ReLeaf Kratom Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this vendor


Finding a reliable kratom vendor isn’t impossible by any means. You will find that when it comes to the top kratom vendors, there are a number of reliable, reputable businesses to explore in greater detail. ReLeaf Kratom is just one example of the different companies that have sprung up in recent years, as kratom has become increasingly popular with western culture. The history of this Southeast Asian plant, a member of the caffeine family, is just as interesting as what it can do for the individual.


As you will discover, kratom is a long-celebrated plant with a long list of benefits. There are different types and strains, depending upon the color of the vein and/or where the kratom comes from. Connecting with the right vendor can allow you to enjoy these benefits, backed by a long history among generations of the working class from Southeast Asia.

ReLeaf Kratom has become a very popular vendor over a fairly short amount of time. Are they worth your time and money? Let’s dig deeper into the history of kratom, as well as the company, and what it offers from its inventory. ReLeaf could prove to be the perfect vendor for your needs, depending upon what you are ultimately looking for with kratom in general.

For the above reason alone, it is important to learn about the different options with kratom.

Before we dive more seriously into this ReLeaf Kratom review, we should mention that the company does not currently seem to be accepting orders in any form or fashion. However, they do continue to own and operate a website, where you can learn more about the company and their products, so fans of this particular vendor are hoping they will return to taking new orders before long.

History And Products

Kratom itself is a plant whose use dates back to at least the nineteenth century. That would be the point in which the first documented cases of workers in Southeast Asia chewing on the leaves of the plant for a burst of energy. It is strongly believed that kratom was used in this fashion well before those first documented examples. It can be found in such countries as Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, and a few others.

There are three distinct strains available. These are white-veined kratom, green-veined kratom, and red-veined kratom. ReLeaf Kratom works with many of the different types of kratom, which have become particularly popular among western countries over the past decade or so. Kratom these days is traditionally consumed as either a powder or in the form of capsules. There are tinctures available, as well, which offer kratom in more powerful, concentrated forms. Some vendors also create their own blends, but we would advise both research and a certain degree of care with these products. It is best to know exactly what is going into such blends.

Let’s take a look at the product line available through ReLeaf. However, before we begin, it is worth noting again that ReLeaf does not currently seem to have any stock in its online inventory. Another element worth mentioning again is the fact that the company’s brick-and-mortar location in Ohio no longer seems to be open. Fans of the brand are hoping this will change in the near future.

  • Elephant kratom: The company promises that this is a powerhouse blend of different kratom powders and types. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any further information available on this particular product.
  • Bali Indo Kratom: This is another impressive offering of kratom in a broad sense. It is a combination of Bali and Indonesia kratom powders. Each of these types of kratom is believed to share many qualities among one another, with the additional ability to enhance one another.
  • Green Bali Kratom: This is a very popular type of kratom for those who are eager to take advantage of kratom’s potential to offer mental clarity, a boost of energy, and an overall relaxing mood. Green Bali Kratom is considered to be very effective towards various degrees of chronic pain, as well.
  • White Maeng Da Kratom: White kratom, in general, is considered to be one of the best kratom strains to be found anywhere for offering a profound boost of energy. This is one of the reasons why some turn to white kratom as an alternative to coffee. White Maeng Da Kratom has drawn raves from critics and fans for offering some of the best benefits in the context of increased alertness and cognitive functions. It is said that White Maeng Da Kratom comes from only the most mature leaves on the plant.
  • Green Malay Kratom: This is another example of kratom that is unique because of the color of the veins, as well as due to where the plant specifically comes from. Green Malay Kratom comes from Malaysia, and you will remember that green-veined kratom comes with striking pain management and mood enhancement qualities. Some claim this particular type of kratom is the best one to be found anywhere for anxiety and depression. You may want to try different ones, in order to see what works for you.
  • Kratom Extract: This is considered to be kratom is a more concentrated form. In other words, not only does it work more quickly, but it also works more powerfully on the system. This means that not only can the benefits of kratom be more substantial to the individual, but the potential downsides of kratom, as well. It is generally not considered to be a good idea for anyone to take this form of kratom if they are new to using the plant.

To reiterate: None of these products or product types seem to be available from this vendor in any for or fashion. It might be possible to find something online through a different vendor, but such opportunities should be taken with a considerable grain of salt.

Keeping in mind the extremely low availability of ReLeaf products, the pros and cons are obviously going to be difficult to discuss at any meaningful length.


In terms of pros, we can certainly discuss the pros of the strains mentioned above. Depending upon the specific strain and type, you can find varying boosts to energy, enthusiasm, and even endurance. Kratom has been known to inspire feelings of euphoria in those who take it. This is perhaps why kratom products have proven to be so popular for both recreational and medicinal interests.

In terms of ReLeaf itself, you will find that the company has had mostly positive reviews. When they were producing at their peak, the company was well-regarded for offering a straightforward inventory with a special emphasis on specific products and strains. Each of their releases received largely good notices from experienced kratom users and newcomers alike. The company was also praised for offering various shipping options.


The company was also criticized for offering a comparatively sparse inventory. There are quite a few other types and products, beyond what you will currently see featured on the website. You also won’t find much in the way of informational resources. With so much kratom misinformation running across the internet, it is more important than ever for vendors to ensure their customers can also come to them for accurate, reliable information. The fact that the website is so lacking in so many key areas leads us to wonder if everything about the company was legitimate. It is difficult to say at this point, although again, the reviews you will find are largely positive.

Obviously, we are also concerned about the fact that the company is currently and seemingly not selling anything at all. If this changes, we will certainly update the information contained in this article.

What Are People Saying?

Currently, there is at least some speculation as to the current status and fate of ReLeaf. While the company has done well in the past, there is a distinct possibility that those days are gone. Furthermore, with so many exceptional kratom companies on the market, their absence is arguably negligible. These are some of the arguments being put forth online.

Nonetheless, this kratom vendor still has a good deal of support in the community of manufacturers and fans. Many kratom enthusiasts believe they offered a strong array of products in powder, capsule, and tincture form. They were able to offer a range of payment options, and they often received high marks for speedy, efficient shipping. These individuals hope the company will return to prominence soon.


ReLeaf may come back roaring strong at some point in the near future. This is difficult to say for certain, as we indicated earlier. It is also possible that these products will reemerge through other vendors. This is doubtful, but it is certainly something that is well worth keeping in mind.

The kratom business is somewhat unpredictable. There is no question that many different companies have come and gone, with only the very best of the best still standing. Our advice would be to check out some of the other top kratom vendors in the industry.

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