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The market for research chemicals that are suitable for bodybuilders and fitness people is awash with many vendors. This can be tricky because research chemicals by law are typically not intended for human use or consumption.

However, you as a bodybuilder or fitness buff are looking to use these products for your body, never mind what the law or the label on your product says.

But how do you safely use research chemicals without endangering your health while also ensuring you are getting the results you want?

This is where getting a good reliable vendor comes in. In this article, I will highlight whether Pure Rawz can be considered an ideal vendor for you to buy from to satisfy your bodybuilding goals.


Pure Rawz is a US-based company that sells  SARMs and other research chemicals. Despite being a newcomer, it has caused a stir in the market and built a following.

Product quality

Pure Rawz claims that all its products are lab tested for purity and quality.

Product variety

When it comes to product variety, it’s safe to say that Pure Rawz has stacked itself up plenty so you won’t have to worry about missing products. Besides SARMs, they also sell ancillaries and cannabis-based products. Here is how their product lineup looks like beware because it may overwhelm you!


  • RAD 140/S 23
  • RU – 58841
  • SR – 9011
  • AR 9009 (Stenabolic)

For stacks they have

  • Atlas (tablets, capsules, and liquids)
  • Behemoth (capsules, liquids, and tablets)

These stacks are ones that they have come up with and the Behemoth stack, for instance, is a blend of 3 different SARMs which include MK 677, S4 Andarine and LGD 4033. This is probably a case of excess, and it is not clear what the health consequences may be.

Raw research powders

  • AC-262
  • AC-356
  • Adrafinil powder
  • Agomelatine by
  • 6-Parclol
  • Alpha – GPC
  • Alpha – GPC 50%
  • Andarine S4
  • Aniracetam
  • Clomiphene
  • Cardarine GW 501516
  • Centrophenoxine
  • Citicoline/CDP
  • Choline Sodium
  • Clomiphene


  • TB-500
  • BPC – 157
  • ACE-130
  • Gonadorelin
  • Epithalon
  • GHRP-2

Research Caps

  • 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin
  • Phenibut FAA
  • Tianeptine

Research liquids

  • Dapoxstine
  • Avanafil
  • Anastrozole
  • 1-Andro
  • Memantine

When it comes to SARMs, they also boast a good lineup.

  • LGD-3303
  • LGD – 4033
  • Ostarine
  • MK-2866
  • RAD 140 Testolone
  • S-23
  • S4, Andarine
  • Stenabolic

These are mostly offered in capsule form. There is no dispute about the fact that Pure Rawz provides an impressive and comprehensive range of products, but that doesn’t do much in telling us about the quality. The company enjoys wide popularity because of this massive selection of products, but again, this doesn’t tell us about quality.

Customer service

the company’s customer service isn’t anything you can complain about once you get to experience it. They are hitting the right notes here because their alacrity at responding to your concerns is considered by most customers to be good. E-mail questions routinely get answered in no more than a day, and even first-time buyers get welcomed with a discount which you can opt to use or waive.


The company’s email address which is dedicated to customer support is [email protected] You can direct all your queries to it any time of day or night. A visit to their website will also reveal other ways of reaching out to the company so, by all means, don’t restrict yourself to one mode.

The company also has an active social media presence through its Facebook account. You can see their latest posts here in which the company lets you know more about their brand. You can also follow the conversations of other Pure Rawz customers and even weigh in also with your views. The company’s Facebook conversations can give you an idea of the state of customer satisfaction with the company. That can aid you in reaching your conclusion about where you should stand regarding the company.


Your orders will be shipped out between 2 to 6 business days. For international shipping, however, this can be anything between 8 and  17 days. Delays can occur because of customs, so buyers need to take the opportunity to familiarize themselves with local customs requirements to minimize delays.

Shipments are made between and including Monday and Friday. They ship both to the US and worldwide and orders are taken and processed only until 3 pm EST. Depending on your order size, shipping costs differ. There are no shipping costs for orders above $80 while anything lower will carry a charge.

To handle situations where damaged products may occur, Pure Rrawz needs customers with orders above $150 to sign forms confirming the safe delivery of the package. Failure to do this will absolve the company from any responsibility should the packaging get damaged, lost, or delayed. The company takes no responsibility for damage or loss for any orders that are $150 or less.

The package arrives in the daytime in ordinary delivery hours when you are likely to be at home to provide your signature. However, if you are unavailable at such times and so cannot provide your signature, you can notify the company so that it can arrange for the product to be received without requiring a signature.

Pricing – The pricing for Pure Rawz products seems pretty much affordable, especially when you stack them up against market prices. For example, it will cost you $55 to buy LGD-4033, keeping in mind that most liquid products come in at about  40 ml bottles. However, low prices could point to a shortfall in quality, so it doesn’t give the entire picture.

When you are checking out, you may be startled by the Pure Rawz website requiring you to reveal your phone number as part of a routine anti-fraud step. This is a requirement of US banks and should not cause you any concern.

Returns policy

The company will give you seven days after your order has arrived so that you can register any complaints.

The company frequently runs into scammers, so in case they think you are one or if you are behind false chargebacks, you will be blacklisted as a customer.

Payment methods – All the standard modes of payment are provided by Pure Rawz such as

  • Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, and others
  • Venmo
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal

The payment mode that is right for you is something you have to think about carefully. Depending on the country where you are buying from, some payment methods are more suitable than others. If the local laws restrict the distribution of a product such as SARMs, the company will require you to choose a payment method other than a credit card. For these, other modes are more acceptable such as Zelle Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or cryptocurrencies

Coupons and discounts

The compact will occasionally offer you some great discounts.


  • Good variety of products
  • Fast shipping


  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Some products are illegal


Pure Rawz is a company that is tipping over with products to sell you, so you are not likely to run short of what to buy here. However, it is quality that should count before any quantity (or a variety!) If you take that cue, how does Pure Rawz measure up? The short answer? Pretty OK. Here is the long answer.

Customer reviews are vital in giving us a good clue about the good standing of the store and its services. Looking through the reviews, it is clear that Pure Rawz comes across as an OK store.

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