Red Vein Kratom Review: Benefits,Risks and Best Place To Buy


If Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa rings any bell in you, then most likely, you also know about the Red vein Kratom. And why not? Red vein kratom is the most popular variety of Kratom consumed by users across the world. Its use surpasses the use of both the green and white vein kratom strains put together!

But what is the Red Vein Kratom, and how beneficial is it? In this article, we explore different aspects of this potent Asian herb that’s typically extracted from red vein kratom leaves. We’ll also take a brief look at its history, uses, benefits, and side effects.

Kratom, in general, belongs to the coffee tree family that grows in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and other regions in Southeast Asia. It has been used for centuries by the locals long before it was ever known outside the area.

Kratom was virtually unknown in the West until fairly recently. Since then, the kratom red vein strains, in particular, have seen an insane surge in demand.


Different red vein kratoms and their benefits

  • Red Thai

It comes from Thailand though it commonly thrives in Indonesia. It is excellent for moderate pain relief. Other reds, however, show more potency than it

  • Red Bali

Don’t always pay attention to the name because the plant may not originate from there. Usually, Bali doesn’t come from Bali but the Borneo Islands. This strain relieves pain and outweighs Red Thai in potency

  • Red Vietnam

While comparable to Red Bali, this strain excels at enhancing your mood. This makes it ideal for relieving  depression

  • Red Indo

This is a great choice if you are looking for something to give you energy and make you relax. It’s energizing characteristics, and extremely relaxing levels are almost second to none in the red strain family

  • Red Horn

The horn in the name of this strain refers to its leaves, which are pointed like horns. This strain gives you a balanced effect that brings the results of euphoria, relaxation, and energy together.

  • Red Maeng Da

A highly potent strain that provides an excellent blend of stimulation and relaxation

  • Red Borneo

This strain will drive your mental focus to great heights as well as relieve pain

  • Red Riau

This strain will keep you highly alert and mentally focused throughout the day

  • Red Sumatra

This strain which delivers great calmness and relaxation to both body and mind also acts as a stimulant to drive you through the day


The hallmark of red vein strains, in contrast to the green and white vein kratom varieties, is the sedative and pain-relieving properties they possess. Other Kratoms tend to major in providing stimulation. High-quality red vein  Kratom contains a high concentration of 7-OH-mitragynine, an alkaloid not usually found in other Kratoms to the same levels. This increases the demand for red vein varieties significantly, sometimes making it difficult to find it in stock.

Red vein Kratom strains are especially valued for their pain-relieving properties. Also, compared to other pain relievers, the results achieved by these strains are more long-lasting.

It also shows fewer adverse reactions such as addiction and withdrawal symptoms like nausea as compared to other medications. But of course, you have to use a high-quality red vein to stay safe. It also has powerful sedative effects, and that’s why it can also be used as a supplement or sleep aid by people with insomnia as well as individuals who’re dealing with depression and high blood pressure. However, other users would argue that some of the green or white vein kratom strains might be better suited for dealing with depression as compared to the kratom red veins.

How red vein Kratom works

Red vein, like its sister strains, is a psychoactive substance, which means its main activity is in the brain where it influences your mood and emotional behavior. Its main active ingredient is mitragynine, an alkaloid that produces results similar to the ones you get from using opioids. The alkaloid reduces pain, relieves anxiety, increases your peace of mind, and uplifts your mood to give you some sort of a euphoric feeling. The effects resemble what you get from opium or heroin.

What are the ingredients of Red vein Kratom? Red vein kratom,  like other strains, contains different alkaloids that are present in different proportions. These bind to opioid receptors in the brain in a similar manner as opiate drugs, and that’s why Kratom is sometimes used to treat withdrawal symptoms among opiate addicts. However, Kratom differs chemically from opiates, which explains why they are nowhere as harmful as those drugs.


On ingestion, high-quality Kratom kicks in, in about 10 to 15 minutes. The effects can linger for between 2 hours to up to 8 hours depending on factors like age, sex, dosage, health status, and quality of the strain.

