make, you qualify for free shipping. The company goes to great lengths to guard the excellent condition of the products through special bubble packaging. Additionally, careful labeling is included to avoid unwarranted or unwelcome attention by persons who may tamper with it.

Payment – getting scammed online when you are making your payments is always a lingering concern on the minds of online shoppers. Proven Peptide eases your mind over this by providing secure payment methods on its site. You also have  various payment choices to pick from which include

  • Echeck
  • Mailed check
  • all major credit cards
  • No hidden additional fees and you get billed once for the purchases you have made


Money-back guarantee

The company stands behind its products by offering you a 90-day money-back guarantee. That is to make sure you never get supplied from a faulty batch. So if you are displeased with your product, you can always have it returned or replaced for free. However, given the company’s insistence on high quality via the testing procedures, it is not likely that you will ever need to exercise this guarantee. Which is all the more reason you should purchase from them for who wants the hassle of returning goods?

However, the company will not cover shipping costs incurred for returns so you will have to shoulder these yourself.


Proven Peptides provides very reasonable prices for its products. The 30 ml liquid solution of LGD-4033 goes for $60, which makes it affordable. Even though the RAD-140 30 ml bottles go for more at $75, this is comparable to market prices.

The cheapest product you can go for from the vendor’s store is $35 with $140 being the dearest.  It is a price range most people would be happy with and wouldn’t quibble with.

Return policy

Returning your product is pretty easy. All it takes is an email notification to the vendor via its email address which is  In only a few hours, you will get refunded usually through the same mode you made your payment.

Reward program and Coupons – through a program called Peptide Points, the company also offers you a chance to win points to help you make future purchases at lower prices. This works by awarding you 1 peptide point for every $1 you spend on their store items. When you hit 10 points, it is redeemable for a $1 store credit. So if you buy $100 worth of goods, you hit 100 peptide points which can be redeemed for $10 store credit. That instantly qualifies you for a $10 discount on any of your next purchases with the company.

Customer reviews

What are buyers raving about concerning Proven Peptides? It is fascinating because the buzz is overwhelmingly positive. Buyers’ feedback is a critical area to look into because they provide the first-hand experience with the vendor and its products. The glowing reviews go a long to show that this vendor is undoubtedly a hit with most of its customers.


Products are of high quality, tested by third-party labs

  • Customers attest to the vendor’s reputation by expressing satisfaction with their service and product
  • Products available in many sizes
  • Money back guarantee of 100%
  • Affordable prices


  • No coupons are offered

Conclusion of Proven Peptides

Proven Peptides has two words to its name, either with a disclaimer or high recognition. About peptides, it doesn’t deal with peptides, so that is a disclaimer. However, when it comes to Proven, it stands highly proven because its reputation and products have received a broad and positive reception.

This, no doubt, comes from the company’s commitment to providing customers with products of the highest purity. Each product comes with a certificate of analysis, attesting to the products’ quality. Plus, you can direct any queries you may have to the original lab that did the test to ease your doubts. This is something that the vendor will happily facilitate, which adds to their reputation.

Anyone who has used products provided by Kratom Coastline and Absorbs Health and experienced the fantastic quality products should rest assured in getting the same with Proven Peptides. That is because they all come under the same management operating on the same principles.

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