PurKratom Review: How Powerful Is Their Kratom?


The most important decision you’ll have to make when buying kratom has little to do with the actual type of kratom you buy (the strain or the delivery mechanism) but instead everything – and we mean EVERYTHING – to do with who you purchase kratom from.

Order from a legitimate kratom vendor, a respected and well-regarded company with a track record of success under their belt already and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Order your kratom from a less been legitimate company, though, and you’ll not only end up with low-quality kratom you may end up with bigger problems, too. If you can’t trust this company to provide you with high-quality kratom at a fair price, you really shouldn’t be trusting them with anything you are putting into your body.

This is why it’s so important to verify that the kratom vendor you’re working with is one of the best of the best.

And that’s why we’ve put together this quick review covering PurKratom and all they have to offer.

Shall we get right into it?

General Overview

A relative newcomer in the world of kratom, this company is headquartered in the state of Florida and has built up a pretty solid reputation for fair dealing, fair prices, and high-quality kratom sourced directly from farmers and harvesters in Southeast Asia.

Developing a huge fan base faster than anyone could have expected, PurKratom was able to build its business at a breakneck pace because of their affordable prices, their high-quality kratom, and the business practices they have put in place that are very customer friendly.

On top of that, this is a company that offers lightning-fast shipping, that offers very fair return and refund policies, and that provides a whole host of information about all of the kratom that they provide so that you know exactly what you are putting into your body with these herbal products.

Online Shop Experience

The overall online experience when shopping on PurKratom is fantastic, and that’s really important these days – especially for a company that does all of its business online.

There aren’t too terribly many customers out there that are willing to spend a lot of time-fighting the kratom vendor they want to do business with just to get their shopping cart filled up and their order processed.

Unfortunately, a lot of websites in this industry look like they were built 20 years ago with anything but friendly user interfaces and easy to navigate options.

That isn’t going to be a problem when you choose to do business with PurKratom.

You’ll see almost straight away that this website is clean, modern, and well-organized. The homepage provides instant access to all of the information you need to find the kind of kratom you are after, with links and product categories clearly outlines and easily organized so that you can do your shopping rather quickly.

You’ll also find links to the PurKratom blog and resource pages, detailed information regarding the supplier themselves, shipping and return information, and so much more.

You’re also going to find detailed information about the independent laboratory testing that all of their kratoms goes through before it ever gets sent out to customers. That’s something that we are going to cover a little more in-depth in just a little while, though.

Product Selection

Compared to some of the other kratom vendors in the industry today PurKratom doesn’t necessarily have the largest product selection. But that doesn’t mean that it is limited by any stretch of the imagination, either.

The company currently (as of early 2020) has more than a dozen individual strains of kratom available, with red, green, yellow, white, and even gold kratom options for customers to pick and choose from.

All of the most popular strains and vein colors of kratom are represented here, with a couple of exclusive and somewhat difficult to find kratom options sprinkled throughout as well. The gold kratom that they sell is some of the hardest to find kratom today – legitimate gold kratom, anyway – but you’ll have no trouble getting your hands on it from PurKratom.

All of the kratom varieties that they make available can be purchased in either bulk powder form or encapsulated form, in a variety of different quantities. Sample packs are available for customers that want to be able to buy a couple of different strains of kratom to try themselves before they commit to larger purchases. The sample packs are very inexpensive and represent some of the biggest bargains on the PurKratom site.

Customers interested in purchasing bulk and wholesale quantities of kratom powder or capsules can do so through the PurKratom website, too. It’s not a bad idea to shoot these people a quick email before you start to order in bulk, though, as you may be able to trigger even more extensive bulk and wholesale discounts than the ones that are available through the online platform.

PurKratom has built a number of strategic partnerships with kratom sources throughout Southeast Asia and it isn’t all that unreasonable to think that their product catalog will continue to grow and expand as time goes on.

Kratom Quality

As far as quality is concerned, you don’t have anything to worry about with the kratom you can buy from PurKratom.

To begin with, the quality of this kratom is independently verified by third-party laboratory tests on each and every individual batch of kratom that comes in from Southeast Asia. All of the kratom purchases you’ll make here are protected by a Certificate of Analysis from these independent third-party laboratories, giving you a lot of confidence to know that what you’re about to put into your body is both legitimate and pure.

On top of that, though, PurKratom also provides detailed information regarding alkaloid details so that you know exactly what you are going to get out of each different type of kratom you choose to move forward with.

If the alkaloid content in kratom that handles most of the “heavy lifting” for the benefits that it provides, and a different alkaloid level in a different alkaloid mix can result in kratom acting differently than other strains. By having this information all clearly laid out for you before you make your purchase you’ll be confident in your order and know that it’s going to do everything you hope it would.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to consider moving forward with orders from PurKratom you’ll be happy to know that they also have fantastic reviews from their customers. The majority of reviews are very positive, though some have had trouble with shipping delays, but as far as quality is concerned the general consensus is that PurKratom offers rock-solid quality across the board.

Kratom Pricing

Prices at PurKratom can be described as about industry average – not too high, but not the least expensive options on the market as well.

The overwhelming majority of capsule products are going to run between $12.99 to $19.99 per 50 capsules (500 mg), though some of the more exotic and difficult to source kratom strains are going to be a little more expensive than that.

Bulk powder kratom can be purchased from between $12.99 to $16.99 per single-ounce package. Those that order larger quantities at a time (including 4 ounce, .5 pound, and 1 kg packages of kratom) can trigger bulk and wholesale discounts automatically through the site – through different kratom strains and varieties have different minimum requirements that need to be hit.

Variety and sample pack orders represent a 15% off discount if you purchase at least six different kratom strands in a pack. This can be a really easy way to save a lot of money on kratom for those that are just getting started with this herbal product and aren’t quite sure of which strain will work best for them going forward.

Customers really like the fact that every single order – EVERY single order – the process through PurKratom includes 100% free shipping with absolutely no order minimums necessary to trigger this promo.

On top of that, so long as you place your order before 3 PM EST Monday through Friday your order will go out that same day, arriving to you just as quickly as possible.

Expedited and Express shipping options can be taken advantage of, with PurKratom providing shipping through the USPS as well as through UPS. FedEx and DHL shipping services are not yet available from the PurKratom company, though that may be something that can be taken advantage of later down the line.

The return policy at PurKratom is built on top of a 30-day moneyback guarantee. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason whatsoever, simply contact PurKratom directly and begin the process of a refund and return. You’ll be able to get every penny back without the headache and without hassle.

Final Verdict

All in all, PurKratom is definitely one of the kratom vendors that you’re going to want to look into closer if you’re serious about taking advantage of everything high-quality kratom has to offer.

With a number of different kratom varieties for sale (including gold kratom), with great customer service and friendly return policy, fast shipping, great prices, and high-quality products this is the kind of kratom vendor you can trust with your hard-earned money as well as with your health and wellness.


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