Low doses that can deliver a somewhat potent effect would be 4 to 5 gm. A high dosage of 7 to 8 gm can prolong the effects even further. The greatest impact of Kratom’s effects is usually set in 1.5 to 2.5 hours after ingestion.

The results are more dramatic if the red vein strain is taken without food. When taken with food, the effects can delay and kick in after an hour or so. The capsule form also takes longer since the capsule has to be dissolved.

The half-life of the main active ingredient of red vein kratom is assumed to be about 23 to 24 hours, so it is adequate to take it once a day.

Red vein kratom is best taken at night because it’s a calming agent. This explains why insomnia patients find it very useful. Daytime use can be problematic as it may make you feel drowsy, thus interfering with your productivity.  On a busy day, it’s best to use other Kratom strains that don’t induce drowsiness.

Now, remember there’s no one-fits-all dosage when dealing with Kratom. All we have are general guidelines that can help you find the dosage that will work for your unique case. Therefore, do your research and try to experiment with different kratom strains and vein colors to see which product suits you best. Bear in mind that other factors, such as the quality of your strain, will influence the amount you have to take to feel its impact. A strain of average quality has to be taken in high amounts to achieve the desired results. In contrast, top-quality strains could be very overwhelming, even at low dosages.

Price and availability

Kratom strains come in various forms. The traditional or natural form consists of fresh or dried leaves that are simply chewed or dipped into hot tea. Meanwhile, the strains used in the West are refined and well processed. These include raw powder, crushed leaves, resin, gum, capsule, and extract.

Kratom powder – this raw or non-extract powder is excellent for those using red vein kratom strains for the first time. It is mild and less potent compared to powdered extracts

Crushed leaves – this is another alternative that is ideal for beginners. Compared to the extract, this form is mild and less potent

Kratom capsule – Kratom strains have an extremely bitter taste. So many people find it intolerable. The capsule form of red vein kratom helps to hide the taste by placing the kratom powder or crushed leaves inside a gel capsule. However, this also makes the product more costly plus it delays the onset of the effects a bit

Kratom extract – if you want Kratom at its most potent form, this is the way to go. The powdered or crushed leaves of Kratom are boiled in water until all the water is gone. After filtration, you remain with the thick pasty residue. These highly concentrated remains of kratom alkaloids are incredibly effective, but not everyone has the stomach for them

Resin – this highly concentrated lump is the solid form of the extract. It is a black glassy substance that looks like tar

What if you abuse Kratom

Due to the potential for Kratom abuse and addiction, it’s important that users learn about where they can turn to if they have abused different Kratom strains or someone they care for has done so. Here are some of the options

  • Seek counseling or psychotherapy
  • Narcotics Anonymous provides self-help support
  • Therapies offered by complementary medicine such as acupuncture
  • Get your doctor’s advice
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Family support either group or one to one
  • Call the Drugs Helpline 1800 459 459 number to help you with options where you are


  • Improves your mood
  • Provides relaxation and calmness
  • A good sleep aid
  • Relieves pain


  • Can be addictive


Red vein  Kratom is a product you certainly don’t want to overlook if you are suffering from one of these conditions and are looking for an effective natural solution.

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Mental disorders such as depression
  • Drug addiction etc

Kratom (including the red vein strains) has not yet been researched extensively, so we don’t have much scientific information about it. It’s also relatively new and unknown in the West, including in the US. However, a lot of anecdotal studies and evidence exists from the centuries of its use among the people of Southeast Asia where the plant is grown and thrives best.

The experiences from the users are very pleasing with a majority of them reporting results such as pain relief, relaxation, calmness, and sedation. This is supported by thousands of users who have also started using it in the West.

Always consult your doctor if you want to start using Red Vein Kratom for medicinal purposes. Also never get tempted to exceed the recommended dosage levels. Remember the mantra:  it is always better to take an underdose than an overdose. Start your use of red strains with an extremely low, dosage before working your way up to find the ideal dosage for you. Finally, always buy from a reputable source where quality is guaranteed to avoid the risks of using poor, inadequate, or contaminated products on your body.

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