Red Thai Kratom Review – Benefits, Side Effects Where To Buy


Red Thai Kratom is one of the most widely used Kratom strains in the world. It has been used as a relaxant for so many years. Users haven’t just reported feeling calmer and more relaxed, but they also noted significant improvements in their emotional and general well-being. What makes it an even better option is the fact that its effects can be quite long-lasting. All Kratom strains are beneficial in one way or another, but the biggest limitation is that in most of them, the effects will barely go beyond 5 hours or so. With Red Thai Kratom, you are looking at well over 6 hours depending on the doses taken and the unique biochemistry of the user.


Red Thai Kratom Background

As the name suggests, Red Thai Kratom originates from Thailand. If you are well familiarized with the Kratom industry, then you know that Asia and especially Southeast Asia is home to the best Kratom strains in the world. This region has just the perfect weather conditions that support the growth of the Kratom tree full of powerful and highly beneficial alkaloids.

The Red Thai Kratom is a Kratom strain that is extracted from trees with red veins and stems on the leaves. The color of the veins partly shows the difference in chemical composition between this and other strains such as the Green Thai Kratom. As such, users can expect different effects when consuming Red Thai Kratom and other strains in the market. Based on the chemical composition or alkaloids of the Red Thai, users can expect various effects, but the most popular of them all is relaxation and pain relief.

It is important to note that different people can experience different effects while consuming the same type of strain. Although this is not very common, it still happens, but the good news is that with the different strains available, you can definitely get one that is in line with your needs. Also, users can combine two different strains to achieve certain goals. This practice is becoming very popular, but you should remain really keen on how you combine the strains to avoid severe adverse reactions.


  • Relaxation

To all the guys who are looking at a massive pile of work that needs your attention, Red Thai Kratom might just be the hack you need to get the work done. People who are simply after something relaxing that will keep them calm without any unnecessary complications will also find this strain very useful. That’s because the Red Thai Kratom is rich in an alkaloid known as 7-hydroxymitragynine. This opioid agonist binds to the opioid receptors in the brain to deliver a calming feeling that will help you relax and create a stress-free atmosphere. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with it.

  • Pain Relief

You don’t have to consume pharmaceutical-grade medications every time you are having a migraine, back pain, or other bodily pain. You can easily use a natural alternative that will numb the pain while benefiting you in other ways at the same time. The Red Thai Kratom is an excellent example here.

The limited research available shows that Kratom strains of the red veins have great painkilling properties. This is further supported by the masses who have consumed these strains. Users of the Red Thai Kratom, have reported experiencing analgesic effects shortly after consuming this strain.

The fact that Red Thai Kratom has relatively long-lasting effects is excellent news because it means you will get to live a more comfortable life free of pain for a considerable amount of time before the pain is back i.e. if it’s a chronic condition.

Red Thai Kratom can be used to treat different types of pain. This involves all the minor issues to do with back pain, muscle soreness, and migraines to the more serious ones such as the pain stemming from conditions such as arthritis and even post-surgery pain.

  • Mood Elevation

All Kratom strains have some mood elevation effects, but the red vein strains such as Red Thai are believed to be quite potent in this area. These strains reduce the feelings of negativity, enhance your mood and optimism, and create a positive feeling that will have a great effect on your overall sense of well-being. This explains why Red Thai strains are used to deal with certain cases of depression.

It should, however, be noted that the strains cannot be used as a permanent treatment for depression. Yes, they can help ease the conditions, but the effect is not long term, and hence it doesn’t offer a permanent solution. Also, the research on Kratoms is still very limited, and hence, there isn’t much information on how the strain can be utilized to deal with depression and other similar conditions.

  • Sleep Aid

The Red Thai Kratom will prove very useful to all the people who have a tough time getting quality sleep. This strain can easily replace prescription drugs as it will induce high-quality sleep needless to say that you will also reap various other benefits from it.

The ability of Red Thai Kratom to aid in sleeping comes from its relaxation properties. It helps to clear your brain and neural pathways, bringing you into a restful state that will give you high-quality sleep for a decent duration. With quality sleep comes improved productivity and a healthier life.

  • Treatment of Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

Guys who are struggling with opiate addiction will benefit hugely from Red Thai Kratom. As pointed out earlier on, some of the alkaloids present in Red Thai Kratom bind to the opioid receptors in the brain. This helps to deliver various effects, and it can also be used to deal with opiate withdrawal. By consuming the strain, you will reduce the craving for opiates, and hence, your brain and body will function in a rather normal manner.

The good news here is that while Red Thai has proven to be effective in a detox involving different hard drugs such as heroin, its users will never have to deal with Red Thai addiction once they’ve managed to shake off the addiction to the dangerous hard drugs. When Red Thai is used correctly, it won’t be addictive, and hence you can easily stop taking it without experiencing any form of withdrawal symptoms. Should you get addicted, you can take solace in the fact that its effects are nowhere as harsh as those of the hard drugs.


Red Thai Kratom is generally safe and free from adverse reactions if it is used properly. However, it can also cause severe side effects when it is used in excess. In such instances, users will experience:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dry Mouth

Take note that the effects will get even worse as you increase the doses beyond the safe parameters.

Red Thai Kratom Dosages

Even though all Red Thai Kratom strains are supposed to yield the same effects, various changes usually arise. These can be as a result of different issues including the individual’s biochemistry and source of the strain. Different sources normally have different concentrations for their strains, and this affects both the positive and adverse effects of the Kratom. It’s due to the same reason that there cannot be one dose that is perfect for everyone. Instead, everyone has to experiment for some time before they can finally land on the right dose. The rule of thumb here is to start small. In this case, you can start as low as 2 grams.

The reason behind taking the Kratom will also influence the doses you are supposed to take. For instance, if you are dealing with depression and anxiety, you will probably find 4-8 grams more than enough. Meanwhile, if you are dealing with chronic pain, you may have to use up to 9 grams.

All in all, every new user should start small and increase the doses slightly with time.


As we have established, Red Thai Kratom is an excellent strain in various ways, and the only thing you need to be wary about is where you are buying it from and the doses you are taking. If you follow this guide, you should be able to sort all your anxiety, sleep, mood, and pain issues without experiencing any complications. If you are planning on using the strain to treat opiate withdrawal, you should do so under the supervision of a professional.


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