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SARM KING : What You Should Know

The SARM market is something of a puzzle. It can be exciting, but it can also be crushing and disappointing. If you are in the market looking to buy SARMs, expect to be hit by either. That is because the SARM market is swarming with fakes and crooked suppliers who won’t hesitate to dump useless products on you while cashing in on your naivete.

To make your shopping a pleasant experience instead of a nasty one, you will have to know how to spot genuine SARMs suppliers and avoid fraudulent suppliers. However, what if you have no idea how or where to start? This is where this article comes in.

I will help you to get one step closer to that goal as I review one SARM called Sarmking. Is this company the king of the SARM world as its name implies, or are they frauds that you should not consider even for a minute? By the end of this article, you will be ready to make that judgment.

Looking deep into Sarmking

Deciding if Sarmking is your best SARM vendor to buy from isn’t a random or impulsive decision. So, I came up with these areas as the focus of my deliberations and verdict

  • Product quality
  • Product variety
  • Customer support
  • Shipping
  • Returns and refund
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Website quality

What are SARMs?

Why did you choose to go the SARMs way? That is likely because you know what they are. SARMs are a family of compounds that are desired for particular qualities that they hold. The full name stands for Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators. So the chief quality attracting people to SARMs are their ability to select when it comes to the actions they perform in your body. They only target some areas of your body while leaving out the rest of your body.

This way, they differed from steroids and prohormones, which were the only options that were previously available to bodybuilders and sporting people who wanted to achieve performance enhancement.

SARMs don’t get you the same dramatic results as steroids, nor do they act so quickly. But at least they gave you fewer side effects since they don’t tamper with your hormones. Here is how Sarms came to beat steroids and prohormones as performance enhancement drugs.

  • No liver toxicity
  • No men’s boobs as typically encountered with steroids
  • No need for the rather expensive and time-consuming PCT, or post-cycle therapy.

History of SARM King

Sarm king is a SARMs company that got started in 2017. Based in the Netherlands, Europe, it entered the SARMs market driven by the idea of making products affordable and genuine for customers. The company claims to represent a different approach from that prevailing in the market.

Product quality

What's the product quality provided by this company? It claims a superior quality that hits purity levels of 99.5%, which should cause us to sit up and notice. However, the company, for some reason, has chosen not to back up this claim by sharing published data on its site. This weakens its claim, considering its competitors have taken this step.

Product variety

What is the product range provided by the company? I dug through its online inventory and bumped into this lineup of products. There are three forms of SARMs that the company offers – liquid, powder, and capsule.


  • LGD (Ligandrol) 750 mg
  • MK 2866 (Ostarine) 750 mg
  • GW 501516) Cardarine 750 mg
  • SR 9009 (Stenabolic) 750 mg
  • YK 11 Liquid 300 mg
  • MK 677 (Ibutamoren) 750 mg
  • RAD 140 (Testolone)


  • Ligandrol 750 mg
  • RAD 140 750 mg
  • YK 11 750 mg
  • Cardarine 750 mg


  • Ligandrol (LGD 4033) caps 60 X 12.5 mg
  • MK 2866 (Ostarine) caps 60 X 12.5 mg
  • S4 (Andarine) caps 60 X 12.5 mg
  • GW 501516 (Cardarine) caps 60 X 12.5 MG
  • SR 9009 (Stenabolic) caps 60 x 12. 5mg
  • YK 11 caps 60 x 5 mg
  • MK 677 (Ibutamoren) 60 caps x 12.5 MG
  • RAD 140 (Testolone) 60 caps x 12.5 MG

Unlike many other SARM vendors, Sarm king does not feature any SARM stack, which would go against what is signified in its name, which implies it is the king of SARMs. How does the king of SARMs trail its minions in this important area? Another drawback is that many of the products are out of stock.

Website Quality and Navigability

The site quality is satisfactory. Data protection is provided so that you can make secure payments. However, the site overplays its simplicity so that it lacks comprehensive information for users.


Default shipping fees charged are as follows, depending on your location.

  • NL €6.50
  • Europe €15.00
  • Rest of the world €24.00

Does this company provide free shipping? Yes, but only if you meet specific requirements that are based on your location and the size of your order.

  • NL: if you order at least 3 items
  • Europe: if you order at least 6 items
  • World: if you order at least 8 items

Shipping times vary according to the area you are ordering from.

If you are ordering from Europe, your order will arrive in less than 1 week.

Other orders will average from one to two weeks or more. After confirmation of purchase, all orders get dispatched within 2 business days.

You will also be provided with a tracking link so that you can follow the movement of your order and be aware of its location and progress at every moment.

Pricing and coupons

Looking for rock bottom prices? This vendor thinks that no one else can beat their prices.

However, there is more that this vendor offers to sweeten further the prices you have to pay. If you make bulk purchases of 3 or more of a product, you get slapped with a cashback of 10%. However, you can’t get this offer unless you register an account with them.

The company also offers great deals and discounts that you will find irresistible. You will have to watch out for their weekly deals which can give you a blowout discount of 8%. The place to keep an eye for to get these is on their homepage or their site.

Payment methods

You can use these methods to pay for your orders.

  • Bitcoin
  • Sofort
  • Ban contact mister cash
  • PayPal
  • IDeal

Customer Support

The company says it stands ready at all times to answer customers’ issues and inquiries. There is a catch, though. It cautions that its products are not to be used for human use or clinical purposes, which is in line with restrictions that are put by federal regulations. The company, therefore, says it won’t answer customer inquiries about the unapproved use of the products. It's the company’s way of avoiding being blacklisted by the authorities. So bodybuilders and athletes,  don’t inquire about the how-tos of your personal use of the products on your bodybuilding goals.

The company provides a contact form on their website for you to submit with your issues. If this fails, you can try their email, which is [email protected]

Even though the company says it's reachable on a 24/7 basis, it doesn’t provide a phone number.


  • Variety of SARMs products offered powder, capsule, and liquid


  • No arm stacks products offered
  • No published independent test results
  • Too little customer feedback due to fewer customers who have used products

Conclusion of Sarmking

So is Sarmking, the go-to company that answers your needs? The company had a few good points such as good product variety that endears it to customers.

I also noted some downsides to this company. Although it claims third-party lab testing for its products of 99% purity, it does not publish any certificates of analysis or documents on its site. How are the customers to know for sure that this impressive number is indeed the correct purity of the products?

I also noted that many of its SARMs products are out of stock. Also, despite the company offering all SARMs forms of powder and liquid, the company has nothing to offer in terms of SARMs stacks.

This company is rather young, having only started in 2017. It is mostly untried and untested since it has not been in the market long enough to establish a reputation. So I was not able to get much customer feedback other than those featured on the website. All these factors taken together do not persuade me that this company makes an ideal SARM store to shop from. If you want SARMs products that you can trust and rely on, you can always check with other vendors.


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